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Hansa Bai applies the medicine on Ajabdeh’s back. Pratap closes his eyes feeling Ajabdeh’s pain. He cannot see it so he excuses himself. He meets Uday Singh on his way. He is about to go but Uday Singh stops him. Where are you going? Pratap says he wrong to think that he cannot be affected by any pain big or small. I have been proved wrong. I cannot see Ajabdeh in pain. Uday Singh stops him yet again. this isn’t the time to run away thinking yourself to be mentally weak. This is the time to seek inspiration. Go inside and see Ajabdeh writhing in pain. She did it all for you. If you wont see it then you wont be able to understand or respect it. Ajabdeh is the live example of someone who sacrifices something or the other for their loved ones. Go inside. Pratap obliges.

Akbar recalls all the times when Pratap has won all the fights against him; Pratap’s warnings to him time and again; his own soldiers praising Pratap and how he had killed them in fury. He is really disturbed. Bairam Khan stops the soldier who has brought a message for Akbar. Akbar notices the exchange and gets curious. He takes the note from his Khan Baba. He wants someone to read it out for him. I have a feeling that you are hiding something from me. Bairam Khan stops him. a few soldiers have revolted against Mughals on Gujarat border. Akbar wants to go himself and kill all of them. Bairam Khan suggests him not to go. I will take care of it but Akbar stays put. I will go and clear things myself. They think of me to be weak just because I couldn’t win over Chittor! Akbar is not weak. Now I will have to tell this to them using my sword. I will have to tell everyone that I have won over Ajmer and Alwar. I have placed Nishan-e-Mughalia in Alwar. These soldiers think that I am weak? Make preps for my departure asap. Bairam Khan is worried that he will have to think of some way to stop Jalal that too very soon. Rukaiyya Bi has heard everything. She tells a kaneez to give her greetings to Tansen. I haven’t met him in a long time.

Hansa Bai tries to revive Ajabdeh. She keeps on talking to her daughter to be strong. The medicine will take time to show its effect. Pratap wonders if she made some mistake in mixing the medicinal herbs. He wants to consult Vaid ji once again but she stops him as he has already disturbed him thrice. Pratap is worried about Ajabdeh. Hansa ji replies that some pains are so deep that they spread around the body and are much deeper than the usual wounds. They take time to heal. Prarap recalls the harsh treatment that Ajabdeh was met with at Mewar and feels bad. Hansa ji notices the positive change in Ajabdeh and feels happy. she tells Pratap to go and rest for a while but he isn’t ready to budge. She agrees and goes to make more medicinal herb. Pratap tells Chakrapani to go and rest as well. Chakrapani leaves reluctantly. Pratap sits down beside Ajabdeh. He stops himself from caressing her head.

Akbar gets ready to leave for Gujarat border. Mahamanga tells Akbar’s mom and Bairam Khan that soon Akbar will get to know that Pratap has won over Alwar and Ajmer once again. I had told you not to hide it from Shehan-Shah back then. Bairam Khan tells her not to repeat the problems but think of a solution. Akbar’s mom is worried as her son hasn’t slept since he has returned from Rajputana. I had thought that he will be at peace once Rukaiyya Begum comes here. Forget all that he hasn’t so much as looked at her. They are surprised to hear Tansen’s voice. Even Jalal hears it. he is instantly reminded of Pratap. Rukaiyya Bi too starts practising with Tansen which stops Jalal in his tracks. He is mesmerised by his voice. Bairam Khan and Jalal’s mother like the voice too. Jalal looks completely smitten. He walks towards the area where they are practising in a trance. Mahamanga doesn’t look too happy though. Akbar recalls the time when he had gone to see Meera Ma. He comes to where Rukaiyya Bi is singing. Tansen smiles as he notices him. he offers his greetings and then leaves from there while Rukaiyya Bi continues to sing with her eyes closed.

Meanwhile, Pratap continues to sit beside Ajabdeh all night long.

Akbar is listening to Rukaiyya Bi all mesmerised. He finally falls asleep on the couch. Rukaiyya Bi notices this and is happy. She adjusts him properly on the couch and covers him with a duvet. Just then Jalal wakes up. He throws the duvet away angrily. I had told you not to cross her limits. She is worried for him. You haven’t slept since a long time. Don’t punish yourself. You need rest. You can go to fight with your enemies tomorrow as well. He tells her to be quiet and walks off.

Jalal tells the soldier to inform his Khan Baba that he will leave for Gujarat tomorrow morning.

Bairam Khan wants to leave before Jalal wakes up. Tell him that I dint want to disturb him which is why I left early. Right then Jalal’s arrival is announced. He is happy with the preps. Bairam Khan tries to stop him but he doesn’t relent. My body can rest for a while but my mind cannot be at peace because of some sleep. I will definitely go to Gujarat. This way I will get to pass through Rajputana once again. Who knows what happens after that. He mounts on his horse.

Precap: DB continues to fill JB’s mind against Ajabdeh. Saubhagyawati tells Ajabdeh that her decision to keep Pratap away from her is hurting everyone very badly. No one wants Pratap to marry Phool. Chakrapani tells Pratap that he is going to give lifetime pain to Ajabdeh by not making her his life partner. Saubhagyawati tells Ajabdeh to share her feelings with Pratap. She agrees to tell it to him tomorrow morning. Pratap too agrees to share his feelings with Ajabdeh.

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