Maharana Pratap 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 5th August 2013 Written Update

Udai singh’s messenger was reading letter for him, it was from the king on bundi, he was shown srry for not attenting the rajput conference due to ill health, it makes udai anry n he ask to not read more letters as other kings might hv sent such sweet excuses, thy dnt want to attend it, thy dnt want to get united, thy r not able to see the danger as mughals n afghans.

Rawat says that thy think that mewad is not in a position to lead them after the afghan invasion, udai says that then the only way out is to show them that mewad is still the golden bird, he ask to arrange a wrestling competition on a large scale n invite kings n wrestlers from all over India, bharmal(accountant) says that it will cost them a lost, udai says that he dnt care abt it, he want to show them that

mewad is still a leader n when thy came to join the function, he’ll talk to them for uniting the rajputs.

A soldier came n inform that he got a message but udai says that he want to meet the princes first but when he gets to know that that its from delhi, he goes o see it.

Other Side, shakti was sharing his experience with all three, he was really happy n excited, sajja is more than happy n proud of her son, jaiwanta congrats shakti, bhatyani ask abt pratap n at the same time pratap came with som, he was not able to walk properly, jaiwanta ask abt it n he says he’s f9 n goes to his room, bhatyani try to show care n says that she’ll talk to udai singh that she dnt want her son to get insulted like this but jaiwanta stops n says that let the teacher handle thr students, the way he want to n leaves, bhatyani appreciated shakti n sajja thank her n thy leave.

Udai goes to see the message n saw the head of his dead spy, he gets more angry, he knows shams n shamsher r planning against them but he surely dnt in a position to attack them due to mughal invasion n thr battle,, thy will surely intrude, rawat ask to tighten the security of royal family, udai is still determined for wrestling competition.

Other side, shamsher got mad on shams khan n scolds him badly but then got relaxed a bit thinking that udai might get busy with war preparations after this n thr real motive will be fulfilled by thr spy.

The spy is shown preparing n leaving for mewad.

Scene changed, jaiwanta put medicine to pratap, he was angry with himself n share y he got late today, jaiwanta told him the story of lor ram n then he says that he’ll fight with it n win over it.

Precap: Udai singh teach surya namaskar to pratap, sajja thought udai must be with shakti but got upset when saw him with pratap, bhatyani poision her ears. Next Scene, udai ask to tighten security on borders, the spy kills soldiers to enter.

Update Credit to: Amor

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