Maharana Pratap 4th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 4th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Phool is happy with her grandmother as she chose to stay back here for her sake. Uma Devi is all sweet to her. I wanted to ask you something. Don’t you feel jealous of Ajabde? I am your grandmother and I cannot see you sad. You know I can do anything for you. I can even stop this wedding if you tell me once. Phool smiles. You are still stuck in the same old thing while I have moved on. It will be good if you too do the same thing. I will come back to talk to you later. Right now I have to do lots of preps for Ajabde-Pratap’s wedding. She leaves.

Uma Devi feels stuck in the situation. Both grandfather and granddaughter are stubborn. I am stuck between both of them. don’t know how to stop this. My sister was my only hope but she too cheated me. DB comes there and hears it. Uma Devi is angry at her. go out of here I don’t want to talk to you. DB says I did it all to save myself. Uma Devi asks her to leave immediately. Two daasi’s hear this and are taken aback. DB stares at them and they go away. she closes the door afterwards. You saw what happened in there. I had no other option. I have already told you that things have changed for me in my palace. Don’t know how JB and Rana ji came close again. Ajabde was staring right in my eyes. She has made it clear to me that she knows my true intentions already. Did I have any other option? You want me to be thrown out of her home? Uma Devi retorts that she is actually being thrown out of her home. DB is taken aback.

Mamrak ji asks US about the palace outside Chittor regarding which he was talking to Maldev ji. Can we get Ajabde married there? It has been associated with our ancestors and much more historical than Chittor palace. US agrees. They decide to leave for Chittor early morning tomorrow. Hansa Bai and JB can do the necessary preps for it. Phool says she only will do it. US smiles. Hansa Bai teases her about it and they all smile.

Uma Devi shares Maldev ji’s warning with DB. Why do you care? I can anyways not expect your help in any of this! DB denies. just like you are my only family, I too am your only family. this is not the time to fight amongst ourselves but to look forward for some hope as the situation has got worse. Uma Devi asks her if she wont ditch her this time. DB promises her. Uma Devi is relieved. We both must think of a way to stop this wedding.

Bairam Khan sees a bad dream and wakes up screaming for Jalal. Someone comes running to ask him if he is in any problem. Bairam Khan wants to be with Jalal. The guy tells him against it but Bairam Khan gets up to go.

Music and dance program goes on in Bijolia palace to celebrate the occasion. Phool and Saubhagyawati tell the ladies not to sing vidai song in engagement. Hansa Bai says Ajabde will be leaving tomorrow morning from here so that will mark her vidai from here. Pratap peeks at Ajabde from outside. He tries to call out to her and does hand gestures but in vain. Hansa Bai and Phool notice him. phool knowingly does not let Ajabde turn (in a fun way). Hansa Bai whispers something in a lady’s ear and she spreads the word around. all the ladies smile together all of a sudden. Ajabde finally notices Pratap. Hansa Bai and Saubhagyawati tease him. he lies that he only came to greet them all before leaving for Chittor. They all greet him back and laugh. Ajabde tells them not to tease him. hansa Bai tells everyone to leave. Phool stops Ajabde as she too was getting up to leave. Before going, Phool teases Pratap. You are a very great warrior but not that kind of fiancé. He admits it embarrassed. She laughs all the more and leaves.

Ajabde questions Pratap. You could have gestured me. he says he has been doing that since some time but she was very much busy in talking to her friend. They both talk / fight sweetly yet again and then end up laughing. He tells her to come to Chittor fast, your home. She teases him saying she will think about it. he teases her back. Think first and then only will I give you the shagun sent by Rani Ma. She wants to see it and is happy when he gifts her a Ganpati idol. He praises her that she is quite strong as she took it from him. She gives the credit to Ganpati while Pratap says that his win lies in her win. She is touched. They both share a long eye lock.

Bairam Khan comes in the jungle to meet someone by the name Changezi. The guy was inside the lake / river. Lightning strikes all around him. Another scary looking character. Changezi tries to scare him but he isn’t affected. He tells him that Mughals and their Shehanshah is in danger. The danger’s name is Pratap. Before he (Pratap) meets Jalal in a war zone you will have to kill him. Changezi agrees for it.

US and family are back in their Chittor palace. The people of their state chants praises of Pratap. He feels as if he has returned from some war. US comments that it is one or the same thing. JB tells him to accept everyone’s wishes. I will go and see the preps. The other palace is all set for the guests. Uma Devi is with them too. JB and VB leave. DB is sure that Uma jija will do everything to make sure that this wedding does not happen.

Rawat ji welcomes Mamrak ji and his family in the other palace. Uma Devi offers to does Ajabde’s aarti. Rawat ji takes up the role of Ajabde’s uncle. He also gives a rakhi to Hansa Bai for the very same reason. Uncle is the one who does the tilak ritual from the girl’s side. Hansa Bai obliges. He welcomes everyone inside.

Pratap thanks everyone by folding his hands and by walking in front of them with gratitude. A guy walks inside the palace all covered with quilt. He feels someone’s presence and turns to look in the direction but by then the guy hides. Pratap continues to greet everyone while Changezi keeps an eye on him by mixing with the crowd. He notices others touching Pratap’s hand and moves forward. Pratap feels electric current (by his touch) and looks around for him but he hides yet again. US notices that Pratap is lost in thoughts. He tells him to focus at the people who have come to wish him. pratap tells him that there is someone here. I can feel it well. US tells him that they are all their own people. You are disappointing them by not replying nicely. Go talk to them. Pratap obliges. He tells them all not to be sad. You are my strength. He personally invites them all for his wedding. They chant praises in his name. Changezi stands in a corner far away and repeats to himself that Pratap is finished.

Pratap and US walk together in the corridor. You can take anyone to your side in seconds. But what happened to you there? It looked like you have seen a ghost. Pratap looks at his hand and recalls what he had experienced. I don’t know but I felt a very weird touch on my hand which I cannot explain. I felt as if my hand went in to touch some hairs and snakes. US is confused. Pratap smells his hand and feels yuck. US too smells his hand and is taken aback. Pratap is trying to find out who he was. I will find out who he was, what he was and why! US calms him down. Maybe some fishermen had come along. This smell comes from their hands too. They might have touched your hand. He has to go to talk to his Rani’s. Pratap still ponders over the smell.

Hansa Bai puts a beautiful chunri over Ajabde’s head. Chittor’s people have sent it for Pratap’s would be wife with love. They all love Pratap so much. Uma Devi compliments her. phool comes to ward off evil eyes from AJabde. Such people roam around us in the disguise of being our loved ones. Sit quietly and don’t move from your place. Uma Devi is shocked.

JB is doing the same with Pratap. We have to keep all the evil eyes away from you. DB too says the same thing. enemies can be anywhere. Pratap is sure it cannot be in Bijolia or Chittor. VB agrees. But what if someone is my enemy? He is confused while all the elders laugh. She teases him that now he will belong to two families so they are doing it to make sure that the other family is not able to snatch him from them. They all smile while JB does the ritual. DB thinks that the plan is all set. Get whatever done but you wont be saved.

Phool has filled the whole room with smoke. She tells Hansa that Ajabde has completely changed after her engagement. When I ask her about her clothes she is more concerned about Rani JB’s clothes. I try to explain it to her that it will be done as she is Chittor’s Maharani but then she keeps thinking about how to thank the people of Chittor for their love and best wishes. I am scared if she will start thinking whether Pratap and his family would have got some time to rest in the long journey home. Ajabde indeed starts worrying about it. phool gets all the more worried while Hansa smiles. Someone has done black magic on my friend. She never used to think about anyone else but me and her cow Lakshmi. Hansa explains it to her that Ajabde’s heart is with Pratap and his family now. Ajabde feels shy while Phool takes it as another challenge. She sends a daasi to bring more chillies.

Uma Devi is looking for the stuff that is going for tilak for the groom’s family. The daasi has been given clear instructions that she doesn’t have to tell anyone. Uma Devi lies that she wants to add something as well in the gifts. Daasi apologizes to her and takes her to that room. Uma Devi closes the door after the daasi is gone. She recalls what she and DB had talked about. They will have to lilve in separate palaces now. One will be with the groom’s side while the other will stay with the bride’s family. They have decided to create rift between both the families so that they become each other’s enemies. Uma Devi starts checking everything.

Ajabde walks ahead while Phool walks after her with chillies. Ajabde is irked with her for the same. She is coughing because of the smoke that is coming from the chillies. She lies to her that someone is there and runs away when Phool turns to tell her that no one is there.

Uma Devi is not able to find what she is looking for and is irked. Ajabde comes inside the very same room and walks up to her. Uma Devi does not want to hide it from her. You like my bangles? Ajabde compliments her. Uma Devi says they are yours now but Ajabde declines. Uma Devi lies that she knew it already so she came to add it in her stuff quietly without telling anyone. you will be able to wear them easily once you go to your in-laws house. Ajabde tells her to make her wear them if that is what she wants. Uma Devi is taken aback but obliges. The entire jewellery that has been made by your parents is nothing in front of my bangles. I am losing my bangles to a samant’s daughter. Phool finally finds Ajabde. Both Uma Devi and Ajabde start coughing as Phool spreads the smoke on Ajabde yet again. Ajabde smiles as she notices Uma Devi’s state. She holds her ears as Phool pretends to be angry. She takes Ajabde with her as it is time for her to get ready. Uma Devi makes up her mind to turn Ajabde’s smile into tears. She is feeling as if she has become a Maharani. I will play such games that both the families will draw their swords against each other.

Precap: US tells Rawat ji to decorate whole Mewar. The wedding should be memorable. JB gives similar instructions regarding jewellery / clothes. Pratap and Ajabde get ready. Akbar gets the news about Pratap’s wedding. There should be fireworks surely. He tells Nasir to make preps for a big blast.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. don’t tell me the wedding won’t happen !!
    enough with this rude akhbar

  2. Akbar got his name from his people when he was in his 30s and not from his childhood as it is being shown in this show

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