Maharana Pratap 4th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 4th September 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 4th September 2013 Written Update

Som’s house….
Pratap comes remembering his old friend .. Promises to take care of his sister like Som would have.His other friends promise to be by his side to the best of their ability… Like loyal Som had been…Som’s funeral pyre is lighted and he passes on to the other world leaving a sad Baujiraj.

Bhatiyani’s chamber…
She cannot believe that Pratap had single handedly killed Shamz Khan.the praise of Pratap by kokoi angers she orders him not to touch her little Jamal ever again.
The chants of the people praising Pratap outside the palace annoys her.Frustrated she questions her baby if he ill ever be as capable as Pratap.She doubts if he can… she orders koi koi to take the young prince away from her eyes….

A mother she is but a scheming power hungry queen first.

Jayvanta’s chamber..
daima informs Jayvanta of the heroic deeds of her son. Thewise queen realizes that caution and wisdom needs to temper the feelings of exuberant rejoicing at Pratap’s deeds.It is crucial. This fact doesnot belie that she is extremely happy at her Som’s achievement

A distraught Pratap comes to meet his Maasa.He wants his praise by all to be stopped as he s unworthy of it. he couldnot save his best friend who gave his life for him…Thebpain of loosing his true and best friend was to much to bear for a young boy as he fell down inconsolable at his mother’s feet.

The chamber of Mewar heroes….

Shakti is reliving the moments of his defeat of the oppurtunity lst in becoming the crown prince of Mewar. Angry and frustrated at his defeat he wants to desecrate the photos of his ancestors since he firmly believes they didnot bless him to emerge victorious.
Sajja stops him. Shakti tells of his failure to not be able to make her mother proud of him as Pratap has done for Jayvanta bai.. this had been his only earnest desire but he was not helped by the divine blessings of his ancestors.
Sajja consoles her son saying she doesnot want anything beyond his happiness. she forbids him to cry ever again…

Bhatiyani’s chamber..

Udai gifts her with a necklace… On being wuestioned why now and not when jagmal was born ….. the king tells praising her for suggesting a duel between Pratap and Shakti. it has made Pratap the indisputable heir in the eyes of his people. The future of the kingdom is deemed safe by all. he further stats Jagmal was the best gift to a father and the overwhelming support f the public for Pratap as the next king was the best gift the king could have… And this had been made possible by Bhatiyani…Udai leaves to check the preparations of the ascension to the throne ceremony of Ratap especially the turban he is supposed to wear.

Bhatiyani is not happy .she looks at the necklace and recollects the words of the king.” Before he could declare Pratap himself has managed to become the choice of the people to be the next king. An irony of fate the queen who didnot want it to happen is credited on being it’s architect.

Udai ses the turban and is very happy. pratap is stillll reeling under asom’s death. h dreams of Seing Som being engulfed in fire and witnesses his acharya coming and mentioning this is all meant for the shudho of his inner self.

The gurukul..

Raghavendra is waiting fr Pratap he doesnot allow his disciple to I form Pratap of the same yet Pratap reaches there by telepathy..

Pratap is given the honour of carrying acharya’s things for the bath and Pooja.
Pratap shares his dream and questions if t isa coincidence.Acharya says no everything is predestined since the moment we are born. Raghavendra tells Pratap that he has also learnt from Pratap and it is time for him to continue that in Kashi…. Till now he only taught his students but with Pratap he saw it being embed fr a better self. He tells Pratap to honour and care for his motherland fearlessly as Som had done fr hs life.Raghavendra leaves.

Precap:in the court Shakti cuts his hand saying this was the hand which failed to win the cme triton angering Udai. the king orders Shakti to be imprisoned.

Update Credit to: sunshine99

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