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Chakrapani and Saubhagyawati reach Bijolia palace. They give their stuff to the guards to keep it in their room. The guards oblige. Saubhagyawati is confused. Pratap had called him so he had to come. Saubhagyawati doesn’t think that it is an appropriate time to see Pratap. Chakrapani can even wake him in the middle of the night as he is his friend. They talk about friendship and its etiquettes and both hold different perspectives about the same. Uday Singh comes there and they greet him. Uday Singh tells Chakrapani that Pratap fell asleep in Ajabdeh’s room. Please take him to his room. Chakrapani nods. Uday Singh leaves for her room.

Ajabdeh painfully looks at the centipede on her back. Chakrapani comes there. He likes the couple. They both look so good together. Suddenly he notices the pain on Ajabdeh’s face and the poisonous centipede on Ajabdeh’s back. He calls out for Pratap and throws the centipede away. Pratap wakes up with a start. He too looks at the blood mark on Ajabdeh’s back. Uday Singh too comes running there after hearing the commotion.

Chakrapani tells Pratap and Rana ji that this poisonous centipede was biting Ajabdeh and she surely kept bearing the pain so that Pratap sleeps peacefully. Pratap is touched by her gesture. Ajabdeh gets up even though Uday Singh tells her to rest. She assures him that she is alright. Pratap too requests her but she wants to wash it off so that the blood stops. She starts walking but then feels dizzy. Uday Singh and Pratap rush to her side. Uday Singh tells Pratap to call the Vaid ji but he stands there looking at Ajabdeh with pain, love and adoration. Uday Singh finally tells Chakrapani to go as Pratap stays put.

Mamrak ji and everyone else comes there hearing the noise. Uday Singh tells him about the centipede biting Ajabdeh. He tells them to be with Ajabdeh and decides to bring the Vaid ji himself. He stops on his way as he notices Pratap looking at Ajabdeh with the same expressions on his face. He recalls how he had told JB to send Ajabdeh out of their son’s life for mewar’s sake. He leaves to bring Vaid ji. Hansa Bai rubs her daughter’s hands to revive her but in vain. Pratap walks closer towards the bed all the while looking at her with love.

Jalal’s mother leaves Rukaiyya Bi near Jalal’s room. Go and meet him. Rukaiyya Bi greets him buth e doesn’t even pay heed. He is busy making castle out of cards. She finally looks at him and smiles. He simply tells her that her Deewan-e-Khas is at the other corner of the palace. She talks well about him and how happy she is to see him after so many years but he doesn’t even look at her. you don’t have to give importance to the childish game that we had played in out childhood. It might be that I am the same boy for you with whom you had gotten married but the reality is that I have changed over the course of time. I wish that you don’t have to face any problem here and feel at home with all the luxuries around. he simply walks off from there while she stands there wondering. She thinks that she too isn’t the same simple and innocent girl like before. Time changes everyone but one must have eyes to see it. she looks at the cards and goes to complete what he left midway. Though it is me who has lost her heart to Shehan Shah-e-Aali but very soon he too will lose his heart to me. she smiles looking at the cards.

Phool looks at Ajabdeh’s letters sadly. She finally reads them. Ajabdeh has told her how she kept her feelings at bay when she got to know that Phool has feelings for Pratap. Phool closes her eyes sadly as she recalls her past moments with Pratap; her dream wedding with Pratap and the later moments where Pratap confesses her love for Pratap; how she had shown Ajabdeh out of the palace. Uma Devi comes to talk to her. Phool realises her folly. Ajabdeh tried to make me understand but I dint even read her letters. Don’t know what got into me. Uma Devi calls all these letters history just like Ajabdeh. Stop thinking about them. Phool takes Ajabdeh’s side. She dint do it intentionally but Uma Devi doesn’t care. Ajabdeh is nothing in my eyes. You are Marwar’s princess and you are everything for me. There is no place for Ajabdeh in the dream that I have seen. Phool is confused. Uma Devi talks about her marriage with Pratap. Everything is going the way you wanted it to. If Ajabdeh is your best friend like you think her to be then she would be anyways happy for you. I have to go for I have to make lots of preps for your marriage. Phool wipes her tears. She holds Ajabdeh’s letters close to her heart as her grandmother’s and Ajabdeh’s words echo in her head.

Hansa Bai applies medicine on Ajabdeh’s wound while Vaid ji checks her pulse. Pratap watches everything from a distance. Her temperature isn’t getting down. Vaid ji talks about the pain that Ajabdeh has been through and is still going through. Pratap is at pain to see Ajabdeh’s condition. Chakrapani comes to talk to him but he is too lost. He says, world thinks of me to be a famous fighter Pratap Singh who is strong enough to bear every pain, every injury but here an ordinary girl who hasn’t done any physical exertion all her life kept quiet even after the poisonous centipede bit her. Why? Just so I could sleep? Chakrapani tries to calm him down but in vain. He realises his harsh tone and apologizes to him. He stops Vaid ji when he was going out of the room. Vaid ji tells him that he has given the necessary medicine but it is a tough task to lessen her pain. He has told the about the solution to Hansa Bai ji.

Hansa Bai is grinding all the necessary ingredients to make the medicine prescribed by Vaid ji and orders the daasi’s to get the rest asap. Pratap brings them all for her which surprises her. Black pepper is missing though. You have brought the most important thing – the wish for the ill person to get well and loads of love. pratap wants to ask something from her. Ajabdeh kept bearing the pain just so I could sleep. Would you not call it madness? Hansa Bai replies that there is only one famous bar to value anyone’s strength in our Rajputana. It is all about winning maximum number of wars. But the women are different. No one notices the strength of a woman’s body and soul. You know that we feel most happy when we see our loved ones happy. you returned from the war all tired so Ajabdeh understood the importance of your sleep very well. Would you call it her foolishness if she valued your sleep more than her own pain? Pratap looks down and shakes his head. She takes the plate from him so that she can make the medicinal herb. Her words continue to echo in his head.

Precap: Bairam Khan tells Akbar about some people revolting against some kingdom of theirs. He wants to go himself and kill all of them. Mahamanga tells Akbar’s mom that soon Akbar will get to know that Pratap has won over Alwar and Ajmer once again. Hansa Bai is worried for Ajabdeh as she keeps writhing in pain. Pratap wonders if she made some mistake in mixing the medicinal herbs.

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