Maharana Pratap 3rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 3rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone is shocked to see that it is Ajabde in Phool’s place except Pratap, Chakrapani and Saubhagyawati. Maldev is super angry. The engagement was of Phool and Pratap. Uma Devi calls it an insult. We wont bear it under any condition. They have made a joke out of us. Maldev asks for an explanation. US asks Pratap about the same. Even Ajabde’s parents are in a fix. They ask her about it.

Pratap tells them all to calm down. I dint want to insult anybody and cannot do so that in my dreams even. but the truth is there is someone who was trying to fool us. Someone here is planning things behind our backs so that I am not able to marry Ajabde. Uma Devi recalls how she had kept the fake kundli in Ajabde’s room. Pratap thanks Chakrapani for his timely help. Uma Devi coughs. US is confused. Pratap says I was ready to get engaged to Phool as per your decision. I was all set for it when Chakrapani came to talk to me. Flashback of the same is shown. Chakrapani tells him that the kundli’s have been manipulated. He shows him the real details about Ajabde’s kundli. Whoever has done it has forgotten that to change the facts you need to change date of birth, birth place and time too. The birth time has to be changed or everything will be over. When I thought about it then I made a new kundli and caught the differences. If you show Ajabde’s kundli to any astrologer then he would tell you that all the 36 gunas match between you two. Flashback ends. Pratap is grateful to Chakrapani for telling him the truth. Everyone is taken aback. Pratap went to Phool and Ajabde and told them everything. Ajabde was against it but Phool reminds her that she was doing it just for them. now that the gunas have matched then I wont get engaged with Pratap. I am going out to tell the truth to everyone. Ajabde stops her. the fake kundli was found in your room. Everyone wil doubt you that you did it all intentionally. I don’t want it. Pratap tells them that he made this plan. Phool adds that she put Ajabde in her place to execute his plan. Uma devi is angry at them for hiding it. What was the need to hide it? ajabde dint want to trouble them anymore. We thought to get engaged peacefully first and then tell everyone. Phool had decided it.

US is sad / surprised that the kids hid all this from them. There is someone here who is playing with Pratap and Ajabde’s life and future. DB tells him to let bygones be bygones. We should think of what to do next. But Pratap wants to know who is that person who is trying to create troubles in my and Ajabde’s alliance. DB asks him if he doubts someone. There is no outsider here. Who will do something like that? Ajabde looks at DB and recalls how she and Uma Devi had lied to her previously. DB says only such person will plot such thing who is interested in getting Phool married to Pratap. Everyone here is happy with Ajabde. Who would do such a thing then?

Maldev asks her if she doubts him. I haven’t come here to plot something. I feel that Mewar doesn’t want to change things for good. Whenever I have extended my hand towards you some or other scheme turns up because of which our relations turn sour. US tells him to stop. They both feel insulted. Maldev feels that they have very cleverly put it in Phool’s mind that she must sacrifice her wishes / dreams to show her support. She fell into your trap as she is innocent. Why should she do it? Why can a samant daughter not do it? phool stops him. US is angry. Phool requests him to let her talk. She turns to her bade daata. I have told you already that Ajabde and Pratap are made for each other. Even destiny has planned the same thing for them. he is not ready to accept it. I feel that you are made for Pratap. The thing here is that are we practical kingly people or someone who is not mature enough and is ready to change their decision based on their likes or dislikes. These things help women, not us. I really want to make things good between Mewar and Marwar. You should act like a real man. You should accept Phool-Pratap’s marriage asap. Why to delay it?

JB replies that if to take care of someone’s feelings or to decide who we want to live our life with is a typical woman thing in your perspective then you can surely blame us women. But a mom and Mewar’s Maharani doesn’t want to hurt three kids and their feelings / aspirations. I don’t want to sacrifice it all for some politics. Ajabde and Pratap anyways want to marry each other. We should not forget it that Phool too wants the same thing. we wont give anyone a chance to do something to hamper it. when all the three kids have decided it mutually then whoever can try whatever they want to but it will happen eventually. US adds that his experiences and values have taught him that a real man values a woman’s thoughts and perspectives. Women think from their heart taking care of all the feelings and emotions. I am sad to tell you that I agree with JB. Maldev decides to leave from there. He tells Uma Devi and Phool to come along but Phool says no to him. I will go back only after this marriage happens. I had come here for this only. Maldev tells her to fulfil her friendship but now Mewar and Marwar will never become friends. Maldev leaves followed by Uma Devi. Phool too leaves from there in tears. Ajabde and Pratap go after her.

Ajabde and Pratap are proud of her as she is very strong.

Uma Devi tries to stop Maldev but he has no reason to stay back here. She too wants to come with him as there is nothing left for her and Phool here. He had forgotten the Mewar thing but she reminded him everything in that letter. I have never bent my head before anyone till date but I did everything for Phool. This was your idea right? She had no idea that this all will happen. He tells her to think well before plotting something. You couldn’t handle the kundlis? She is shocked that he knows everything. He boasts about himself. My Phool has been hurt because of your schemes. Because of your one small mistake she had to give up her dreams and wishes for that ordinary samant girl. she apologizes to him for the same. I am ready to come to Marwar with you right away and promise to never even look him in the eye. I wont let anything happen to her and will find a much better groom for her than Pratap. I promise you. She turns to go bring Phool but he holds her hand. She is my granddaughter and is very stubborn. She wont come. You will have to stay with her. The only difference is that Phool has made up her mind to get Ajabde and Pratap married but you have to stay here to stop this wedding at any cost. She wonders how to do it but he tells her that she has to do it herself. If you are unable to do it then don’t think of returning to my palace. I am not Rana US who does what his Rani’s tell him. he walks out from there while his words ring in her ears.

A soldier reads Mehmood Shah’s message. He has got his army ready and is waiting for him so that they can together go to attack Pratap. Akbar tells Nasir to get their army ready. Distribute sweets and sherbet to everyone. I was waiting for this day since so long. Nasir obliges. Akbar thinks about Pratap. Now when I will kill you, you will realise that you did a very big mistake by thinking of me to a coward.

Jalal’s mother teaches embroidery to Rukaiyya Bi. She is surprised as Rukaiyya is a very quick learner. My son is really lucky to have you. Daasi’s bring sweets and sherbet for them as well. The ladies are confused. Mahamanga tells them about what Jalal is planning. Jalal’s mother is shocked. This war was going to happen after months! Mahamanga tells her that it will start in a few hours from now. Rukaiyya Bi looks worried too.

Bairam Khan looks at the army all set and wonders if Jalal is heading to Rajputana again to fight with Pratap.

DB tries to be involved in the preps so that JB doesn’t doubt her. finally they are engaged. We had brought so many gifts for Ajabde. What else can be good than that? I agree that I had selected Phool for Pratap but everyone has their own likes and dislikes. It isn’t that I am not happy for Pratap. His happiness matters to me more than anything else. I am happy if he is happy. JB agrees to accept it if she is saying so. They are surprised to see Uma Devi there. Uma Devi talks about how the women should not carry on any animosity towards each other. It is such a good occasion. We should learn from the kids. I request you to allow me to join you in this happiness. VB readily welcomes her. DB tries to show her happiness but Uma Devi walks away without talking / replying to her.

Akbar is all set to leave for the war. He mounts his horse to go for the war against Rajputana when Bairam Khan calls out for him. I know you are angry with me. I request you to take me with you. You are going to fight against Pratap and I sit here? No, that cannot be. My life’s meaning is to save you from any attack and take it on me. What will I tell your Abbu when I will meet him when I die! He tells a soldier to bring his horse too but Akbar warns him not to dare do that.

Rukaiyya Bi is worried. She want to stop Jalal. Mahamanga tells her that he does not listen to anyone. don’t be under any misconception that you can change his decision always. No one can change his decision ever.

Akbar tries to go but Bairam Khan blocks his way. If I cannot go with you then you will have to go form over my body. Kill me with your horse and then go. rukaiyya Bi is proud of him. maybe Shehanshah will stop now. Akbar takes the reins and hurts Bairam Khan with his horse’s paws. Bairam Khan falls in a corner and blood comes out of his mouth. Mahamanga points out to Rukaiyya that no one can stop Jalaludin Mohammad Akbar.

Phool and Saubhagyawati bring Ajabde. Everyone looks on happily. JB does Ajabde’s aarti. The music and dance program start. JB makes Ajabde sit on the big sofa. Pratap too comes with Chakrapani and other guys. His eyes are only looking for AJabde. Hansa Bai does his aarti. She makes him sit next to Ajabde. They both look at each other and so does all the others and smile.

Hansa Bai and Mamrak ji bless Ajabde as per the song’s cue. They all feel emotional. Phool takes Saubhagyawati and they both dance away merrily. DB cannot understand Phool’s sacrifice. She is getting happy as if it is her engagement! Uma Devi is all tight lipped.

Ajabde and Pratap have sat down for the phaldaan after which the engagement will be complete. Ajabde and Pratap look at each other happily throughout. Even Uma Devi takes part in the ritual. The engagement is finally done. The relatives hug each other. Ajabde hugs Phool and Pratap hugs someone. They both turn and come face to face. Everyone looks at them and smiles while they both share an eye lock.

Precap: Akbar gets the news about Pratap’s wedding. There should be fireworks surely. He tells Nasir to make preps for a big blast. Bairam Khan goes to meet someone by the name Changezi.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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