Maharana Pratap 3rd September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 3rd September 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 3rd September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Som lying dead on Pratap’s leg and he hears Shmas Khan voice and e recollects all his encounters with him and recognises him . Shams says this time he will not spare him , but Pratap says that this time around he has to pay for what he has done with his life. He shoots an arrow towards Pratap and Pratap protects himself with the sheild. He runs after Shams Khan towards the jungle.
Ravatji comes there and sees a man running and recognises seeing him in the prison and then he thinks hard and realises that its none othe rthen Shams Khan. He instructs the soldiers to take the royal family away to the palace safely and he himself goes behind Shams and Pratap. Shams keeps on attacking Pratap with arrows and leads him towards the jungle and suddenly disappears.


is searching for him when the other guy with Shams comes ahead with a sword and attacks Pratap , he cleverly doges him and the man falls to the ground. Gurudev is also very concerned and instructs his assistants to take care of the students and goes on horse back behind Pratap.

Shams attacks from behind and Pratap and he have a fight with the swords where Shams sword is dropped and he runs from that place. The other man gets up and attacks Pratap but he also gets killed. Pratap runs behind Shams and Shams gets mingled with the procession passing by but Pratap notices him and punches him while Shams is on the run. He snatches a horse from one of the man and galops away , behind him on his heels is Pratap and they Pratap hits him and they fall on the ground and start wrestling on the ground , Shams gets badly beaten in this. Ravatji and Gurudev both reach the spot and Ravatji goes to attack Shams but Guru stops him and tells him let Pratap remove his anger if you interfere now you will spoil things.

Shams is on his keens completely beaten and begs for mercy , he is on Pratap’s feet asking for sparing his life, but Pratap says he will not make the same mistake as his DarjiRaj has done by sparing his life. But Shams cunningly holds on to Pratap’s leg and drops him on the ground. He applies force on the injured leg so that Pratap can’t get up . Ravatji once again wants to and help Pratap but Gurudev once again stops him from doing so . Pratap finally pushes Shams away and beats him hard. Shams is on the ground and Gurudev hands him a knife and pratap jumps up to kill SHmas but alas he cannot do so.

Deerbaiji is ina confused state whether to be sad on Pratap winning the tournament or Happy that there is one more enemy of Pratap much more dangerous then her. She says he should have come to her so that she would not have to spoil her hands for the same.

In the palace the queens are worried about the safety of their sons, the old lady informs the hysteric Sajjabai that her son is fine but no news on Pratap.

On the other hand Gurudev tells Pratap that he has to kill the enemy and not deter from it as it is important for a person who conspires against his motherland to be killed. Pratap listen to his advice and kills Shams Khan .

Rana Udai SIngh comes at the same time there and Pratap asks for forgiveness for breaking the rules of the kingdom and is ready for any punishment and rides away from there.

Precap : Shakti is sick and tired of hearing Pratap’s praises all around and tells his mother that he will get respect for his mother from the king. Deebaiji is rocking her son and telling him that will he have the capabilities what Pratap has once he is big.

Update Credit to: amimus

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