Maharana Pratap 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 3rd June 2013 Written Update

Rana is encouraging his warrior Generals and motivating them to win against ShamsKhan and his army..The Traitorous Servant pretends to be taken ill suddenly, urges Pratap to turn back.. A thoughtful but disappointed Pratap has to turn back without meeting Rana ..

Shamskhan is engaged in Do or dare games with his messengers..He places a apple atop the soldiers head and slices it in half , while the scared messenger heaves a huge sigh of relief … The messenger informs Shamskhan that his speculations were correct…

Pratap and the Messenger head back to the fort , Pratap descends from the horse, Solicitously Asks whether the servant needs the attention of Doc.. but the servant refuses the aid and shows haste in leaving on an errand, just then a scroll falls from his waist

band which is seen by Pratap and which sends the servant into tizzy.. The servant tries to divert his attention and gallops away on his mission..

Pratap walks towards the fort, his minds playing the events that had happened in the earlier part of the day.. He remembers the scroll and connects it with the scroll handed over to ShamsKhan’s sentry’s..He stops by the Guards of the fort and asks whether Mewar has the same system of Scroll to enter and leave the city and is informed that the City nor its inhabitants possess such scrolls ..Pratap wonders why the servant has it and begins to rush in a hurry towards his Mother’s chambers when Bhatiyani interrupts him .. She asks the reason for the hurry and is told that he needs to avaert a probable disaster and needs to meet the King.. Bhatiyani tries to drill sense into him, all in vain … Bhatiyani reluctantly grants him permission to leave.

Pratap runs towards the exit and is promptly blocked by the guards who have had their orders direct from the King .. Pratap is not deterred and rushes back into the fort, climbs the ramparts of the fort with the help of a stout rope and crosses the fort entrance..Just then Rana comes from his cabinet meeting and catches the glimpse of Pratap but is unsure of it ..Rana strides into the Mahal , calling out to Pratap , He calls Javantha and demands to know where Pratap is, it is Bhatiyani who reveals that Pratap has gone out and apologizes for granting him the permission to do so.. Rana shuts her up and demands to know why Pratap is turning delinquent and uncontrollable .. He decides to go in search of Pratap himself but is stopped by Chandwat who promises to seek out Pratap as King roaming the countryside is not feasible in such troubled times..


We see Pratap emerging from his hiding place and haring after Devilal the servant.. Pratap though tired keeps pace with the cantering horse and sees Devilal betraying his country in return for gold coins … The traitor and Shamskhan’s soldier conclude their business , Devilal goes away , The soldiers too begin to move from the area when they are alerted to Pratap’s presence by the stone that Pratap inadvertently kicks.. There ensues a pitched battle between the three with Pratap defeating the soldiers. Pratap turns to head back to the fort when a thorn pricks his leg , He stoops to pull it out unaware that a soldier has risen up and is approaching him with raised sword …

Rana demands to know the name of the traitor..

Update Credit to: Tanthya

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