Maharana Pratap 3rd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 3rd April 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 3rd April 2014 Written Update

Chakrapani thinks about sobhagyawati and pratap ask from him, what happens? you had accepted phool conversation and i think now you are happy. Chakrapani says, i want to marry with sobhagyawati. Here phool tries to convince sobhagyawati and she says that my father will not accept this relation. Phool says, ok i will make plan for it. Pratap says, i cant understand your feeling, whether you want to marry with sobhagyawati or not..CHakrapani says, will you help me or not? Phool says, why you always support to pratap. Ajab says, he is right. Pratap says, dont trust on girl.
Ajab and phool both says, what? Phool says to ajab that now i will not tell the plan in front of them. Gohar tries to find pratap and she heard the conversation of hansa mosi.
Phool tells the plan that she and ajab will bring sobhagyawati at chambal bank and pratap will become dacoit and kidnap her. Pratap says, no. Chakrapani says, my friend will not become dacoit. Phool says, chakrapani will save sobhagyawati then pandit ji will accept this relation. Gohar tries to move toward pratap room and jalim singh stops her and says, i will bring you at phool’s room. Pratap says, i dont trust you. Ajab says, she is saying right. Phool says, now i know the key secret of your thinking.
Afghani tries to make plan to capture bijolia. Here pratap and mamrat ji makes plans for security. Mahmood shah says, we will capture chambal bank area. Phool and ajab and chakrapani come in front of pratap. Pratap says, i does my work of my own. phool says, dacoit will be my our soldiers. Pratap says, no your soldier will not become dacoit. Phool gets annoyed and calls jalim singh. Phool says, why you dont meet my dance teacher with me. Jalim singh introduces gohar as dance teacher.
Chakrapani says, look my friend, he cannot help me. Now how we will make dacoit. Pratap calls his friend and says, now i got our dacoit.
Phool says, now you also like pratap, nobody likes me. i dont want to learn dance right now. Pratap tells the complete idea. Jalim singh says, i will tell you the complete path. Gohar says, i know my way. Ajab says, you cant learn dance tomorrow because we are going to chambal bank. Phool taunts that everythings is done by pratap. Ajab says, none of the work is completed by you.
Chakrapani practising with sword. Benidas says, if you will fight with me as a real person then we will not going tomorrow. Chakrapani says, no please dont do this.
Surtan singh came into gohar’s room and says, lets go to kill pratap. Gohar says, you are not coming with me. Because you will open our secret. Surtan singh says, i will come with you because i am so frightened. Jalim singh ask from pratap friend that who are you? Pratap came and says, it is enough for you that they are my friends. Jalim singh stops gohar and surtan singh and says, phool is gone with pratap. Gohar says, i will not stay here, i will also going to meet them on his place.
Phool and ajab permits to take sobhagyawati at chambal bank. Phool does acting in front of purohit ji. Pandit says, ok no problem, i will come with you. Gohar reaches at purohit ji’s village. Gohar jaan says to surtan singh, go and get identification of pratap. Mahmood shah soldiers tries to capture chambal bank area.
Here pratap see the footmark of horse and says, who are they who came with so many horse.
Benidas ask, where will we take sobhagyawati and stay her. Pratap says, you have to do only acting. I want to become hero in sobhagyawati’s eyes. Ajab says, i am feeling that there is something bad happens. Pandit ji and phool came near to bank and starts puja. pandit ji sees mughals flag but phool deviates the conversation. Pratap thinks about footmarks of horse. Pratap says, you all does acc to your role. Pratap stops chakrapani and says, hero will always come after any incident. chakrapani ask, what are you seeing? Pratap says, i am seeing that there is group of soldier moved away from here. gohar ask from benidas that where is pandit ji’s home. benidas says, he is gone to river bank area. Pratap see some mud comes out from level. Pratap says to chakrapani that you go there, i will come later. Pandit ji ask why you have done friendship with chakrapani. everybody gets surprised to see afghani troop.
Afghani says, go from here otherwise it will not good for you. Chakrapani sees afghani troop. Here pratap see mewar soldier burried in the land.
Benidas and chakrapani gets defeated by afghani soldier.
Ajab calls to pratap. Pratap run towards voice. afhgani sainik moves towards phool and pratap cut the hand of afghani sainik.

Precap:- Pratap beat the afghani soldier and ajab saw her necklace in pratap’s neck.

Update Credit to: tushar

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