Maharana Pratap 31st March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 31st March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

US is reading a note. Pratap enters the court and greets his father and Rawat ji. US introduces him to Rawat Saheb Khan ji but Pratap already knows him. US shares with Pratap that everything is not right between Bairam Khan and Akbar. Pratap wonders if it happened because of that lady (Salima) who married Bairam Khan in a secret ceremony when Akbar was away. Rawat Saheb agrees. That is the main reason of Akbar and Bairam Khan’s dispute. Pratap feels that the matter is not as simple as they think it to be. Certainly someone else is behind it. Why would that Mughal and Bairam Khan fight amongst each other, that too for a lady? US says a woman can be the reason of any dispute / problem. Why should we blame Bairam Khan only? Pratap insists that someone else is pulling the strings. He asks about Mahamanga from Rawat ji. Pratap also knows (from his spies) that Mahamanga and Bairam Khan don’t talk to each other nicely. US too is aware of the fact that Bairam Khan had insulted Mahamanga. She did want to seek revenge from him but I still cannot understand your point. Pratap says Mahamanga is a very cunning woman. She would have instigated or hurt Akbar’s ego to make him go against Bairam Khan. Rawat Saheb shares that Bairam Khan and Salima had gone to a riverside to spend their first night together after their wedding but Akbar too reached there in a fit of rage. He set his elephants loose so they could attack Bairam Khan and Salima’s tent. Now the distance between both the men has increased all the more. Mahamanga was there with Akbar at that time. Pratap is cent percent sure now that it is Mahamanga only who would have instigated that egotistical Akbar to fight. I also doubt that Salima is filling her husband’s ears against Akbar.

Salima blames Akbar for everything. I always loved you but Shehanshah did not have good intentions regarding me. This is why he even took me to Ajmer with him. I called Rukaiyya Begum there to save myself and came running to you. This is what has disturbed him. He is taking revenge from us. Now it is about my respect. Bairam Khan is sure everything will be fine with time. You don’t have to be upset. Salima taunts him for talking like a woman. His ego is hurt. She cannot understand how he can sit quietly when Shehanshah is eyeing his wife with all the wrong intentions. You must do something. He says it isn’t easy, plus it can have all kind of consequences. Jalal is like my kid. Salima retorts that the kid has grown up. You should send a very strong message to him to make it clear to him that indicates that I am the wife of the greatest warrior of the Mughals Empire. And you wont tolerate it if someone tries to misbehave with me. Maybe Shehanshah will start respecting you. he too should know about your position.

Pratap says Salima surely would have added fuel to the fire. US asks Rawat Saheb what Bairam Khan did next. Rawat Saheb replies that Bairam Khan took his revenge from the man who let the elephants loose on his tent.

Bairam Khan beats than man badly. The man tells Bairam Khan that it wont be good for him if Shehanshah finds out about this. Salima says now even a normal servant is also not scared of Bairam Khan. This infuriates Bairam Khan. He picks up his sword and cuts that guy’s head.

Mahamanga shares with Akbar that Bairam Khan is still quite touchy about that incident (elephants). Akbar denies. I had a word with Khan Baba and have apologized to him as well. I don’t think that he is upset with me. Mahamanga advises him to take extra care of himself. A wounded lion is more dangerous. A soldier brings a gift for Akbar from Bairam Khan. Akbar is stunned to see the head of his most trusted servant in a tray. All the ladies close their eyes in fear. Mahamanga points out that it is almost a kind declaration of war against him. Will you bear this quietly too? Akbar is not happy with Bairam Khan has done. He will have to pay for it.

Pratap says Bairam Khan will have to pay a very big price for his mistake. He is trapped. He will be out of their political matters very soon. US is very happy with the fact that there is a dispute between Mughals now. We should make use of this opportunity. Should we try to make things in our favour by including Bairam Khan in Rajputana? It will be like one tight slap on Akbar’s face.

Mahamanga is with Akbar. He is really angry but cannot do much as it is his Khan Baba. I would have killed that person for killing my most trusted servant if it was someone else in his place. Mahamanga indirectly calls him a weak person (at times). Akbar has always treated Khab Baba as his father. I have never seen my father but Khan Baba brought me up and taught me how to walk or stand. You want me to use sword at him? I know him. he doesn’t know how to give up. Mahamanga plays the emotional card. I have raised you as your mother so I cannot see you all weak. That Bairam Khan always tries to show India’s Shehanshah down. He is a mere soldier (of a higher rank though) but people show him more respect that what you deserve. He spends much more money in luxuries than you. Akbar asks her for a solution. She suggests him to remind Bairam Khan of his real place. Tell him that you are Shehahnshah-e-Hind. Anyone who dares to come close to you will be finished. Akbar orders a soldier to inform Bairam Khan to come to the court. There will be an investigation on him for going against Mughal Shehanshah’s orders.

A soldier reads Akbar’s message for Bairam Khan. He understands that Jalal wants to show him down in front of the entire court (courtesans).

Pratap appreciates Bairam Khan as a warrior. We will become stronger if he joins hands with us. It will be a blow on Mughal Empire as he only has made it. No one else in Mughal Empire is as smart as him in making strategies. It will be a indicative win for us if we include Bairam Khan in Rajputana. US does not want to waste any time. Rawat Saheb and Rawat ji too agree on this. Pratap makes them aware of the other truth. We are not Mughals. There is no similarity in our thinking. We are Rajputs. We don’t take advantage of the fight amongst our enemies. We cannot make anyone our friend for an immediate benefit. Bairam Khan and we think way too differently. I don’t think it will be a good idea to join hands with him.

Salima acts that she is the reason behind everything. I feel like running away from here. I am scared. He denies. Jalal is like my kid. Why to be scared of your own kid! I am only sad at the fact that I have made that Darbar-e-Khas but tomorrow I will be standing there as a criminal and explaining my stance. I taught Jalal about justice. Tomorrow he will be questioning me on that only. Salima smirks. you will have to remind him that you have taught Shehanshah everything. Bairam Khan knows that many people are on his side. The Mughal Empire can break apart on my one signal. Jalal will be embarrassed at the charges that he is going to levy on me. he will have to apologize to me.

US is impressed with Pratap’s logic. Pratap says it was just an opinion. No one else is capable (and able) than you to take the last call on the matter. US is proud of him about the Rajputs not compromising on their values for such a momentous benefit. We cannot become friends with Bairam Khan to use him against Akbar for our benefit. This is my last decision. Pratap suggests keeping a tight vigil on whatever is happening in Mughal Empire nowadays as surely something big is going to happen, and it will be an inseparable part of that story. It can affect entire India.

Precap: Bairam Khan (BK) calls Akbar a thankless man. This angers Akbar. He calls him by his name. BK refuses to live in Agra. I will leave for Haj. I leave you and your empire now. Pratap sends a message for BK. I will surely save him from Akbar.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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