Maharana Pratap 30th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 30th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone takes care of Ajabde. Maan teases CK. VB comes to tell them that US has called Ajabde to bless her for giving such a wonderful news to them. Jagmal overhears this. Dada bhai was already a hindrance in my path and now his son is going to be born soon. I agree that I cannot kill Dada bhai but I can atleast kill his baby. He walks around and notices the lit diya in the temple. He gets an idea. This is the perfect plan. He spills oil on the floor / steps. He hides when he hears the sound of anklet.

Ajabde comes there with all the other ladies. Jagmal is watching them keenly from a distance. VB tells Ajabde to be extra careful while descending stairs. Ajabde stops in her tracks, exactly before that particular stair, as Pratap comes there. Jagmal gets tensed. Ajabde is about to step down when one of her bangles drop and tumbles all the way to Pratap. They both share a long sweet eye lock. Pratap picks it up but his hands get oily. He eyes the stairs in surprise and notices the oil. Ajabde slips as she keeps her foot on the stair and Pratap shouts in shock / concern. Everyone is shocked too. DB had held Ajabde’s hand in time so Ajabde is all safe and sound. Jagmal is angry. DB steps down to stand next to Ajabde to support her but she slips and falls. Everyone rushed to her side. DB has hurt herself on her head. She loses conscious.

Mahamanga asks Akbar why Bairam Khan looked angry while he was walking out of the room. Before Akbar can reply a knife comes flying inside. He turns her around but she gets hurt on her shoulder. He calls out for his soldiers. Mahamanga orders them to find out the attacker.

Bairam Khan is walking in the corridor. Peer Mohammad too comes running there. He runs to a different side so the soldiers only find Bairam Khan. Bairam is shocked to know that Akbar has been attacked. Akbar and Mahamanga too come there. Mahamanga asks Bairam Khan if he saw someone else in the corridor. We saw the attacker heading to this side only. Bairam Khan denies seeing anyone. Mahamanga wonders if (it was him). Bairam Khan says I cannot do this to Jalal. Akbar looks at Bairam Khan curiously. Bairam Khan says I have raised you myself. I have taught you how to hold a sword even. I swear to God I can never even think of doing this. I have taught you another thing. Trust your gut / instinct. Don’t fall in anyone’s words. Mahamanga begins to say something to Bairam Khan but Akbar interrupts her. He addresses his Khan Baba. I know you can never do this. You wanted to go to riverside with Salima. Please make preps. I myself will make arrangements for you. Bairam Khan thanks him half heartedly. He heads to his room but stops to look at Mahamanga for a second. Akbar asks Mahamanga what she thinks about it. She replies that I don’t find it so believable that Bairam Khan can attack you. It might be a coincidence that Bairam Khan was in the same place where the attacker should have been. It will surely be a coincidence only. She excuses herself.

Everyone looks at DB anxiously as she gains conscious. Vaid ji tells her not to touch her wound. I have put medicinal lep there. US looks away when DB turns to look at him. He thanks the Vaid ji after which he leaves. DB and US both hold out their hand towards one another but go quiet. He thanks her for saving Ajabde and his heir. Everyone will be waiting for me in the court so I should leave. CK hugs her Rani Ma tearfully. DB assures her that nothing has happened to her mother. Ajabde thanks Choti Ma. DB calls it her duty. You should stay happy. There is another life with you now so you should take care of yourself. Who would I apologize to if something happens to our heir? I know you all wont be able to forgive me but if my heir forgives me then I will be at peace. Pratap comes there. He sends everyone outside as he wants to talk to his Rani Ma in private.

DB folds her hands before him but he shakes his head. Please don’t say anything to me. Surely it was my mistake. I could not give you that love which a son should give to his mother. This is why you couldn’t give me the perfect (apt) answer. It is my mistake. She shakes her head. Please don’t embarrass me so much. I had lost my mind for my biological son but I would have never been able to forgive myself if I had not killed all those negativity. She folds her hands again but he again holds her hands. How to thank Lord for returning my mother to me! He is moved to tears. Jagmal has seen it all from outside. DB kisses Pratap’s hands. He says Ajabde and I will be forever indebted to you for what you have done today. DB says I haven’t saved your son but Mewar’s heir. You know your Rani Ma is selfish since the beginning. Now go and take care of Ajabde. He tells her to take care of herself as well and then leaves.

Jagmal closes the door from inside as soon as Pratap disappears from his sight. A daasi is heading to DB’s room with food but Pratap wants to feed his Rani Ma with his own hands today. He takes the plate from her.

DB is surprised to see Jagmal there. Jagmal praises her for her masterstroke. You always save me somehow whenever I am in some sort of trouble. You act so real. Pratap too reaches the same window and stops to see what all is happening inside. Jagmal is impressed with all her moves but Pratap gets thinking. Jagmal compliments his mother for trapping Dada bhai once again. I cannot understand what’s next on your mind. Please share it with me too. DB gets up and slaps him hard across his face. Jagmal is stunned. She makes it clear to him that she is not playing any games. I have realised that you were wrong and Pratap was right. Be his shadow quietly or it wont be good for you. Jagmal vows not to spare Pratap but DB makes it clear to him if he tries to harm Pratap now then she will sacrifice him for saving Pratap. Pratap looks on proudly. Evil can be strong but it loses in front of truth one day for sure. A soldier comes to call him for the court. Kothari’s Samant Rawat Saheb Khan ji has arrived with Akbar’s message for all of you. Pratap agrees to join them in a while. He wonders what could be the message from that Mughal. Certainly something big is about to happen.

Precap: US shares with Pratap that everything is not right between Bairam Khan and Akbar. Someone kills Akbar’s most trusted servant and sends his head as a gift for Akbar. Mahamanga adds fuel to the fire. Akbar thinks that Khan Baba is behind it all. He dint do it right. He will have to pay for it. US suggests that they should make friends with Bairam Khan.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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