Maharana Pratap 2nd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 2nd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Some soldiers come inside running, all scared. We have been badly attacked. Akbar wonders who can attack Shehanshah-e-Hind. One of the soldiers replies that lakhs of monkeys have appeared out of nowhere. They are attacking us. They are heading towards the palace. They all hear the angry shouts of the monkeys and are alarmed. The courtesans suggest Akbar to go to his room right away. Akbar leaves upset with Salima following him to his room. The courtesans and soldiers too run to find a safe place for themselves. Tulsidas stays put in his place, chanting his Lord’s name with complete devotion.

Salima tells Akbar to release the pandit with all due to respect right away. This is the only way to save ourselves from this problem. Akbar tells the soldier to leave the pandit asap with due respect. Soldier obliges.

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Jagmal is eating food in his cell. DB comes to meet him. She has covered her face with a blanket. Soldier opens the door for her and she goes inside. Jagmal requests her to take him out of here. I cannot live here for long. I feel suffocated. DB promises to do something soon. he is restless so she tells him to be a little patient. Don’t do anything that creates problems for you. Your father is only thinking about Pratap since he has left Mewar. I want this only that his focus is not on you. Understand one thing that it’s just me who can take you out of here. Have faith on your Rani Ma and be patient. He tells her to hurry up or he will kill himself. She hugs him and then leaves.

DB serves food to US but he isn’t hungry. She asks him to eat as he is not a common citizen but the king of Mewar. What if something happens to you? think about your family atleast, your Mewar. I too am hurt seeing you thus. He says he is not feeling like. She knows why he is restless. You are thinking about Pratap who left this palace and went to a little hut with his wife. I too haven’t eaten anything. He is taken aback. She replies that she can stay hungry as she is a mother. Pratap could have thought of CK atleast. She was crying for him but he dint pay heed. DB suggests literally begging Pratap to return home but US declines. No one will do so. He thinks I cannot live without him? No one will go to meet him. This is my order. If anyone goes to bring him back here then the consequences won’t be good. He leaves from there. CK and Maan have overheard the entire convo.

Next morning, AJabde gives milk to Pratap. He notices the glow on her face. She tells him to speak slow as someone might hear it. Saubhagyawati is watching them from outside. He tells her that no one is here except the two of them. She turns to go when he opens the side thread of his kurta. He requests her to tie it. She tells him to do it but he shows her the glass. Ajabde obliges. Pratap pulls her closer to him in the process. She smiles shyly. She notices Saubhagyawati and shouts. She lies to Pratap that she did so to stop him. He leaves for the Haat Mela.

Saubhagyawati comes inside as soon as Pratap leaves. Ajabde is surprised. You had gone to your parent’s house, right? Saubhagyawati denies. We are staying in the temple nearby. She notices the lesser number of bangles in Ajabde’s hands and teases her. She sits on the bed but falls down. You broke the bed in one night itself? Ajabde apologizes and helps her. Saubhagyawati doesn’t mind. She is really happy for Ajabde. Ajabde thanks her. I have no idea how the past two days went by. I have never seen Pratap so calm and happy. It is all because of you. They share a hug.

In his room, Akbar thinks of the whole situation. Whatever happened seems so unbelievable. Salima suggests him not to think of what has happened already. Just think of it all as a coincidence. Monkeys couldn’t resist the heat of the sun and came here to cool themselves. Akbar thinks of the huge count of monkeys. Maybe you are right but I still feel I should have behaved a little nicely with Pandit it. All this may not have happened then. Salima reminds him that he should never let anyone read what’s going on in his heart. You should wear a mask whenever you meet your citizens. They should see a soft hearted and great Shehanshah. They should feel that you are an angel. Rest you can all think and feel but should never show them. Soldier comes to inform him that Bairam Khan has brought the traitor King who has lost to them. Shehanshah has to come to a decision in that matter.

Pratap continues to teach sword fighting to the kids. My Acharya used to tell me to hold the swords such that our swords become an inseparable part of our body. A kid asks him why they have to fight. Pratap replies that they have to fight to survive with self-respect and dignity. We are alive till our values, traditions are with us. We become hollow once that’s gone. We only remain animals afterwards. They hear aazan. Pratap tells one of the Muslim kids to go and finish his prayers. A girl asks him if he will leave them in a few days. Pratap thinks of CK and gets emotional.

CK is sad thinking about her Dada bhai Pratap. He cannot leave us like this. He loves us so much. He will come back as soon as he catches a glimpse of my face. Maan tries to make her understand but CK wants to go out of the palace stealthily. Maan reminds her of their father’s order but CK stays put. Maan agrees to accompany her.

They go out but hide as they notice their father in the corridor.

Maan and CK come to Chakrapani’s house. Pratap notices them (without their noticing him) and goes inside. He tells Ajabde that he wont be able to stop himself if he sees CK once. He locks himself in a room. Maan and CK meet Ajabde. CK asks about her Dada bhai. Ajabde points at the door. CK knocks at the door, asking her Dada bhai to open it. I have come to take you with me. She breaks down. Pratap too is in pain inside. CK cannot understand what has happened to him. how will I live there without you? Please come with me. I always felt that you will be near me whenever I will need you and now you are not even opening the door for me? She continues to bang at the door, requesting him to open the door. It is very hard for Pratap to control himself. He finally opens the door and hugs his little sister. Pratap declines to accompany her to the palace. He is in a fix to see her crying all along. He finally agrees to come with her as his happiness lies in her happiness. I will come for you. Epi ends on his kissing her forehead lovingly.

Precap: DB is talking to US. Pratap dint come with you, right? He is stubborn just like jija (JB). He insulted you by not coming here with you. US says you have so many venom inside you against Pratap. I always thought that you loved him more than me but today I have realised that it was just an illusion in my head. He orders a soldier to inform Rawat ji to make arrangements for Jagmal’s gibbet asap. She is stunned.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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