Maharana Pratap 2nd January 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 2nd January 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 2nd January 2014 Written Update

Bheels attacks on pratap and guruji. Natha says to behram, you are not allowed to move on with your troop. All the ranis moving in tunnel and dai kokoi says to DB, please give me kunwar jagmal, but DB says, no. Bheels bring pratap and guruji in front of bheel’s king. Behram also reaches on that place. Behram khan and pratap confront each other and open their sword in a angry mood. Bheels king comes in between matter and welcomes them. Lunch serves for all and behram didnt take lunch and says, if you will support us then we will give you gold coins. Pratap says, dont support him, he will make fun of our tradition if they will occupy our state. Again they will open their sword. Bheel’s king says, behram khan will give gold coins but what will you give to us. Pratap says, i am giving you bapa rawal ji’s sword to you. Rana kheta ji accepts that sword but i will not support you and also i will not support behram khan. you will make your own way.
Rao surtan singh come along with his troop for battle and here uday singh and rawal singh ji also come with their troop. Rawal ji says, yalgar ho.. but uday singh stops it. Surtan singh make fun of it. Uday singh says, i want to meet with you before we starts battle. rawals says, dont do it, he is not right guy for meeting he always support for behram khan. Guru ji and pratap does coversation and guru ji says, if khetaji allwowed behram khan’s troop to allow from jungle then they will easily enter in our state. Pratap says, what happened if we will kill behram khan before he reached to our state. we dont have choices.

Precap:- guru ji says, ok do it. yousuf khan and surtan singh make plan to kill uday singh.

Update Credit to: Tushar_Sharma

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