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Maharana Pratap 2nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badshah Khan getting saved by his soldiers. Ajabde tells Pratap that she feels they should leave from here. The soldiers attack Chetak and he kicks them down. Pratao says the arrows are ending. Ajabde reminds him Jaivant Bai’s words. He gets angry and aims arrow at her, asking her not to take his Rani Maa’s name. She is stunned. Badshah Khan thanks his father. Pratap asks Ajabde to leave, as he will kill Afghans and come back. She says it’s a trap for his death. He says he does not lose courage and will kill them for coming on his land. She says she will do anything for her country. She turns and an arrow hurts her hand. Pratap sees the enemy and kills him by throwing his sword. He takes out the arrow from her hand and shows care.

Chetak runs away from the soldiers. Pratap says nothing will happen to her. She says we don’t have any way to leave from here. He says he knows the exit way and shouts Chetak. The soldier decide to stop them, till many more join them. Chetak runs towards Pratap. The Afghan Soldier aims at Chetak. Chetak jumps and comes to Pratap. Pratap lifts Ajabde and takes her to Chetak. They both ride Chetak and try to leave. Ajabde is falling unconscious. Pratap asks her to keep her eyes open, as he will tale her to safe place soon. Chakrapani asks Ajabde’s Maa about Patta. She says don’t know, he went to gather soldiers. Chakrapani says he will find him.

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Patta asks people about Parwat Das. He doubts on him and thinks is Ajabde’s doubt true. Chakrapani hears him and says what doubt. Chakrapani follows Patta. Pratap brings Ajabde to a safe place and says he will get water for her. He leaves her there. Badshah Khan gets angry seeing Mansoor crying in pain as Pratap has cut his hands. He recalls Pratap’s words and says he will take revenge, and will take a big price from him. Pratap brings water and sees Ajabde’s wound. He says a deep wound and worries. Badshah Khan asks his soldiers to get around Bijolia at night and attack in morning. The soldier asks what about Pratap and Bai ji lal, they will not be quiet, we should think some idea for them. Badshah Khan says no need to think now, as the arrow had poison and Pratap will be saving Ajabde now, which is impossible. He says he will take Bijolia under control.

Pratap gives directions to Chetak and asks him to get some leaves from the jungle. Chetak runs and goes to get the leaves which can save Ajabde. Chetak gets the leaves in his mouth and runs back to Pratap. Chakrapani asks Patta where is he going, and what doubt was he talking about. Patta says he has a doubt that Parwat Das is a traitor. Chakrapani is shocked. Patta says yes, if I m right, then I m afraid did he go to alert Badshah Khan. He says he will tell Afghans that we are going to attack on Afghan camp to save Pratap and Jija.

Badshah Khan sends his soldiers to take command over Bijolia. Chakrapani says Parwat Dad is serving us since many years. Patta says yes, Ajabde had doubt on him, and I did not believe her. Chakrapani asks the reason of his doubt. Patta tells him how he has seen Parwat Das leaving the palace after fueling people against Ajabde. He says about the attack on the auction day, and the day when Mewar soldiers came to find Pratap, it was Parwat Das who has questioned on Ajabde’s character and efficiency. Chakrapani says did he make people against Ajabde. Patta says yes, Parwat Das has provoked me against Pratap.

He says he fought with Pratap because of him. He says someone has made the palace soldiers eat laddoos and made them faint, and then he went to Jija to inform her. In FB, Ajabde tells Patta that someone has cleverly made them have this drugged laddoos and she doubts Parwat Das has done this. She says she has sent a servant to call Parwat Das and got the medicine mixed in the laddoo. She did not tell this to the people as she did not wish to make them panic. Patta tells Chakrapani that he has crack Afghan’s plan. He says he has made the weapons from the one bought from fair, and Parwat Das knew this, and he has told this to the Afghans. Chakrapani says before Parwat Das reaches Afghans, you catch him. Patta says sure, but you have to stop our soldiers here, no one should reach Afghan Camp. Chakrapani obeys him. Patta leaves.

Badshah Khan and his soldiers attack on Bijolia. Pratap grinds the leaves with stones and thanks Chetak. Badshah Khan laughs seeing his soldiers ruin Bijolia market. Pratap hurriedly makes the leave paste and heats it. Patta sees Parwat Das in the jungle and says he will not leave him. He runs after him and Parwat Das disappears. Patta calls him coward and says he will find him from anywhere, as he is a traitor. Ajabde’s Maa tells Chakrapani to take their soldiers and save Pratap and Ajabde, they have to attack Afghan camp. Chakrapani says yes, but Patta asked me to wait. They come to know Afghan soldiers have reached. Chakrapani says he will stop them at the main gate.

Pratap covers Ajabde and applies the medicinal paste on her wound. Saath tumhare mai hi to hoon……………..plays……………. He recalls the moments spent with her. He tells Chetak that the medicine is affecting her, and he is sure she will get fine. He worries as she does not respond and rubs her hand. He thinks did the poison affect her body.

Badshah Khan conquers the palace. Pratap and Patta see Badshah Khan’s army in Bijolia. Pratap says we don’t have soldiers.

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  1. I actually like this serial but they lengthen it too much… To get pratap marry they spend 6 months

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