Maharana Pratap 29th July 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 29th July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with uday singh ji ask from pratap, will you come with us? Uday singh ji and mamrat move towards bijolia. DB comes and taunts to veer baiji and says, i heard that your are doing raj tilak. Veera baiji says, i just want to do raj tilak of only pratap. DB says, i rule on rana ji’s heart and pratap will always wants tilak from me. Veer bai ji then cries and gives pujan thali to DB. DB says, dont try to take my place.
Soldiers gives slogan of pratap. Db comes and ask about pratap and ranaji. Jb comes and says to veer baiji that you told me that you will do raj tilak of pratap. Rawal ji comes and says, uday singh ji and pratap gone to bijolia with mamrat. Then JB taunts to Db.
Dassi inform to ajab that pratap is coming. Ajab goes into flash back. Ajab says, i will go somewhere

else. Just inform me when they will come. Hansa mosi comes and ask from ajab, where are you going? Dont you know that pratap and uday singh ji is coming. Ajab says, i am going to temple to meet pandit ji. Hansa mosi says, but pandit ji tells me all necessary things. leave everything and come with me and help me for program. Ajab says, you go, i will follow you. Ajab again goes into flashback and says, now how will i retain my oath. Pratap and uday singh ji reaches to bijolia with mamrat ji.
Pratap takes blessing from hansa mosi. hansa mosi does raj tilak of pratap and also welcomes uday singh ji.
Hansa mosi gives compliment to pratap for win against mughal. Hansa mosi goes into flashback. Pratap ask, what happens hansa mosi ji?
Hansa mosi ji says, i am really regret for my previous behaviour. Pratap says, my mother says that forget the past so please you just forgot the past incident!!!!!
Uday singh ji says to hansa mosi, thats why pratap came here to meet you. Pratap search somebody then hansa mosi ask, what are you searching? Ajab!! She is coming. Pratap says, i want to go to meet laxmi. Pratap then goes near to laxmi and here ajab comes down from fort but unfortunately her rope break down and ajab comes into lapel of pratap.
Romantic scene arise between pratap and ajab!!!!! Then ajab and pratap goes into flashback. Pratap says, i think you didnt take food for so long time, i was in war and you didnt take food for me. Ajab says, no but you become so strong. Pratap says, you always oppose my wordings.. Ajab says, no. Pratap says, ok, i will clear now. I think you are hiding yourself and run away from fort. Ajab shouts and says, why will i hide myself and why will i run from this fort? Pratap says, look, i proved it. Ajab says, leave it and tell me what are you doing here near to my room? Hansa mosi calls to ajab then ajab gets tensed and says to pratap, please help me!!! Pratap says, first of all tell me that you are running from this fort. Ajab says, yes. Pratap throws ajab’s clothes then ajab says, i also can do this. Pratap says, ok then i will bring it back then you try this. Hansa mosi says to ajab, lets go to fort, everybody will waiting for you.

Precap:- Uday singh ji gives compliment to ajab and here uma devi sent letter to DB and writes about phool and pratap’s marriage.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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