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Ajabde tells Pratap that his silence can be of dangerous consequence for him. you are actually increasing problems for Rana ji. You know how difficult it will be for him if he has to take a decision that is against you. He will be broken from inside. I too wont be able to hold myself together if I break once. You know it all then why are you giving so much pain to all your loved ones, that too just to save the culprit! Pratap thinks of Jagmal’s and DB’s convo. Ajabde sits beside him. tell father that Jagmal is the culprit. You have always followed the path of truth and honesty. Why are you going against it then? Pratap agrees that he wont be able to tell the truth in front of father. Plus neither will I be able to lie to him. you can try and instigate me as much as you want to but I will maintain my silence both here and in the court as well. Ajabde is actually surprised over the fact that he is doing all this just to save Jagmal. If I was in Rani Ma’s place then I would have told father long back. Pratap tells her to be in her limits. Before talking about truth you must know that you also know only half of the truth. Ajabde says for me the truth is that you are my husband, my everything. You are innocent. I love you more than anything else in the world. This is enough for me. Pratap apologizes to her as he cannot give her anything other than his silence for now. He leaves from there.

A Brahmin priest has come to meet Pratap. There is a merciless killer (Zahi Saka) in their state who is after our cows now. They say that he can attack from any side any time. If he loses from the front then he appears on the other side in the very next moment, ready to fight with his opponent. A guy is shown fighting with random people. Save our cows. Follow your dharma. Pratap recalls doing puja of the cow when he had returned from Bijolia; he also recalls his father’s words. He is in a fix. Brahmin asks him what the cause of his worry is. Mewar’s Rana is the guardian of cows and so are you. what is stopping you from doing your duty now? If you cannot do it then say it upfront so that I can ask someone else for help. But remember, you will do a very big adharma if you don’t save cows today. it will be a grave insult to the title of honour that has been associated with your ancestors too. Pratap is in dilemma.

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Pratap talks to Ajabde about the same. She tells him against it initially but then understands the situation when he talks about the cruelty meted to the cows. She picks up his sword and holds it out for him. A cow is considered equivalent to our mother, we worship them as per our dharma. It is our biggest dharma to save them. Don’t think about anything else right now. Follow your dharma. Rani Ma (JB) always used to say that a person can pull himself together if he falls in other people’s eyes but that can never happen if he falls in his own eyes only. His smile surprises her. you are smiling when you are in so much stress? Where do you bring so much energy from? He takes his sword from her and gives the credit to her. I had told the Brahmin priest already that I will definitely accompany him. I only wanted to see if you and I value our dharma equally or not. I was just checking your love and trust for me. I saw what I had wanted to! This is why I have got energy to fight for our dharma. I feel a lot more confident now. maybe this is why I smiled. But tears don’t suit you. she tells him to go and follow his dharma.

Akbar sees a painting but it doesn’t connect with his thoughts. He tells the servants to take the painting and the painter out. they oblige. Akbar’s mother asks him about the change in his behaviour. You are behaving differently since you have met that Fakir. You have got yourself engrossed in other things than the main political issues. You are so blessed yet you are so upset with yourself. Your father too would be pained to see you thus. I have been noticing how you have become obsessed with the idea of defeating Pratap in a war over all these years. This thought is not letting you live in peace for even a second. Akbar reminisces the dream he had envisioned in that cave. His mother tells him to go ahead and fulfil his dream. I cannot see you like this anymore. I have always seen you getting everything that you have ever dreamt of. Fakir’s words haunt Akbar. He holds the railing angrily. I will never be able to get what I want to achieve so very desperately. I will never be able to defeat Pratap in a war. This is what the Fakir had told me. She asks him to think again and tell her everything from the beginning. Akbar narrates the whole incident word to word, scene to scene. She says you will have to think through and then decide to do something against Pratap. Peer Mohammad overhears their convo from outside.

Maan tries to convince DB. Dada bhai does so much for all of us. He even took Jagmal’s blame on himself yet you dint say anything in his behalf in the court. How can you not see it that he is doing all this for only you? he even takes your name and explains to us what an ideal mother is. I feel like telling him the truth every time he talks on that topic. I feel like telling him that this woman standing before him (DB) is not how she appears to be. She actually wants to snatch your everything from you – your wife, your stature, your position in the court, everything! She can even take your life if she can do that too. Dada bhai’s blind love / faith for you is what stops me to do this every single time. I don’t want to ruin the image that he has of you in his mind. If his faith breaks then he himself will break. He might stop believing in every relation after knowing your truth. This is the only reason I keep quiet. DB accepts that she knows she is not right. I too feel like changing for good but I don’t have any such feelings in my heart. My hatred for him is above everything else. I want my Jagmal to get whatever Pratap has been getting, is getting or will get in future. What should I do if no one finds it right? Pratap is wrong here as he is very naive, very stupid. He thinks that his imaginary relations and imaginary ideals are true rather than the truth. Jagmal agrees with her. This is Dada bhai’s biggest mistake. He always gets into some trouble just because of his stupid ideals. Take today for instance. Dada bhai is going out of the palace by disobeying Mewar’s Rana’s orders just to save cows. He will become the protector of cows. Maan panics. I will go and stop him. if he breaks father’s orders then maybe father will get all the more angry on him. he can even put him in prison. She begins to go but Jagmal points out that she might help Dada bhai this time but Rani Ma and I will get him in some trouble again. Let him die his death or I will have to do the honours myself.

Pratap comes there. He has come to inform her about his duty. He also wants Jagmal to accompany him. Jagmal talks about his wounds. They are paining so much. Please tell him Rani Ma that I need rest. Pratap tells DB not to be all soft towards Jagmal. He too has to become a brave warrior. He has to get over all the bad things too. There is no better place to do that than a war place. DB agrees with him. Pratap leaves after telling Jagmal to come to the main door asap. Maan taunts Jagmal about it. for a change you will get to show some bravery instead of cowardice. You must go! DB stops her. Maan leaves followed with DB. Jagmal is trapped.

Pratap orders the soldiers to be on high alert in his absence. He is waiting for Jagmal. Jagmal is looking for his gun. What if Dada bhai takes me to some isolated place and kills me? I cannot go without my gun. He might not kill me but maybe I will get a chance to do it. He hears Pratap’s voice and comes out. Pratap is surprised to see him in the arms room. Jagmal lies that he dint intend to go unarmed which is why he picked up a dagger. Pratap nods. Let’s go. Jagmal reveals the gun in his waist band as soon as Pratap leaves from there. He thinks of the incident when he had shot his mother and Pratap had beaten him. He covers his waist band with his coat and smirks.

Precap: DB is worried. If anyone notices the gun with Jagmal then he will surely get death penalty. Jagmal takes out his gun. On the other hand, DB orders Dhaman Singh to go and find Jagmal. Bring that gun back before he uses it. Jagmal points the gun at Pratap while he is sleeping.

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  1. I will request that you do this or cancel the show if the evil people will continue to win in this serial then there is no moral teaching behind it and if I recollect this serial is supposed to be telling us the story of one of India’s Heroic Son, so why are you spoiling the story with your evil twist and why are making Pratap to be a stupid adult who refuses to accept the truth being told to him by Deerbais daughter. Frankly the storyline is ridiculous so correct it pls

  2. You are ruining this show everyday with Deerbais crap and we are tired of this. Its time to let Pratap and his father know her truth and pls bring Jaibanta back

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