Maharana Pratap 29th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 29th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

HK apologizes to Pratap. I regret my behaviour. I couldn’t understand you. Please forgive me. I assure you that you wont regret being friends with me. This is the promise of a Pathan. Pratap seeks his apology as he has made up his mind already. HK is shocked. Chetak too comes running there hearing Pratap calling out for him. HK requests Patta to make Pratap understand. I am accepting my mistake. Please make him understand. Patta leaves with Pratap.

On their way back, Patta is really frustrated. I wont move ahead till I get my answers. Pratap address Chetak. Looks like Patta has also got your habit of stopping on the way. We went all the way to Sasaram, risked our lives there, were about to die in that explosion, just to say no to HK? Pratap explains that HK’s guilt will clear away all his doubts against us. That will give a new birth to trust which will help us build a new bond of friendship. This takes time. I cannot make HK my friend till this happens. They resume their journey.

HK is heating his weapons while he recalls Pratap’s words. He hurts himself as he touches his rifle intentionally. His soldier holds him so as to stop him but HK pushes him. this is the same rifle that I had aimed at Pratap. He had brought along the proposal of friendship whereas this rifle shot aims at him. I will destroy it. He starts hitting it on the ground and finally throws it in the fire. You will have to accept my friendship one day Pratap Singh. I am in your debt now.

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Next morning, Hansa stops Ajabde. She puts more kajal in Ajabde’s eyes. Ajabde tells her to stop or Saubhagyawati’s Gauna will end by the time I reach there. She leaves with daasi’s. Hansa wonders when Ajabde’s Gauna will happen.

CK cannot believe that they are going to bring their Ajabde Bhabhi home. I will shift to a nearby room when she comes back here. US turns to VB. I am trusting you for a very crucial task. Mewar has seen lots of ups and downs in its relation with Bijolia. If you complete this task peacefully and positively then the bitterness between Mewar and Bijolia will be over. Everything will be good once again. VB nods. She takes his blessings. He wishes good luck to everyone. DB tells VB to go asap. I cannot wait anymore. Bring my Ajabde home. Daasi offers to take the basket from VB to keep it with the other stuff but VB refuses to give it to her. Maan observes this too and is worried.

VB recalls DB giving her poison to mix in the laddoo that is to be fed to Ajabde. VB had panicked as she had thought that DB doesn’t want Ajabde not to come to Chittor Palace. Why do we have to kill her? DB reasons that if Ajabde dies then there is no scope of her coming back to this palace ever. You cannot be scared. You have to be really careful. If you make a small mistake then Rana ji will get to know everything. I know you don’t want that so keep it carefully in the basket, hidden from everyone’s eyes so that no one gets to know anything. She sits in her palanquin. Maan looks at the basket in VB’s hands. DB insists VB to be careful in bringing back their Ajabde as she is very precious to us. The ladies leave in their palanquin.

Priest is happy / relieved to see Ajabde. He tells her that there have been no preps for Adi Shakti puja yet. She assures him that she will take care of everything. She explains the significance of the puja to a kid as he was curious about the same. Priest is impressed with her knowledge. Now you make the idol for the puja while I will go and check the preps done to welcome my son-in-law. He leaves with his son.

Ajabde mixes water in the entire bowl of vermilion. How will I make Shiv ji’s picture now? She is shocked to hear Pratap’s voice as he tells her that Shiv ji’s picture is anyways made from ashes. She is surprised by his knowledge. He explains that just like Mata likes red, Shiv ji likes ashes. She smiles. How come you are here? He sits down near her. It is possible that you are worried and I don’t come? He pours ashes in a bowl and adds water in it. he starts making Shiv ji’s picture while she looks at him adorably. He too looks at her in between. She keeps her hand on her cheeks and the red colour leaves a mark on her cheek. He touches her cheek to clean it but then withdraws his hand. They both smile sweetly. She talks about the love between Shiv-Shakti. As per the saints, their love was what actually defined the true meaning of love. they are the beginning of the world. Pratap talks about the love of Ram and Sita. That also has become epic. She points out that people call him Purshottam (Ram) too. Saubhagyawati calls out to Ajabde. Who are you talking to? Ajabde is taken aback. She turns the other way so that Saubhagyawati is not able to read her face. Saubhagyawati says, I had come to tell you that Shiv ji’s picture is to be made from ashes but looks like you know everything already. Ajabde looks at the caricature that she has made in amazement.

The Arab fighters continue with their practise. They get to know that Pratap has left from Sasaram. They decide to get into action now. Tonight will be Pratap’s last night in Chittor. This time he will leave the world after entering in Chittor. Their informer tells them that Pratap is actually heading to Bijolia right now. The reason and his duration of stay is unknown. They decide to go after Pratap to Bijolia only.

Saubhagyawati and Chakrapani’s Gauna is going on. Ajabde hears Pratap’s voice again. I have set the caricature right. What are you thinking? Ajabde turns around to look at him but then closes her eyes. By the time she turns to look at him again, he is gone. She tells herself to focus on the puja. Ajabde smiles seeing Chakrapani and Saubhagyawati together. She imagines herself and Pratap in their place. Pratap says, don’t forget this time I am not going to let you leave my hand ever. Ajabde blames him. you had left me. He says it was as if you had come running after me. She reasons that she is a woman. It doesn’t suit her to run after him. he asks her if he should try running away this time too. She warns him of the consequences. The kid says I haven’t been anywhere. I am standing here only. Everyone looks at Ajabde in surprise. Ajabde controls the situation somehow. They focus on the puja once again.

Hansa is giving instructions to daasi as to what to cook. They all are in turn looking at Pratap. Hansa follows their gaze and notices Pratap standing behind her. He folds his hands so as to greet her. she smiles. When did you come? He replies that he came a while back. I was just checking if you are getting something made of my choice or not. She says now the menu will be as per his liking only. You went to Sasaram right? He nods. I am coming from there only. Rana ji had told me to stop at Bijolia for a while on my way back so I am here. She is surprised to know the same. he realises that maybe the message hasn’t reached Bijolia yet. She gets emotional thinking that maybe that moment has come. Now that you are here the message will reach too. Please take some rest, I will make preps for lunch. She excitedly asks him if he needs sherbet first or food. He opts for food. She leaves from there. He smiles thinking that mothers can never change.

Ajabde comes there just when he turns the other way but he has felt her presence. She stops in her tracks as she notices him. she turns the other way asap. I should go and visit Vaid ji. She begins to go but then goes near him. I know you want me to think that you are here for real but this is just an illusion. She doesn’t even let him talk. You should keep quiet as we will eventually end up fighting for no reason. I know it is all in my mind as you are not here for real. But there is no pointing fighting even in dreams. I know you will disappear once I am gone so follow me. she starts walking and he too starts following her though he is utterly confused. She wonders if she has gone mad.

Precap: DB tells VB that she has committed a sin by sending JB out of their palace. It wont make a difference if you do another one then. Save yourself by killing Ajabde. Flashback ends. VB mixes poison in laddoos. Maan is watching this from outside. She tells everything to Pratap but he isn’t ready to believe any of it. don’t say anything against my Ma. DB is glad that Pratap himself will make Ajabde eat this. pratap looks at Ajabde adorably while she eats the laddoo.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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