Maharana Pratap 29th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 29th April 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 29th April 2014 Written Update

phool says, i love whenever you kill afghan soldier. Pratap close his eyes then phool says loudly that dont close your eyes. do you remember that how we meet?
Mamrat ji and ajab reaches to vaidya ji. Mamrat ji says, you will never allow you to enter. Hansa mosi says, me and your mother are best friend as phool ajab are..
Vaidya ji says to mamrat ji, go away from my home. Mamrat ji says, look!!!!nobody will save kunwar pratap. Hansa mosi and phool trying to awake kunwar pratap. Ajab thinks about pratap and then she runs towards vaidya ji.
Here JB and uday do prayer for pratap. Ajab reaches to mamrat ji and says, i am fisherman girl. I need your help. Vaidya ji says, i am here to help people. Vaidya ji gives medicine to ajab then ajab tells the truth to him. Vaidya ji gets angry.
Dassi came to hansa mosi that kunwar jagmal is crying.. May i bring him here. Hansa mosi says, no, here pratap is sleeping. PHool says, you go there and i will take care of him. Ajab says to vaidya ji that your basic motive is cure to people, so it doesnt matter who and why will get help. Vaidya ji gives medicine and says, put it on pratap and take care that pratap will not sleep otherwise this medicine will not work. Pratap close his eyes. Gohar reaches there and says, what are you doing here? Gohar says, i will help you and you go and take some rest. Phool says, no i will here and hansa mosi says to me, never go anywhere. Phool says, ajab was very frightened and she gone to meet vaidya ji. Phool gone from room and gohar do acting. Here ajab run towards bijolia fort. gohar says, how lucky i am. Many people got killed for killling you. Ajab reaches at fort. Pratap close his eyes. Here light gets unlighten and medicine fall down.
Ajab collects medicine with her dress. JB says, kunwwar pratap and shakti is not in fort. Uday singh says, shakti is perfectly alright. JB says, so, kunwar pratap. Uday singh says, your son will perfectly alright, so dont worry. purohit ji again start prayer. Gohar says, now you are in diziness and now you will get died. Mewar’s sun set down.
Mamrat ji came to fort and writes letter. Hansa mosi says, what happens? For whom you are writing letter. Mamrat ji says, rana uday singh. mamrat ji admits that kunwar pratap is died due to my fault. Hansa mosi says, it means jag giri maharaj didnt give medicine. Ajab reaches to pratap room. Gohar says to her that she is sleeping.

Precap:- Ajab says, how he will not wake up. Ajab shouts on pratap.

Update Credit to: tushar

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