Maharana Pratap 28th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 28th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Epi begins with Parvat Das heading to meet Afghan leader posted in that area. If we don’t stop Bai ji Lal soon then she will set up her army soon. afghans will have to run away empty handed today. the same wounded soldier tells his leader that he is sure Bai ji Lal will make the same guy their senapati who hit them today. The leader wants more info about that guy (Pratap). He sends his messenger to Badshah Khan. Tell him that Bijolia is thinking of separating itself from Chittor. Things are changing here so ask him to come here asap to guide us. Parvat Das fumbles as he asks him if Badshah Khan himself will come here. The leader nods. Badshah Khan stands for fear. Your Bai ji Lal has forgotten its meaning so we will have to remind her.

Hansa looks at Ajabde from top to toe. Where are all your ornaments? Ajabde shows them some thaals (plates) in the daasi’s hands. It is a way to show my support for Bijolia and its army in making. Hansa tells her against it as they are her wedding jewels. Ajabde says life has brought me on crossroads. I have to fight against my own family (in-laws) for my own people. This means that now this is the last moment (of our test) wherein we have to break our relations from CHittor for forever. The bitter truth is that they all are in the past now which only gives hurt. When the relations do not hold any meaning then what will I do with these memories of the past? Hansa suggests her to think once more but Ajabde stays put. Rana ji ordered for Patta to be caught when he went there with our message. Even the last hope is gone now. Now I only have to live and die for my motherland. She tells the daasi’s to make an announcement in Bijolia – ask people to lend their supports, in all the forms they can, for their army setup. Balwant reasons that people of Bijolia cannot make such sacrifice without knowing the truth. They don’t even know that we are trying to yearn for our freedom. Hansa is sure they will give their best (and all) as their Bai ji Lal has asked them to do so.

Pratap does dart practise in the jungle. He hits bulls eye without even looking at it. Kids jump in joy. They want him to showcase his other skills too (of using dagger). Pratap obliges. They get happy. they too want to learn it from him but he dismisses them saying that they are kids. One of the kids says we want to fight for Bai ji Lal. We want to learn to fight for her sake. Pratap gets all the more curious about Bai ji Lal. How have you made each and every kid of Bijolia your disciple? The answer to this question can solve all my queries. Chakrapani comes to tell him about all the people of Bijolia heading to Bijolia palace. Surely Bai ji Lal would have called them. pratap sends the kids away. chakrapani is sure something is happening at the palace for sure. Pratap recalls his vow to his father before leaving to Chittor. He declines to go to Bijolia palace. I will not meet anyone from the family, especially Ajabde. Chakrapani suggests him not to go there as Kunwar Pratap. No one is able to recognize you here anyways. Same will happen there too. You should go there as an ordinary citizen. We must find out what’s happening there.

All the people give in everything they have to showcase their support. Ajabde talks to them. I assure you that your sacrifice will not go in vain. Bijolia will stand on its feet once again. they cheer for her. she holds out her hands for them to stop them. she thinks that when people are ready to sacrifice their everything for Bijolia then why is she hesitating. She begins to go and give the rest of her ornaments away too. She removes every single ornament that she was wearing.

Pratap reaches Bijolia palace right then. he thinks of all his past moments with Ajabde and their wedding. His smile vanishes when he thinks about what had happened at CHittor palace after their wedding. He turns to go but his inner voice asks him to stop. You have come here to find out who Bai ji Lal is so that you can help her in fighting against Afghans and safeguarding people of Bijolia. You have promised your father so stick to it but how can you overlook your dharma. He heads inside.

Ajabde is in tears as she gives that special (toe) ring that Pratap had given to her on their wedding day. Hansa too is pained to see her daughter thus. Pratap is shown to be heading towards where all the people have gathered. Ajabde turns to go inside just when Pratap walks in front. He couldn’t see her and is sad. He eyes all the jewellery which people have donated and is overwhelmed at their gesture. He asks the soldier about it but he keeps mum. an old man walks up to the place and adds his share. He asks the old man why he is doing so. The old man replies that they never question Bai ji Lal when she asks for any sacrifice from us. We take her orders without any question. After Mamrak ji’s death, Bai ji Lal has handled Bijolia just the way a mother handles her kids. Pratap is amazed. He praises Rajputana wherein such patriots have taken birth.

DB finds US doing some work. She wants him to look at her once and choose jewellery for her. he turns and looks at VB who is all adorned with jewellery. He chooses some pieces of jewellery for DB which makes her happy but makes VB sad. He leaves from there. DB tells VB to check if the tailor has taken Jagmal’s measurements yet or not. diwali is approaching. Make sure his clothes are such that people don’t think about Pratap at all. Rana ji and Jagmal will have lunch together. Make sure that there is no disturbance in the same as such incidents happen rarely. She takes off the jewellery which US had selected for her. DB has her eyes set on VB’s mangtika. Jija had gifted it to you. Now that she isn’t here I will take it. she taunts VB too. You are very good for a display of all pieces of jewellery. VB cries as DB leaves from there.

Ajabde is with DIpu (a daasi). She thinks that all the people have donated what all they could. Ask the soldiers to bring it all inside. The daasi leaves. Ajabde feels something and goes out in the balcony to see it. she finds Pratap giving away all his jewellery as well. She thinks, since the time I saw you I could feel it that I can trust you stable keeper. Pratap begins to go when he stops in his tracks as he feels someone’s presence. Ajabde goes inside just when he looks up. He thinks of that old man’s words. The realisation dawns on him. Ajabde is Bai ji Lal?

Precap: Pratap asks Ajabde (thinking her to be Patta’s jija only) why Bai ji Lal wants to create such a big army. We can tell Chittor about the Afghan issue. They will surely send help. Ajabde says Bai ji Lal wont send any other message to Chittor now. She has decided not to beg in front of anyone to help them in safeguarding their border. Chakrapani meets Saubhagyawati in jungle. If they (Ajabde and Pratap) come together on mutual consent then it will be good for their respective states too. Saubhagyawati thinks that it is too late. Ajabde has decided to break all ties between Mewar and Bijolia for forever.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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