Maharana Pratap 28th May 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 28th May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with pratap gettting angry with all this which is happening and says, i dont want to marry. phool says to ajab, i am comfortable with you as a competitor because i know you will not marry with pratap. Ajab agress with it. Here pratap kills yowat mal then he rules over mau, jaitpur. Pratap says, there is nothing left with it when i will rule over marwar. Here pratap does hard work and Jb says, why are you doing all this. Pratap says, you make my laugh in front of all rajkumari’s. Pratap says, why are you saying all this? If you everything knows then why she will not accept all this.
JB says, she feels frightened when you are not near with her. Phool find flowers and pratap thinks about ajab. Flower fall down on ajab and pratap see ajab on phool. Phool says thanks to pratap. Pratap then ask from phool about ajab. Phool says, she is in verandah.
ajab gives fodder to birds and pratap sit near to him, ajab try to go from there and pratap catches her hand and pratap says, i am only want to give thanks to you. Ajab says, you marry with phool. Pratap says, i dont want to marry with phool. Ajab say, why? Pratap says, phool is not taking care of mine and phool is not like with those who gets awake on whole night for me.
Ajab says, i am requesting in front of you, just marry with her. Ajab says, i know why you should not marry with her. THen ajab says, i dont know. Pratap says, i will tell the reason why will i dont want to marry with phool. Ajab says, Ok tell me. Pratap says, phool is not like that for whom i will live.
Ajab then says, you will not get that type of girl. Pratap says, i get that girl and you are that type of girl.

Precap:- DB filled ear of uday singh against ajab then uday singh goes to ajab.

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  1. Rushab kucheriya

    Beacuse…..akbarwant to kill maharana pratap…….for that akbar kills surronded area of mewad…

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