Maharana Pratap 27th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 27th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap tells the last alive soldier to release his friend. You will do this little ordinary task. The soldier obliges fearfully. Meanwhile AJabde wipes her tears. Pratap gives him a message for Badshah Khan. Tell him to run away from here asap. Patta repeats it for him as he beats him. run saving your life. The soldier runs away. Patta and Pratap nod at each other.

Parvat Das is with Hansa Bai and Balwant. You know the truth. We will need lots of resources for such a big rebellion. Chittor has not been helping us since so long. Plus Bijolia’s treasury has been utilised for its people. Hansa has faith in Ajabde’s scheme. We will make our army for sure. Parvat Das asks who will lead us then (Senapati). Agreed that Patta is brave and fearless but he is foolish. He will not be able to guide us well. We need an intelligent, experienced and fearless Senapati for our army to lead us. Do we have someone like that on the basis of whom we can begin to implement this plan?

Pratap looks at Ajabde with a slight smile on his face. Patta too looks at them one by one. Why are you both looking at me like that? You can thank me atleast. Patta praises himself indirectly. You have learned so much from me in such a short span of time which is good. Pratap smiles. Patta praises his moves one by one whereas Ajabde is all quiet. She finally tells Patta to stop. I have understood that this so called horse keeper doesn’t need to learn anything from you. We are grateful to you for whatever you did for us. Pratap says it isn’t needed. If you really want to revert some way then make me a part of your rebellion by giving me some work in it.

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Hansa is sure Ekling ji will send such a guy their way for sure. He will free Bijolia from this problem.

Pratap wants to be a part of their army. Patta praises the skills of his army men. Ajabde compliments Pratap for fighting with the Afghanis. You have defeated them well because of which I am certainly impressed with you but we need to talk to Bai ji lal first. Then only can we take you. Pratap doesn’t mind to wait. I have full faith that you will speak well about me. Ajabde nods. She calls him horse keeper again and turns to go. He reminds her that his name is Pratap. I want you call me with my name and not horse keeper. She looks at him. he wonders if he said something wrong. She says you have won this fight for sure but you haven’t got the right to force your wishes on me. He agrees. He suggests taking Patta to some Vaid. Patta denies. Pratap acknowledges that he is indeed strong and turns to Ajabde as he adds friend. They both look at each other.

Chakrapani is busy reading people’s kundlis. Many women from the palace bring Saubhagyawati to meet this pandit. They all praise him. saubhagyawati has stopped believing in all this since the time Ajabde and Pratap have separated. My own husband, Pandit Chakrapani Mishra, had predicted that the couple has been united by God himself but look what has happened. one of the ladies says your husband would have returned to Chittor after completing his higher education. Don’t you feel like living with him in Chittor. She does feel like that but doesn’t know how to face him. he fulfilled his promise of gaining higher education whereas I was never interested in studies. I had left studies long back and came to Bijolia to help Ajabde.

Pratap and Ajabde speak up at the same time about stopping for a while to drink water. They both put it on another for wanting to stop for water. I can do without it, they both say. Ajabde wants to go meet Bai ji Lal asap. Pratap wonders if it is some culture of theirs to act all stubborn and throw tantrums all the time. Patta jokes about it. he gets thirsty. Pratap leaves on his horse. Ajabde looks on.

Saubhgyawati hasn’t brought her kundli so Chakrapani asks her to show him her hand. I will tell you everything about you immediately. Saubhagyawati complies. He says your husband will be very intelligent. He will love you a lot. You will be friends with big people. Saubhagyawati pulls her hand back. I knew it that you are a liar. I got married in my childhood itself and I can never get a better husband than him. he stops her as she begins to walk away. I will see your both hands and then only will I be able tell you everything. He gets serious as he looks at her hands. He looks at her for a second and then reads her hands all the more intently. She thinks that he will now say that she will stay away from her husband for forever. he smiles sweetly and calls her name. She realises that it is him, her husband. He nods and she smiles broadly.

Ajabde joins her Ma and Parvat Das. Hansa tells her about what Parvat Das said. He wants us to become a part with some neighbouring state. Ajabde declines for it. Ajabde already has found a solution for their problem (about Senapati) which surprises Hansa and Parvat Das. She is only waiting to make sure that he is indeed trustworthy. I will tell you about him then only.

Pratap calls out for Chakrapani as Dhyan Singh. Chakrapani is busy talking to Saubhagyawati. You dint write me a letter over all these years over such a small matter! She says you too could have done it. they end the chapter as they have met each other finally. She wants to know what he is doing here in Bijolia using a fake name. He agrees to tell her later. I want to look at you first. She gets all shy. He panics as he hears Pratap’s voice. He sends Saubhagyawati away but Pratap notices it that Chakrapani had been talking to her. who was she? Chakrapani calls her one of his disciples. Pratap reminds him that he is married. Chakrapani asks about his day. Did you get to know why that fighter girl is instigating everyone? Pratap tells him everything. Worrisome thing is that no message has been replied to from Chittor. There is an enemy inside us in Chittor. We have to find out who the real culprit is.

Parvat Das tells Ajabde not to trust herself so much. We will need money for such a big attack. Will we get it from Diwali Fair? Afghans will get to know it from the Fair that we are getting our enemy back together. Ajabde doesn’t want any more negative around them. who will tell Afghans about it? when we can trust every single kid of Bijolia then why can you? Hansa calms her down. It is true that we will need loads of money for the attack, maybe more than what we can arrange from the fair. Ajabde has thought over it. Parvat Das takes their leave as no one values his suggestion here anymore. Balwant talks about the samant rule. Everyone is leaving without my permission when I am the real samant here! Hansa tells him to be quiet and is in thoughts.

Pratap and Chakrapani are checking out the borders of the Bijolia but cannot find any soldiers on guards anywhere. There is lax in the security which is why Afghans have been able to make space for themselves. Chakrapani thinks that no state can make camps in the absence of proper resources like soldiers, arms, money. If one doesn’t have it then things will be like this only. Pratap regrets staying away from Chittor for so long for the first time. I dint get to know how things worsened here. Chakrapani knows he couldn’t have got to know about it as he was busy making already strong borders stronger. Now that you have returned then things here will get good too. Pratap says now it all depends on how Patta and his jija present my side of the story in front of Bai ji Lal. Once I get inside Bijolia’s army then only will I be able to tell Afghans that it is time for them to run away from here. I will set army camps in all the unprotected areas asap. No Afghans will try to attack our place thinking it to be theirs from then onwards.

Precap: Pratap declines to go to Bijolia palace. Chakrapani suggests him not to go there as Kunwar Pratap. No one is able to recognize you here anyways. You should go there as an ordinary citizen. Ajabde removes all her ornaments and gives them in the form of her support for Bijolia and its people. Pratap gets to know that Ajabde is Bai ji Lal.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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