Maharana Pratap 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 27th November 2013 Written Update

Today in the starting episode surtan rao was telling US about that sakhaveer is pratap n saying that even after giving proofs why he is not approving that pratap is sakhaveer, then US says that it may be plan of somebody to make fight between rajputs states n then SR asks whom n US says bairam khan n tells SR that r u involved with mughals n trying to play games with ours, then SR says that to US that u sent pratap to spread arajakta n one day get the bundi n add to mewad n then US removes his sword n all too removes their sword n says that they r rajput they can get states with fighting not like thief n then SR sits on his knees n says that if u want u can kill me but why r they r supporting sakhaveer u spreaded ashanti in bundi n he goes away n then US says he gives promise that he will catch sakhaveer n then he says something to US n leaves.

scene change

DB says to US that how can surtan rao says anything about pratap n can says that he is sakhaveer n this locket is his n then she says to throw it n US says okk but then DB says to check it once to fell his mind better n then US checks it n found inside same thing which was in pratap locket , then she says lets go and ask pratap n then they both goes

scene change

pratap was saying that how can he keep quiet n heare anything against his father then JB tells him sometimes we need to put each steps carefully n then they both heard the voice of DB n US who was heading towards pratap room n then DB ,US n JB goes inside the room n found that he has locket in his neck n then DB says to see it but US stops her n says that he has full faith in pratap n then after they three leaves pratap cries.

DB was very angry n was going through the mahal n then she hears the sound of horse n says to sevak to make the horse silent n then she finds the footsteps of someone which she sees n goes behind it n founds it heading towards where horse r kept n found there someone blood n from that she says that from pratap hand blood fell down n then pratap foot got it n his foot step came n so pratap is sakhaveer n episode ends

Update Credit to: rishabgosavi

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