Maharana Pratap 26th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 26th September 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 26th September 2013 Written Update

The episode begins with Pratap waiting for his Queen mother to arrive so that they can leave , but Jayvanta bai comes and says she will not be able to come with Pratap, He is saddennd to hear this and says you had told me yesterday night you will come then what happened.

Jayvanta replies that she has to fulfill the duties of being the head queen of Mewar and gives off a tearful farewell to pratap. He takes blessing from his mother, Sajjabai and Girija Tai and gives one last long look walks out.

Outside the people of Mewar are waiting and they do not et him go , they say how can he leave them and go. Pratap handles them very tactfully and tells them that they have to listen to their King as he is the one who protects them, shelters them and provides them food in

time of thier need and not him. He says he has not done any such thing of Mewar , then why are they supporting him. The people bend their heads and let him go, Udai Singh looks at this with a sad heart and tells that Pratap has all the qualities to be a king but alas fate has been very cruel to him .

Outside the Palace avat ji comes and has brought along few servants to serve Pratap but he flatly refuses to take any of them. Lots of convincing of Ravatji’s part also does not deter Pratap from his task of being a common man henceforth as per the orders of his father and the King. An ideal son is what he is . At the same time Ravatji receives a message from Delhi and Pratap tells him that this is an important matter and he should go immediately inside.

Jayvantabai tells her servants to give away her clothes and other things in charity , as she has done a sin and has to repent for it. I feel really sorry for this lady who has bought up such a wonderful son but has had to sent him away because of one selfish woman. I am sure she is strong enough to bear this harsh reality.

Ravatji informs Udai SIngh of Humayun’s death and of King Hemu capturing the throne of Delhi. He also states that his spies have also informed that it will be very soon that Jalal will overthrow Hemu and rule Delhi. Udai Singh says that Jalal is 2 years younger to Pratap , how will he be able to handle such a vast empire. Ravatji is quick to answer that he is guided by none other than the cruel and valiant Bairam Khan.

And the entry of Bairam Khan in Maharana Pratap happens and must say the actor looks very menacing in this character. He is dangerous and has blood all over his body . he goes near a pot of water to clean himself and a soldier comes there telling him that what has to be done with the prisoners of war , and tells them to be killed with no mercy shown to anyone. He goes to inform Jalal about his father and Jalal is very sad on hearing this.

Precap: Jalal cries his heart out for his father and prepares to battle Hemu, and on the other side Udai SIngh and Ravatji discuss the chnaging political scenario.

Update Credit to: amimus

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