Maharana Pratap 26th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 26th November 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 26th November 2013 Written Update

SV says that until thr is lyf inside a rajput, he’s not defeated, behram attack him, he was abt to kill him n at the same moment a man with mask arrives n attack behram, he fell down n take pratap with himself, he removes the mask n he was acharya raghvendra. Other side, behram scolds surtan for not helping him, surtan’s eyes fell on pratap’s locket, he says that may be SV elloped from here but he left sumthing which belong to him n which proves that SV is pratap in front of udai.

Scene changed, JB was scared that if udai ask her abt pratap, she prays to god to save her from this, so before he came she pretend to be sleeping, udai saw her, he was surprised but then move towards her with luv in his eyes.

Other side, raghvendra gave pratap sum medi, which cure him fast, pratap ask him that he was in kashi then how cum he came to knw of him being in danger, he says that when he came to knw of sakhaveer, he guessed it that it was pratap only, n he was sure that he might do any foolishness. Pratap says that behram not nly insulted his father but also his motherland by hoisting mughal flag in rajputana, if taking revenge is foolishness,than yes he’s foolish.

Raghevendra says that his revenge is not but his bad planning is the foolishness, he think behram to be weak but his physical strength is much more than him, he can defeat whole army alone with his physical strength, pratap agrees to it.

Raghvendra says that he’ll train him with that, as a last part of his teaching, pratap is overwhelmed, he ask when to start, raghvendra ask to wait for right time but now he has to return to palace or udai will go angry as he has doubt that surtan might cum thr.

Scene changed, bhatyani was angry with JB & US’ closeness n thinking sum trick, at the same tym, surtan arives at mewar n ask to call udai, DB noticed him n ask to find out the reason n also abt pratap, she gets to knw that surtan got prove against pratap being sakhaveer, she orders to take him inside, other side, pratap arives n while tying the horse in stabble he got hurt in hand, n also gets to knw that surtan is here.

Scene changed, udai saw jaiwanta’s feet n remembers her injury n try to put haldi, as he moves his hand, jaiwanta wakes up n stop him as he can’t touch it, udai says that means she was acting, its bcoz she was angry with him, bcoz he hvnt spend sum quality tym with her, jaiwanta says that its not true, udai says if it so than he want to cum close to her n ask to allow her, they were getting closer n at the same time bhatyani knocks the door, udai gets angry. He opens the door n ask her that y havnt she wait till morning, bhatyani told him abt surtan n his blame, udai leaves, bhatyani taunt jaiwanta to pray to god.

In court, surtan put allegation on pratap n says that he has not came here for just timepass, he has prof against pratap. He shows the locket n gave it to udai n says that its an exclusive locket which only mewar’s royal family can wear n he got it from sakhaveer n it proves that SV is pratap, all were shocked, pratap was hearing it from behind the pillar.

Precap: Udai takes pledge to arrest sakhaveer.

Update Credit to: Amor

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