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Mamrak ji hugs US. Uma Devi is stunned. Mamrak ji folds his hands in front of US. You are so above us please don’t fold your hands in front of us. We don’t have anything worthwhile to give to you. It is Ajabde’s good luck that she is getting a husband like Ram ji and a family like yours. destiny too wants good for everyone. Hansa Bai gives their confirmation for the alliance. Both the friends hug happily while Uma Devi and DB are worried. Hansa Bai dismisses all the daasi’s and servants.

Ajabde is sure now Pratap would be thinking that they will get married. He doesn’t find anything wrong with it. Just then a daasi comes to tell them the good news that their engagement has been fixed. They are surprised. Pratap goes to join everyone else while Ajabde leaves for her room.

Uma Devi is upset with DB for cheating her. I cannot understand what should I be sad over, Toranmal’s running away or my sister joining my opponents? DB cannot go against Rana ji publically. He had anyways kept me aloof for a year. I don’t want to stand against him or Mewar in any way. I have to be very careful with my plans. I don’t want to lose my everything for uniting Mewar and Marwar. Uma Devi remarks that she should not have seen such big dreams then (Phool-Pratap’s marriage and ultimately DB’s son will rule Mewar). All my dreams are broken because of you now. DB has another plan up her sleeves.

Saubhagyawati is happy for Ajabde. The whole Bijolia is celebrating outside. Why did you come inside? Aren’t you happy? Ajabde is happy. I have never been happier before. This is the best news. Yet she is worried for her best friend. Uma Devi ji told me that Phool is still dreaming of marrying Pratap. If its true then? I am writing her a letter as I want to know if she is ok with me marrying Pratap. I will marry him but only if Phool gives her consent. If she still wants to marry him then I wont agree for this alliance. Saubhagyawati is taken aback. Ajabde realises that her brother is missing. She sends Saubhagyawati to check outside while she searches for him in and around her room.

DB says she knows Pratap well. I am his Choti Ma after all. If he decides upon something then he will do it anyhow. We only have one way – Ajabde. If we somehow make her say no to the alliance then this wedding wont happen. Plus I have written a letter to Maldev ji. I have told him to come to Bijolia with Phool. In the letter she writes in a way that the entire blame comes on US. Maldev ji is angry with Rana US. Uma Devi is happy now and hugs her sister. They both know that the letter will have a desired effect on Maldev ji who just then announces the same. Phool is confused. He tells her that she is coming along with him. He is not disclosing anything else to her.

Hansa Bai gives sweets to everyone. Pratap joins them. He acts all innocent that he does not know anything. Mamrak ji and US tease him about it. JB finally tells him about his engagement with Ajabde. He takes blessings from everyone. DB and Uma Devi come there. DB understands that Pratap has got the good news. She declines to wish him as Ajabde is not around. Have you asked her if she wants this wedding to happen or not? Hansa Bai says yes on her daughter’s behalf. I know that she was ready since the beginning. Pratap agrees with his choti ma. We should ask Ajabde once just for a formality sake. Mamrak ji assures US that it will just be a formality. US agrees to go ahead. Send some daasi to bring Ajabde. DB and Uma Devi go to bring Ajabde. JB is not happy with it but US tells her to let it be.

Saubhagyawati couldn’t find Balwant anywhere. Ajabde tells her to inform her mother about the same while she decides to go check on the other side of the palace. Saubhagyawati leaves. Ajabde hears some noise and finally finds her brother behind the bed playing. She picks him up and puts him on the bed. He is holding Phool’s letter. Just when she starts reading it, Uma Devi and DB come there.

DB says Ajabde might be in thoughts now as to whether she should accept this alliance or not. Uma Devi notices Marwar’s symbol on the letter that she is holding. Ajabde tells her that it was sent by Phool. Uma Devi shows an inclination to read the letter. She is shocked to read the letter. Even DB reads it. Ajabde notices that both the Rani’s look shocked / pale after reading the letter. She wants to read it too but DB doesn’t let her. she lies to Ajabde about what’s written in the letter. Whole Chittor is talking about your alliance with Pratap. We had prayed that Phool gets the strength to accept it but after reading this letter I have realised that our prayers have not been answered. Phool has not been able to forget Pratap. She has written that she is giving you Pratap as her amanat. She has shown an inkling to marry Pratap. I am feeling very bad for Phool. Uma Devi acts along. We all know Phool very well. She wont accept this relation ever. DB does not want to talk all this in front of Ajabde. We will take care of Phool. We should let Ajabde seek blessings from everyone right now. DB puts the letter in a big vase so that no one is able to find it. All three of them head for the main hall.

Hansa Bai wants to make clothes for Pratap. JB offers to do the same for Ajabde. She joins them just then. Hansa Bai and JB ask Ajabde about her choice of clothes, colours and ornaments. She shows her disagreement for this alliance which is a shocker for everyone present there. Hansa Bai tells her to apologize to Rana ji’s family. she tries to make her understand but all in vain. Mamraj ji too tries to explain it to her, also apologizing for his previous treatment with her, but she stays put. JB tells her to listen to her heart. Hansa Bai gets upset. She orders her daughter to marry Pratap. Ajabde threatens to kill herself if they all will continue to force her like this. It doesn’t go well with Pratap. Quiet! No one will say anything to her now. There is a limit to everything. No one has to bend down to make her agree for anything. He goes to Ajabde and folds his hands in front of her. we asked for your consent but you said no. things end here. Who will force you and why? You will kill yourself? I myself will not marry you! Uma Devi smiles. Pratap walks away upset.

Jalal’s mother prays for Bairam Khan’s safety. Mahamanga suggests her to be quiet in this matter. Jalal will do the right thing. let it happen. Jalal’s mother disagrees with her. Bairam Khan has been his right hand. Jalal owes so much to him. how can I neglect it? Akbar comes to his darbar. He asks for an explanation from Bairam Khan, calling him a traitor. Bairam Khan repeats that he did it all for him and Mughal state. Akbar reminds him that he isn’t a kid who needs to be protected by him. Don’t cover your mistake. I can reduce your punishment if you tell me who all was with you in this. Was someone from our side with you as well? Mahamanga is worried. Bairam Khan knows it too well that he had told Mahamanga and Jalal’s mother. Mahamanga speaks in between. She tells Jalal that it is disturbing her and his mother’s mental peace. Please give a verdict soon and relieve us of this discomfort. Jalal appreciates that she is also not in any mood to be liberal with Bairam Khan. Mahamanga agrees with him. he has hurt you more than Pratap over the years. Akbar asks Bairam Khan if he wants to say something in his defence. Bairam Khan requests him to be careful of some people around him as they keep changing their colours like a chameleon. Rukaiyya Bi observes everything intently. Akbar reminds him that he is still thinking him to be from the Mughals side as he is giving such a suggestion. Akbar gives death sentence to Bairam Khan. It will happen tomorrow morning. Jalal’s mother and Rukaiyya Bi are shocked while Mahamanga is relieved. Bairam Khan accepts his fate sadly.

US has thought of something. He goes out and stops JB when she offers to come along.

Pratap is getting his stuff packed by servants. Get my horse ready. Chakrapani tells him to know the reason behind Ajabde saying no. Pratap gets angry and tells his friend to stop. I have no interest in knowing why she said no. I can imagine that it will be something big but now its enough. I don’t want to know anything anymore. Chakrapani tries to say something but Pratap warns him not to utter a single word in Ajabde’s behalf or he too will stay here in Bijolia for life.

US has come to talk to Ajabde. You can try as much as you want to but I know that you like Pratap. Why did you say no this wedding? I want to know the reason. Ajabde cannot say it so US reminds her who he is. Ajabde recalls Phool telling her that she likes Pratap; Phool blaming her for taking Pratap from her; DB and Uma Devi telling her about what’s written in the letter. She takes Phool’s name finally. She really loves him and vice versa. Plus Marwar and Mewar’s relation can be very fruitful for Rajputana. I will continue to respect Pratap but I cannot marry him. I request you to let me do something for Chittor and our land. US says what if I tell you that we don’t need your sacrifice then. She is still not ready to accept it. US remarks that today his realisation has strengthened that she is the best choice for Pratap. I am feeling angrier today. I am feeling all the more insulted today because of it. ajabde is worried as he goes out from there.

US tells everyone that they are leaving for Chittor right away. Uma Devi and DB get happy. All his Rani’s follow him inside while Mamrak ji and Hansa Bai are worried.

Precap: A soldier informs Mamrak ji and US about Maldev and Phool’s arrival. Mamrak ji welcomes Maldev ji while US and he exchange a stare. Phool slaps Ajabde. You have no right to be happy over all these dreams of yours. I wont let you stay happy. I will destroy them all.

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