Maharana Pratap 26th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 26th August 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 26th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with ranaji telling guruji that unless he will get fine, rajvedji will stay with him in the gurukul to make him fine and help him recover from his injuries. Then ranaji tells shakti singh and pratap to go with guruji to the gurukul and drop him. Then when shakti and pratap are going with guruji on the horse, shamskhan hiding behind a bush sees them and is in anger, he then puts aside a bush to see clerly. But pratap and ranaji hear the sound of the bush and they see there. Then shamskhan hides down, ranaji tells pratap to not get scared as he is totally secured and he tells pratap to go to the palace. Then ranaji tells chundavat that Ibrahim khan has be killed but the person who has sent him is still alive and he is powerful. Then chundavat tells rana that they will turn their mewad into a more strong fort and they will increase the security so much that the person who wants to kill pratap will be easily found. Back at the palace, shakti singh tells his mother about the fight, he tells her that he and guruji ran so fast towards pratap to save him and he also tells that pratap fought with all his might and then guruji killed Ibrahim khan with an arrow. Rani sacchabai hears this and says that pratap this time was again saved. Then when ranaji and pratap are entering, rani dheerbai acts and says to jaivantabai that why did she send pratap to gurukul after knowing that his life was in danger? Then ranaji hears this and blames jaivanta for this. Then she asks for forgiveness from ranaji. Then dheerbai tells ranaji that pratap would have got hurt so he should not be sent to gurukul. Then she tells rana that even if anything happens then even shakti can be made the next king. Then sacchabai supports to this. Ranaji gets angry at sacchabai and he shouts her and tells her not to interfere in political matters and then dheerbai gives a reason about pratap’s safety and then she saved from the scolds of ranaji. Then shakti and sacchabai go from there.

Back there shamskhan goes to a cave . He enters it and sees all the sick and dead people there who are not given any attention by the king and are his enemies who have come there to change their faces. Then he says to himself that he also wants the same and wants the same to happen with him. Back at the gurukul ranaji tells guruji that he is worried for prataps safety and so he wants him to come to the palace to teach pratap. Guruji says no as he says that pratap is equal to him as other students and he does not want to do injustice to others. Then he says that pratap should be sent to gurukul because he will learn how to become a powerful yodha as he has already shown his talents and his veerta. Then at the palace rana tells dheerbai that he has tried a lot to convince guruji but he said that pratap should come to the gurukul and learn. Then dheerbai argues for a lot of time on this but rana talls her that pratap will be sent to gurukul. Back there, shamskhan is changing the whole structure of his body. He takes all the ways of changing his body and face. The person there first puts a red hot iron rod on his hand .

Then at the gurukul acharya is teaching everyone about sword fighting. Everyone start turn wise. Everyone is told to put a black cloth on the eyes. Shakti singh comes , he performs very good and he is praised by acharya. Then pratap is called. Guru tells him that he has already been taught that so it will be made more tough for him. Then all students surround him and then pratap fights. All students fight with him. Pratap then is hit by everyone and he falls down. He gets up again and then chakrapani Is told to shout. He shouts. Then pratap is distracted and thinks and asks whether chakrapani got hurt. Then guruji fightswith pratap. He then hits him and pratap falls down. As he gets up, he is again hit and then pratap says that he is defeated. Then guruji tells him that they should not see at friends while war and he teaches him about that.Guruji also tells him that his ears should always be at the person hitting him. Back there, shamskhan puts his whole face in red hot coal and shouts . He tries this method too to change his face.

Precap: Dheerbai’s stomach is paining as she is pregnant. While doing sword fighting, pratap hears the sound of his little brother who is in dheerbai’s stomach. He tells it too acharya. There shamskhan has changed his entire face and it will opened and shown.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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