Maharana Pratap 25th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 25th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

VB paces in the room worriedly. JB comes there and VB shares her feelings with her. You can plan whatever you want to about me and Rana ji but I am not even able to look him in the eye. How will I spend the whole night with him then? Let it be the way it is going. JB assures her that she will handle Rana ji. You should just think about the night. It is your night and I have arranged all this for you only. She leaves from there. VB is all shy. She touches the floor in a way to seek her jija’s blessings. She feels really blessed to have her by her side. You are doing so much to get me my rights.

Pratap paces in his room angrily. Chakrapani comes there and praises his new sword and shield. Pratap aims it at him only. This much rudeness, ungraciousness with me? Choti Ma asked her to go check the room, rest and she actually left! Am I nothing to her? I am her friend first, right? Poor Chakrapani is anyways scared. He fumbles that it was in the past. Now you are her husband. Pratap cannot understand the logic. Can I not show her something on my will? She wasn’t like this before. She used to treat me with utmost importance earlier. Was she this tired that she went to rest? She dint climb any mountain to reach here. Chakrapani gives his example. Saubhayawati wont let you meet Ajabde now. I know my wife. Pratap wants him to do something for him. I want to meet Ajabde and tell her that I will be the same Pratap after wedding also. Arrange it soon. I will have to explain her nicely. Chakrapni agrees but requests him to remove the sword from around his neck. Pratap withdraws it and Chakrapani runs away asap.

Ajabde looks at her new room. She loves the decor and can feel Rani Ma’s love for her. she has taken care of all the small things. Saubhagyawati talks about karmas. You have been so good so you will be rewarded equally. They hear a voice (signal) and wonder about it. saubhagyawati tries to dismiss it but Ajabde understands that Chakrapani is trying to signal Saubhagyawati. You are really lucky to have a husband like him and not like Pratap. Pratap was told to go to his room on Choti Ma’s order. Ajabde reminds her what Rani Ma had said about him. no one can control him. plus when it comes to meeting me, he becomes all disciplined. No problem, you go and meet your husband. Saubhagyawati leaves. Just then Pratap comes inside her room from the window.

Saubhagyawati asks Chakrapani to speak fast but he has nothing to say to her. she turns to go but then agrees to stay back with him for a while.

Ajabde tells Pratap against coming in her room like this. He reminds her that he is Pratap. It is my palace. No one can stop me from going anywhere in here. Plus you are my friend. She corrects him that she is his wife. He nods, that only. She points out that so many people have done so much to unite us and you are still calling me your friend. They fight cutely over how they used to be earlier. Ajabde is simply following Choti Ma’s order. I couldn’t say no to her. She repeats the same what she had earlier told Saubhagyawati. She is really angry with him. He asks her the same question. You were acting all good yet I have come here to meet you. Tell me why I came here? I know you have no answer. You want me to meet you by disobeying what I have been told to do, right? Ajabde gets thinking but denies. he tells her that she cannot lie. Give up. She agrees but he requests her to say it with a smile. She obliges. He wants to show her his new sword and shield. He yet again calls her his best friend but she corrects him again. we will have to go from this window only.

JB is looking for some bangle. I want to make VB wear it before sending her to Rana ji’s room. She tells her daasi’s to look for it. she finally finds it. It is a very lucky bangle. It will be good to send VB to Rana ji after making her wear this bangle. US comes there just then. The daasi’s leave taking their cue. JB is surprised to see him there, without any announcement. He did it intentionally as she might have made up an excuse and left from here. I want to know what’s going on in the palace. She finally tells him everything. She wants him to give VB her right. On the other hand, VB is looking for JB. US acts all romantic with her while she is all withdrawn and shy.

DB comes to VB. Were you waiting for someone? VB is all shy. I was waiting for jija. DB knows that she is actually waiting for Rana ji. I can understand it. It is your personal matter. Jija is in her room actually. VB thanks her for the info and heads for JB’s room. DB picks up some flower petals and looks at them.

US tries to get closer to JB. Do you think I am emotionless that you can decide anything for my nights? She keeps on stepping back but they reach the edge of the couch. She is all speechless. He agrees that he got married many times owing to the situations but have you ever tried to know what I want? You are very much worried about others’ wifely rights but what about you? It hints that you should make me happy. JB pretends to not understand anything. He understands that she wants to hear it from him. I have married many times but you still rule my heart. God has made us for each other then why do you want to run away from this truth thinking about your duties? She tries to say something but he puts a finger on her lips. It is a very big day of our life today. I cannot imagine anyone else with me, only you and me. don’t force me as I know that you want this as well. Please forget your dharmas for a while. She hugs him tight. Your every word is true but as Mewar’s Maharani, I cannot do injustice with the CHoti Rani of Mewar. Saying so, she walks out of the room. US looks really angry. Right then VB comes there and is surprised to see him there. She apologizes for coming in like this. She asks him about jija. He angrily replies that either daasi’s or God knows the answers here in this palace. Ask either of them. he storms out angrily. VB looks on sadly.

Pratap suggests Ajabde to hold his sword and shield. She tries to deny, scared of the consequences in case Rana ji sees her like that. If I will do something wrong then I will surely be punished. He keeps his things aside and takes her hands in his. Many people have said a lot to you about your family background because of which you might have got some doubts as well. I want to take them out as they are making you feel lowest here. My family has always treated you as equal, not just now but before wedding also. You have proved yourself to be so intelligent at times. Even Rani Ma and dad say the same thing. you don’t have to be worried about anything especially any punishments, etc. I humbly request you to feel free here. You will get the same amount of love here that you used to get in Bijolia. If you still hold doubts in your head then I will feel really bad.

She goes and picks up his sword and shield. Do you trust me now? I had understood what you wanted me to do. Do I have to do anything else to prove it? He shakes his head happily. she finds the weight too heavy for her and her hands start to shiver. She is about to drop them when Pratap kneels down to hold it. she panics and calls him by his first name only. He looks at her in amazement. What did you say? She fumbles scared and holds her hears. I said it by mistake.

Mamrak ji is happy that the wedding completed nicely. Now we have to distribute money amongst the needy of our state. Mamrak ji gets to know about how Mehmood Shah’s army has surrounded them completely. He goes out in the balcony to check and finds a big army approaching their border.

Precap: DB instigates VB against JB. She has misused your trust and has backstabbed you. Rana ji wont come to you as he is with jija right now. She had set everything for you with all her love but it is she who is in there with Rana ji. See for yourself. VB turns to look inside and finds US and JB really close with each other.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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