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Pratap is surprised to see Ajabe. He hugs her. why dint you go? she couldn’t go leaving him. I have already made a mistake of not supporting you. I had almost risked Rana ji;s life. A wife’s life is joined with her husband’s. We will die and live together. he is very happy to have her here with him. He looks around for Amar Singh. She says I have left him with Rani Ma.

Flashback shows Ajabde requesting DB to take care of Amar Singh. I want to be with Pratap. Amar will still be alive if anything goes wrong with us. DB asks her if she is still ready to leave Amar with her even after what all she has done with Pratap and Ajabde. Ajabde says if we will think negative then only negative things will happen. We must think positive to get positive results. She also gives credit to DB. Amar is alive because of you. You even went against your own son to support Pratap. You have looked after Amar more than me. I cannot mistrust you. I know he will be happy with you even if something happens to me. DB sadly allows her to go. They both promise each other that they will take care of each other’s sons. DB makes hands over the keys of the palace, treasury, and her room to Ajabde. Ajabde asks for the key of Jauhar’s room. DB is sure that she wont need this. Ajabde insists. There are only two possibilities of this war – victory or defeat! Bless me that such a need never arises and in case it comes, I stay strong. DB hands the key of that room to Ajabde tearfully. They share an emotional hug. Jagmal interrupts them. We will get late if we don’t hurry up now. DB tells Rana ji about Ajabde’s wish. Amar too wants to come with his mother but she reminds him of his father’s wish. She leaves Amar with DB. He is yours now! Ajabde leaves in her palanquin. Ajabde hopes to meet her son once again. Flashback ends.

Pratap promises Ajabde that they both will meet their son very soon. You wont need the key of this Jauhar room now. That Mughal will have to leave Chittor. They hug.

Both Akbar and Pratap look at each other’s fort / tent with their binoculars. The same continues for days. The Mughal army is growing day by day. Akbar’s army has reached the mark of 32k soldiers. Their army is very close to the fourth door of Chittor’s fort. Rajputs will be forced to close their fourth door too. Akbar smirks.

Dodhiya ji says it’s been 14 days since Rana ji has left. They were at Som River when we received their last message. We should close the last door now. Pratap wants to wait a little more.

Another troop joins Akbar’s army. They are now 40k. Akbar is only looking forward to closing the fourth door of the fort asap. He wonders what pratap is thinking right now. They very well know about the situation yet they are all quiet. As far as I know them, they wont sit quietly. I want to know what’s going on inside.

Rawat ji too suggests closing the fourth door of their fort now. Akbar’s army has almost surrounded our fort. It’s been almost 20 days now that Rana ji has left. Pratap thinks. Akbar wont be able to reach them in case Akbar tries to catch hold of them. This way father is 20 days ahead than Akbar. Rawat ji agrees. Pratap tells Rawat ji to close the fourth door of their fort finally. The soldiers oblige.

Akbar gets to know about the fourth door too. another commander tells him about US’s departure. Akbar laughs.

Meanwhile, Amar Singh continues practising sword fighting with the soldier. The soldier tells him to be a little careful. You might get hurt as you are a kid. Amar denies. I am not a kid! He points the sword very close to the soldier’s neck. DB interrupts him. He walks to a corner. Why are you so upset / angry? Amar cries. Everyone thinks of me as a kid so father and mother kept me away from them. Even grandfather thinks the same way. I am not a kid. I can fight with that Akbar. I can stand with my father. I am missing my parents. I want to be with them. DB hugs him. Amar is upset that he had to leave his house because of that Mughal. I had to be away from my parents. DB nods. How can Ekling ji not listen to you? He cannot keep you away from your parents. We will go back real soon.

Akbar says this was what I had thought about. I wanted the royal family to leave the fort because of me. This is what happened. His commanders understand that he is thinking of attacking on Chittor now. One of the commanders feels that Pratap too would have left with his family. Akbar thinks otherwise. Pratap is still inside the fort. He never backs away from a fight. The commanders want to be extra careful if it is true. Everyone thinks highly of him. it can be dangerous for us to attack the fort. Akbar only wanted the royal family to leave the palace. I never wanted to attack it. who can think of attacking the fort which is around 300 feet above the ground. Thousands of soldiers will die if we even think of mounting the fort? We will send one of our troops after the royal family. Pratap will come out of the fort as soon as he will hear about that. He will lose that ways!

Precap: Akbar sends his army to follow US. Arrest him and bring him here. Pratap realises that Akbar knows about US’s departure. Mughal soldiers notice Amar Singh. DB panics. She tells US that Amar Singh is not in his tent.

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