Maharana Pratap 25th June 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 25th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vajra Singh takes a promise from Pratap before dying that they will reach the fort safely asap. Akbar makes all his commanders / soldiers shoot nonstop. Vajra Singh thanks Pratap for letting him fight with the Mughals. I am dying for my motherland. I am glad that I am going to meet my son Rann Singh like a brave warrior. He breathes his last. Pratap closes his eyes sadly. Jaimal ji says I wont let Vajra Singh’s sacrifice go in vain. Pratap says Chittor will always remember you and your family for your contribution.

US tells Acharya that they should make all the preps. HK is coming here. He tells Jaimal to hide with the family. Acharya reasons that they have fewer soldiers in comparison to HK’s troops. Plus I can’t let anything happen to you. You are Mewar’s King. US tells him that he had burnt dhatura’s so lot many of HK’s soldiers are unconscious. We can face them now. Jagmal yet again talks like a coward but US is in no mood to sit back and watch HK attacking them. I will show those Mughals what we Rajputs can do. They hear some sound and get alert. Jagmal panics. US has a plan.

Pratap looks at Akbar and his commanders. He aims a spear at them. Everyone takes a step back. A soldier is about to shoot but Akbar pulls him before him. The soldier dies.

Amar vows not to leave those Mughals in case they step inside. HK notices Acharya, Chakrapani and a few soldiers. He moves forward confidently. They are pretty few. Acharya steps back. Chakrapani tells all the soldiers to go in separate direction. They stop at a point. HK has been following them. US steps forward. He and his troops are surrounded now.

Raja Jaimal suggests Pratap to reach a safe place first. Patta too says the same. I know what you are feeling but you will have to think with your mind. We have to go back. Pratap says Vajra Singh will go with us.

HK tells US that he will kill his family before his eyes. I wont let you die so easily. US gives him a chance to run to save his life in case he wants to. Be a man and face us. I made a mistake by leaving you alive that day. I should have cut your hand instead. The fight begins. A few soldiers notice Amar and the rest of the royal family. Mewar soldiers step forward and fight with them.

Akbar sends his soldiers after Pratap. Rawat ji notices them. Ishar Das ji tells his soldiers to be ready. Shoot when I tell you to!

US, Chakrapani and Acharya fight bravely. Amar assures everyone that he wont let anyone attack them till he is here. He kills a lot many soldiers. One soldier is standing behind Amar. DB wishes that Jagmal picks his sword.

Rawat ji is finally able to see Pratap. Everyone thanks Ekling ji as Pratap is safe.

Jagmal looks on from a distance as Amar kills all the soldiers who step forward to hurt his family. He fights very bravely with the rest of the soldiers. DB is tensed. Jagmal finally picks his sword and steps in between. DB has tears in her eyes.

Pratap and his men cross that particular tree. Akbar watches the same from his binoculars. Rawat ji and Ishar Das ji make the soldiers shoot arrows as the Mughal soldiers too had been following Pratap. Akbar is angry to see all his soldiers dead. Pratap got away alive!

Jagmal warns the soldier that no one can touch the kids and women from his family till he is alive. He kills that soldier. Amar hugs him. DB looks on proudly. US makes HK drop his sword in the fight. He is about to attack when HK begs him for his life. US says I don’t attack on people when they are without any weapon. Tell Akbar not to attack the women and kids of our Chittor. HK vows to never return and runs out.

Everyone is happy at the fort as Pratap and all his team is safe. Pratap and his team is welcomed amidst cheers at the palace. Ajabde is ready before them with a puja thaal. Patta seeks his mother’s blessings. His wife is very happy to see him all perfect. Ajabde does Pratap’s aarti. I knew you will come.

Next morning, Akbar looks at the state of his soldiers. I never had to bear this much loss. The commanders stand quietly. Isa Kaka says this time the Mewarians were cunning. Give us a chance. Akbar regrets their presence. Why dint you die in this fire? A wounded soldier holds him. Akbar steps back. The soldier says I have seen him (Pratap). He has an aura around him. he alone is enough for us. You must go back. Abar shouts at him to be quiet.

Pratap and all the men do the last rites of Vajra Singh. He thinks of what all sacrifices the soldiers have made till now. Hope this ends soon.

Akbar has his hopes pined on HK. If he returns with US then Pratap will surely come begging to me for his father’s life. Just then, HK holds his feet. Please forgive me. Everyone is taken aback. HK says these Rajputs are true patriots. Even the little kid (Amar) killed our soldiers. We tried a lot but! Akbar doesn’t want to hear it. we couldn’t do anything since the last 3 months that we are here. He thinks of what all they have been through. One thing is for sure, our soldiers are not so sure of living. US should have killed your hand. I have decided to put an end this.

Precap: 20k soldiers join Akbar. Akbar announces a war. It will go on till we win Chittor. This time the cannon ball falls right outside the main gates of the fort. Pratap is not happy.

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