Maharana Pratap 25th August 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 25th August 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ajabdeh opens the door and finds Pratap standing right outside the door. so, are you ready for your kidnap? She knows he wont kidnap her right now. He reminds her that almost everywhere is here is at my side so neither of them would stop me. She trusts her God. I know you won’t create any hindrance in my aradhya’s puja. He smiles. Have you realised how much you know / understand me? She tells him to be quiet (feeling a little shy). She leaves for the puja while he looks at her with love.

Ajabdeh is lost in thoughts as she makes garland for puja. She recalls Pratap’s confession / proposal, their meetings and Saubhagyawati’s words. She is irked that it is almost puja time and she is unable to make a garland. Help me Lord. Just then Pratap gets a garland for her. seems like God has heard your prayers. He gives it to her only when she appreciates it. she readies her puja thaal and starts the puja while he too stands there and prays along with her. she wishes that Pratap becomes strong / mindful enough to stay from her. He too wishes it for her so that she is able to understand what’s in her heart. He teasingly says what, will she never listen to her heart? She gets confused. He tells her that her plea has been rejected. If you don’t believe me then see the magic tonight. She leaves from there.

Pratap has followed Ajabdeh to her room and continues to walk after her in her room. They have walked seven steps together. You must have been to many weddings so you know its meaning right? She only knows that she will be engaged to someone else tomorrow. now you can go. I will see how you make me come out of my room before that. He asks her if she thinks this door or windows or anything can stop him. When I had to conquer Alwar again then I had broken the main gate of the palace. What’s this ordinary door in front of me then? I am going out as you have said so. She closes the door after him. I know you won’t be able to do anything. He challenges her to ask his enemies. You will get your answer. She is in a panic mode though.

Akbar doesn’t want women to interfere in political matters (hinting at Mahamanga, his mother). They cannot understand why he is doing this to the person who has so much for him since the beginning. Akbar doesn’t let Bairam Khan speak and calls him a traitor. He has hidden Pratap’s ploys and wins from me. Pratap has conquered Alwar and Ajmer again. This traitor hid this from me. I have been insulted in the whole Rajputana. I feel like strangling him here only. Mahamanga tells him to calm down but he is in no mood to listen. Did you know what he was doing? Both the women recall knowing it. akbar repeats his question at his mother. Both the women are in a dilemma. Bairam Khan calls them innocent. Nobody knows anything. I did what my heart told me to, I did it for the Mughal State only. Akbar isn’t ready to listen to him. If you say another word then I will kill you right at this moment only. The decision will be made in the court. Both the ladies are really worried while Bairam Khan eyes his handcuffs tearfully / helplessly.

Ajabdeh is pacing in her room. She recalls Pratap’s challenging words and is worried. I should go from here quietly. When I won’t be here then who will he kidnap? She covers herself with a blanket and climbs out of the window. She hides as she notices Pratap in the corridor. She goes out from there carefully. She wants to go far from the palace so that Pratap is unable to find her.

A few people discuss about Ajabdeh’s engagement and the gold ornaments that have come for the same. They all hide as they hear some noise. They notice Ajabdeh going somewhere all by herself and recognize her to be their samant’s daughter Ajabdeh. The leader of the gang starts following her. Ajabdeh feels something and hides but the guy has seen her. He moves his hand to reach out to her but Pratap beats him. He beats the other guys as well who have to come to their leader’s rescue. He turns to Ajabdeh once they all run away. did I scare you so much? Not everything that is said is actually put into practise. I was never going to kidnap you. Can I do it? I cannot marry you against your wish. She is surprised. Lightning strikes. He suggests returning to the palace but she instead tells him to wait. He continues to tease her but she instead tells him to take care of the broken rooftop. He is about to slip but she holds the barrel just in time. He smiles as he looks at her and they share an eye lock.

Next morning, everyone has gathered outside. Mamrak ji cannot find Ajabdeh anywhere. Where would she be? US offers to send his soldiers to look for her. They will find her asap. Chakrapani comes to tell them that even Pratap is not in his room. Mamrak ji thinks that there is nothing to worry now as they both must be together.

Ajabdeh and Pratap have slept there only. They both wake up as they hear some noises. People are actually discussing about the engagement and are excited to go there. Ajabdeh is sure that everyone would be waiting for them at the palace. He gives her grass to cover her face as everyone here knows her. he jokes with her and she smiles. They both walk together with her covering her face with her veil.

Surajmal is upset knowing that Ajabdeh-Pratap might be together. Mamrak ji calls it his insult. You doubt me? Hansa Bai clears that he means that there will be no trouble till Pratap is here. Surajmal calms down. He also apologizes to Mamrak ji. DB and Uma Devi wonder if Pratap has actually kidnapped Ajabdeh. VB tells JB that Pratap stick to his words. Hansa Bai is taken aback to see them back. Everyone looks at them with mixed expressions.

Surajmal wants the engagement preps to start asap. Pratap asks them if they don’t want to know where Ajabdeh spent her whole night. Surajmal dismisses the thought though Toranmal looks doubtful. Mamrak ji tells Ajabdeh to go to her room and rest for a while. She begins to go but turns to Pratap. She is worried about the loss of that cowshed. We should repay its owner. He was expecting this from her and he has already done it. Toranmal observes their expressions / convo but looks really scared when Pratap looks at him.

Hansa Bai, JB are upset that Pratap came back early. he talks about the values which she (JB) has given him. I was anyways not going to kidnap her. you people would have known it already. Both the ladies agree. He wanted to scare Ajabdeh but she is quite strong willed. He goes from there. Hansa Bai turns to Ajabdeh once again. I am telling you for the last time, think one more time. Ajabdeh has decided. DB reminds them that they have to make preps for the engagement.

Hansa Bai is helping Ajabdeh in getting ready. Ajabdeh remembers Pratap’s words last night and how assured her father was when he got to know that she was with Pratap. Hansa Bai asks her if she knows what she is losing. Ajabdeh knows it too well. I am losing the one whom I probably know better than himself. All their past moments flash before her eyes as she walks towards the engagement hall with her mother.

Everyone is waiting for the groom (and his family). Mamrak ji decides to go and check as to why they are late but Surajmal comes to tell them that Toranmal has ran away. Everyone is shocked. Hansa Bai and JB are somewhat happy / relieved. Uma Devi orders Surajmal to find his son anyhow. She scares him using Maldev’s name. Mamrak ji does not want to force someone to marry his daughter. How can I trust the guy now? he can run away after marriage as well. Uma Devi and DB get worried. Surajmal apologizes to Mamrak ji thanking him for understanding his feelings. Nobody here knows what all I had to do to make my son agree for this wedding yet we couldn’t do anything about his fear from Pratap. Everyone is confused. Surajmal explains that his son did not want to make enemies with Pratap by marrying Ajabdeh. He is really scared at the consequences. Uma Devi is sure anyone would run away knowing their opponent is Pratap. He is a soft guy. She is angry at Mamrak ji for not keeping Ajabdeh away from Pratap till her wedding. Mamrak ji tells her not to doubt his intentions. I know my daughter can never back off from her dharma. Ajabdeh feels happy to hear her dad’s words. US too reminds her that he dint let any problem come in the process. You know Pratap can easily defeat any opponent but I dint let him do anything like that yet you are blaming us? Surajmal requests Uma Devi not to continue this relation anymore. Happy-angry reactions from people. He goes from there after apologizing to her. Pratap smiles at Ajabdeh who leaves from there followed by Pratap.

Pratap teases Ajabdeh if she is going to meet Toranmal. You will have to run really fast to find him. She knows that he is happy at the recent happenings. This was your plan, right? He cannot do anything if someone was scared and ran away.

Uma Devi blames Mamrak ji and Hansa Bai for giving too much freedom to their daughter. A good cultured guy like Toranmal ran away as he dint trust your daughter. Mamrak ji tries to say something but she doesn’t let him. she says now the whole Bijolia will know what happened here. I don’t have to explain to you about what a girl feels when her dignity is questioned. US looks at VB. Uma Devi pities them. Who will marry a girl whose would be husband has run away right before the engagement? You trusted these (US’s family) people? Do you think they will make Ajabdeh their DIL? If I was in their place then I wouldn’t do something like this. I know you have rejected their offer already. What option do you have now? I should not say it but now your daughter’s life is ruined. JB tells her to stop. I don’t want to hear another word against Ajabdeh.

Ajabdeh asks Pratap as to why he broke his promise. You spoke with him right? He denies. I had even told Chakrapani to stay away from him. He dint do anything except staring at him for a little longer when they had come back in the morning. You are regretting marrying a guy who is scared of my staring at him only? What kind of a Rajputani are you? She gets thinking. He too will have to think hundred times before marrying her. she is taken aback by his joke which he can clearly see.

JB wants to know why Ajabdeh will be insulted / embarrassed. It is Tornamal who ran away. Every single occupant of Bijolia loves Ajabdeh. Come what may Ajabdeh will never leave her dharma. She will never go past her limits. US tries to stop her but she wants to explain it to Uma Devi and everyone nicely. She asks for Ajabdeh’s hand for Pratap in front of everyone. Uma Devi reminds her that Mamrak ji has already said not Rana ji. Do you not worry about your husband’s insult? US stops her. Mamrak ji is like my brother. There is no question about insult or respect among brothers. It’s all about love and trust. I knew it very well that he was following his Rajput dharma, his vow. He joins JB and folds his hands before Mamrak-Hansa. They are really touched while Uma Devi is shaken to the core. Even VB joins / requests them for the same. DB too has to join them reluctantly as US asks her to. Uma Devi looks at them in shock.

Precap: Hansa Bai and JB ask Ajabdeh about her choice of clothes, colours and ornaments. She shows her disagreement for this alliance. Akbar gives death sentence to Bairam Khan.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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