Maharana Pratap 24th September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 24th September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Phool sadly recalls her past moments with Ajabde and thinks about her friend’s viddayi. Phool’s palki is stopped as the route ahead is very bad. It can be dangerous to travel in the palki. She agrees to walk till they reach a proper path. On one hand, Ajabde is doing her grehpravesh while on the other hand, Phool is walking on muck and water.

Ajabde compliments JB for the decorations. I dint know you had such a great taste in decor too. Pratap agrees that his Rani Ma does have a good taste but I think that this all has been done by Choti Ma. DB nods. She points out to Ajabde about how well Pratap knows his Choti Ma. Pratap guessed it from the choice of colours. They all are of her choice. You dint have to do all this. Rani Ma, why dint you stop her? DB had to do it as she wanted to apologize to Ajabde. Pratap tries to dismiss it but DB stays put. She apologizes on behalf of Uma Devi. I had fallen for her words which is why I felt that Phool is better than you in every sense. I only want you to forget all the past and accept me as your Choti Ma. Pratap whispers to Ajabde to make his Choti Ma feel that she respects and loves her, make her feel that that is all that you feel for her and nothing else. Ajabde hugs DB. Thank you for what all you have done for us but you would have been my Choti ma only if you wouldn’t have done it. DB is happy that she has been forgiven. I knew you will forgive me but I dint expect it so soon. I don’t know if you will be able to understand it but it is very important for me to love Pratap and his wife equally. Pratap tells her not to worry over small things. She dint want Ajabde to be under any misunderstanding or that she should be deprived of my love. JB interrupts her. leave some things for future only. Let her live with you for a few days and understand you. All her misunderstandings will clear with time. Ajabde nods in agreement. DB calls Ajabde her daughter. I will love her so much that she will forget everything of her past. Pratap considers him lucky to have the love of two mothers. JB agrees. US tells everyone to proceed for vinayak puja.

VB arranges the puja thaal. The same priest praises her this time for learning all the rituals so soon. VB and JB smile. DB remarks that VB’s and Rana ji’s vinayak puja is also due. JB looks taken aback and tells them to focus on the newlyweds’ puja first. US wants to know the logic behind this puja. She agrees to tell him in a while. The puja is done. We should take the couple to the ancestral room so that they can get their blessings too. All the family members proceed there and pray. US asks JB about his and VB’s vinayak puja. JB recalls her own words about US-VB’s union night. She tells him to ask DB only but US wants to know it from her only. Pratap asks his Rani Ma to introduce their ancestors to Ajabde but DB offers to do it. DB indirectly taunts Ajabde about her background and then starts the intro but Ajabde already knows everything. In fact Ajabde gives their detailed intro which really touches everyone’s heart except DB. The stories of these braveries are told in Samants’ house too. DB talks about rituals. it is something else to talk about them but something else altogether to respect and carry them forward. Ajabde vows to learn it as she has already joined their family now. JB is sure of it. now you have to handle him (Pratap) too. Pratap stares at his Rani Ma who talks about how fed up she is of his going away on wars and everything. Ajabde assures her that she will handle him in time. Pratap points out that he isn’t some mad horse to be tamed. Ajabde suggests Rani ma to go and rest. I will take care of him. JB is happy to be relieved of her responsibilities. DB suggests Ajabde to take as many responsibilities as she can handle as she has come here just now. Pratap is happy at his Choti Ma’s reply but Ajabde is not affected. Everyone smiles at her bold, carefree replies. JB goes to check Ajabde’s room. Pratap shows their sacred ancestral sword to Ajabde.

Outside, US stops JB. Where are you hurrying up to? She lies about going to check Ajabde’s room. He knows her too well. You must have got it ready by now. You don’t leave anything on the last minute. But I am unable to understand one thing. why do you want me and VB to do vinayak puja, that too individually? She excuses herself without even answering his question. JB gives proper instructions to her daasi’s. US thinks to find out the truth. JB loudly gives more instructions to the daasi’s so that US can hear them too. He stops in his tracks in shock for a minute, unable to understand what JB is up to but then walks off.

Saubhagyawati is walking behind Ajabde and Pratap. He wants to show her his sword that was gifted to her by his dad. She agrees excitedly. They turn to go but VB stops them. she is sure Ajabde must be tired. Let her rest for a while. You too should go and rest. Wont you look at her room that jija has decorated very beautifully? Ajabde nods enthusiastically. Just then a daasi comes to tell VB that JB has called for her. VB recalls what JB has planned for her today. she tells daasi to tell jija that she is taking Ajabde to her room. DB tells her to go. Saubhagyawati can take Ajabde too. Ajabde leaves with Saubhagyawati while VB goes to see JB. Pratap too leaves for his room. DB wants to distance everyone from one another slowly. Everything will change very soon.

Akbar looks at Bijolia’s border from the hilltop. He really likes it and knows that Pratap’s in-laws stay there only. Mehmood Shah is impressed with his research. Akbar is not interested in hearing his praises and tells him thus. Do what I tell you to. One the sun it set, you should make your soldiers stand on the border of Bijolia with a torch in their hand. I too will share some of my soldiers with you. Let Bijolia think that we have attacked Bijolia from all the sides. When they will put their whole force to save themselves then I will attack Chittor’s palace with the rest of my army.

Precap: Mamrak ji gets to know about how Mehmood Shah’s army has surrounded them completely. Akbar is sure Pratap would have left from Chittor by now to save Bijolia. Ajabde tearfully gives Pratap his sword and shield. The sword slips and Pratap kneels down to hold it while Ajabde calls out for him as Pratap.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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