Maharana Pratap 24th June 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 24th June 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with pratap sees guru ji and guru ji says, mughal has broken down our security doors. Jalal’s soldier see pratap and they says, capture pratap then jalal will make us rich. Pratap tries to clean wound of guru ji. Guruji says, everybody has to leave world one day. Pratap says, i am taking oath in front of you. Pratap ask about barood then guru ji point out the place. Pratap says, dont sleep guru ji, i will be back. Pratap traps mughals with barood. Here mughal soldiers search pratap and they see pratap and run towards pratap. Pratap burn the barood and kill mughal soldiers.
Nasir says, now we trapped pratap. Bahram khan says, look jalal, pratap is alone but they are heavy on our soldiers. Pratap says to guruji, i will bring you to nearest safe place then i will attack on these mughal.
One soldier spy on pratap but due to ajab’s necklace he sees that soldier and killed them. pratap says, i will not go anywhere without chakrapani.Guruji says, First of all you saved yourself for our land and this is my order.
Uday singh see peragarh fire and says, i will go and rawal ji, you take care of mewar. Pratap see chakrapani and says, we have to leave this place.
Soldiers again see pratap and again pratap kills some soldier.
Soldier inform to nasir that we have checked all the hut but we couldnt find pratap.
Here pratap reaches to guruji, then guruji ask, how will you fight with these mughals? Pratap says, i will not fight alone. Guruji says, i cannot stand up on my feet. Pratap says, i will make plan for it.
Pratap says, we have to live for our land. guruji says, i am really proud of you pratap. Pratap says, i have to bring back to chakrapani. Mughals capture chakrapani then pratap reaches there with guruji. Pratap and guruji battles with mughals and kills all troop of nasir. Then nasir says, i will fight with pratap.
Nasir fight with pratap and pratap killed them and uday singh ji reaches there.
But unfortunately guruji is dead. Pratap cries. Then uday singh ji says, your guruji is living. uday singh ji ordered for medication. Pratap see the results of war, he sees his friends dead body and cries.
Pratap sees rana kheta ji’s body ad remember his oath. Uday singh ji encourage pratap and says, they sacrifice themself for our land. Pratap says, marwar will pay for it. They have to pay.

Precap:- Jalal sent letter with some dead bodies and pratap says, this war is already begin.

Update Credit to: Tushar

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