Maharana Pratap 23rd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 23rd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ajabde hugs her mom. I was and will always be your daughter. Please don’t say all this. Even Pratap is closed to tears. Phool steps in. Rao ji is waiting for you. Mamrak ji turns his face to hide his pain. Ajabde walks up to him and seeks his blessings. He tells her to go and sit in the palki asap. Everyone is waiting for you in Chittor. Hansa knows that he was thinking of saying so much to Ajabde at the time of her vidaai. He acts all strong and declines that he did not want to say anything to Ajabde. Pratap remarks that they are not in any rush. You can take all the time you want. Ajabde tells them all not to pressurize her daata. He will do what he thinks is right. He recalls all his past hatred. This is what I couldn’t do ever. I continued to fight and blame you for everything. By the time I realised my mistake it was too late. Ajabde puts his shawl on his shoulder. He says I could never tell you how much I love you. I continued making mistakes only. Don’t know if I will ever get a chance to rectify my mistakes. Ajabde doesn’t want him to do anything like that. You have always taken care of me. Love is felt and I always felt your love for me. They share an emotional hug. Everyone is moved to see them thus.

Mamrak ji tells Rana ji that Ajabde is his pride. Today I am giving you my pride, my everything. Ajabde is your daughter from today onwards. US assures him that Ajabde is Mewar’s pride from today. pratap nods in a way to support his dad. Hansa wants to help Ajabde sit in the palki. Ajabde hugs her parents once again. vidaayi sing plays in the background. Phool takes Ajabde to her palki followed with Pratap and everyone else. Mamrak ji wants Hansa to stop Phool. What if she sits in the palki with Ajabde! She should understand that she cannot go with Ajabde any further. Hansa knows that Phool knows it already. She has become very intelligent in the past few days.

Ajabde asks Phool to sit in the palki but she withdraws her hands. Phool remarks that their paths are different now. Ajabde comes out of her palki and hugs Phool. Phool tells Ajabde not to be so upset or Chittor’s people will think that I was just building castles in the air. Pratap adds that they can understand emotions. They are neither too tough nor a fool to think that anyone can find a better friend than you. Phool has lot many complaints with him. I will not be able to tell them all to you even in the whole lifetime. She talks about their first funny, weird meeting and the other followed after that. He wonders if she is upset with him as they met as strangers. She shakes her head. Back then I dint know that this stranger will take my best friend from me. Ajabde continues to look at her without blinking her eyes. Pratap tells Phool that no one is taking her friends from her. we are with you only. Ajabde and Phool share a tearful hug. Phool makes her sit in the palki. Background song plays. Phool runs inside and Ajabde’s parents watch her daughter leave for her home.

Phool comes to the dangal area and recalls how Pratap had tamed the horse and she had enjoyed it. she cries thinking about it. back in the palace, she picks up a papad and imagines Pratap. She gets happy but cries as she realises that it was just her imagination. She breaks out completely but stops herself. My best friend just got married and here I am crying? What if anyone sees me like this? Our friendship will be insulted that ways. She wipes her tears.

Mamrak ji and Hansa are sitting outside the palace. He holds the flower petals in his hands as he recalls how he had always hurt Ajabde with his rude words but she hugged him at the time of her vidaayi. Hansa is still thinking about the wedding. She is worried about Ajabde. Will she be alright if she stays away from us? He makes her aware of the reality. They are surprised to see a palki arrive on the gate. Phool has decided to leave as her mission is complete now. I have to handle all those people who are upset with me in Marwar. Mamrak ji is sure her parents will be equally proud of her, just like they are. She hugs Hansa who is feeling like she is sending away her both daughters.

All three Rani’s are happy to see the baraat reach their door. people are dancing and celebrating. US is all mesmerised by VB’s beauty and continues to stare at her adoringly. JB and DB notice it too. JB tells VB that Rana ji has his eyes set on her only. VB smiles shyly and US’s eye lock breaks.

Ajabde comes out of the palki and stands with Pratap. Rawat ji and bheel’s sardar sing a welcome song for them. The newlyweds walk towards the main gate together. JB does their aarti and welcomes them followed by DB and VB. US continues to steal glances at VB. Pratap and Ajabde seek blessings of their mothers. JB remarks that her dream has finally fulfilled. DB says she has lost but is proud of it. You have all the qualities of becoming the Maharani of Chittor. The rush of people outside is actually proving it. they have also seen their to be Maharani in you.

Akbar is busy sharpening his sword. A messenger tells him about Pratap’s wedding. He is back in Chittor palace now. Akbar wants to leave for Chittor right away. Pratap has gotten married so I should wish him in my own special way.

Precap: Phool’s palki is stopped as the route is very bad. It can be dangerous to travel in the palki. She agrees to walk till they reach a proper path. On one hand, Ajabde is doing her grehpravesh while on the other hand, Phool is walking on muck and water.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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