Maharana Pratap 23rd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 23rd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Patta tells Pratap how along with the bigger (and main) cantonment, the Afghaans have many small such cantonments all spread along their border area. They have deployed the best of horses and soldiers in every single place. Pratap wants to see one small such cantonment closely. Ajabde agrees.

US gives CK a necklace that belongs to his mother. She thanks him happily. he has got something for Jagmal too. I guess it is best suitable for you especially when Pratap isn’t around. Jagmal isn’t happy to see the sand timer as his gift. US gets angry. You must understand the importance of time. Jagmal thinks of himself to be someone who doesn’t follow time but it is opposite in my case. Wait and watch. Time will tell you everything. US calls out for him loudly hearing which Jagmal rubs his ears. Rawat ji comes there wanting to talk to US about something important. US sends his kids out.

DB asks Jagmal about US’s gift. Jagmal calls it useless trash. DB tries to make him understand but in vain. Daaji raj is with Rawat ji right now. It will be better if you handle them now instead of lecturing me. he leaves.

Rawat ji tells US that he is doubtful that some real big problems have popped up in Bijolia. This is why the people have gone against Chittor. The people of Bijolia are equally rebellious right now just the way that messenger Patta had described. The reason behind the upset people of Bijolia can be our negligence. US gets angry on Rawat ji. Everyone is after Bijolia. You are talking about Bijolia as if it is some great enemy of Chittor. Pratap has gone to Bijolia. He will find out if there is actually some problem in Bijolia.

Ajabde, Pratap and Patta are quite near the smallest Afghaan cantonment. They make plans of looting our cattles here only. Pratap notices the fierce Afghaan soldiers. How will the normal people face them! To whom had you sent your messages to (in Chittor)? It cannot be that Rana ji hears about the looming danger on Bijolia’s border and he doesn’t send any help. Patta loses his cool but Ajabde controls him. He doesn’t feel happy to fight with these Afghaans or let them steal our cattles. Pratap says I dint mean that. I am actually full of praises right now as a bunch of ordinary citizens are fighting with those Afghaan soldiers till now. patta doesn’t like being called an ordinary. We don’t need any help from Chittor. Till date we have been fighting with these soldiers alone and will continue to do so. We aren’t cowards or ordinary. Ajabde tries to explain but Patta feels as if he (Pratap) is trying to make us feel low. Pratap is indeed appreciating them but also wants them to understand the gravity of this situation. It isn’t that easy to go there and face them all by yourself. Patta cannot take it any longer. Now I will have to show him that it is very easy for us to fight with those Afghaans. Ajabde and Pratap try to stop him but in vain.

US apologizes to Rawat ji for shouting at him like that. God knows what has happened to me these days. I am not able to control my anger or feelings. I wasn’t like this before. I was angry at Jagmal but I took it out on you. In the background Rawat ji wipes his tears. US is sad to see the difference in JAgmal and Pratap’s personality. rawat ji says it is said that a mother is the biggest teacher of any kid. That is where a kid’s schooling / learning starts from. He gets his values, base for his personality from there only. JB gave it all to Pratap. US smiles proudly. Rawat ji sadly begins to say how Jagmal got it all from (his mother). US thinks about Jagmal’s words. What should we do? Rawat ji suggests him to unite their hidden spies from across their states. We had anyways called back our spies from Bijolia in the past years. US had ordered for it. Rawat ji wants to make use of the info that they can get from uniting all these spies. It can be a big help for Pratap to understand the problem in Bijolia. US is about to reply when DB comes to call him for puja. She doesn’t let Rawat ji speak. US too supports her. we will talk about this later. He leaves with DB. Rawat ji stands there helplessly.

Patta challenges the Afghaan soldiers. Get out of Bijolia of I will kill each one of you. They smile hearing him. the fight begins. Ajabde and Pratap watch it from a distance. Patta fights bravely but gets caught in the end. She tries to go but Pratap holds her hand. These soldiers look much more skilled than the other soldiers. He lets go of her hand after they exchange an eye lock. He thinks that her going there might increase the problem. You are possibly a close supporter of Bai ji Lal. She cannot sit back and watch those soldiers kill her brother. He himself wants to go and fight those soldiers. She wonders if this is because she is a woman and not a brave soldier like him. He nods irritated. Don’t do the same foolishness like your brother. A war is won by staying calm. She asks him if he called her brother fool. He affirms. They begin to bicker sweetly but then he focuses his mind on fighting with the Afghaans. He leaves.

The same old uncle (don’t know his name) tells Hansa that they cannot risk making Bijolia a free state as it will remove their name from Rajputana. We must think of joining hands with Bikaner or Marwar. Balwant is very young to handle all the responsibilities by himself. Balwant agrees with him but Hansa wants to stick to Ajabde’s plan. The uncle has been with them since Mamrak ji’s time. I will only think of your good.

The soldiers catch Patta. Pratap reaches there just then. he claps at them. the soldiers feel that the citizens of Bijolia are out on a road to suicide today. pratap replies that suicide is a sin. I was actually clapping for you. Being a stable keeper I like seeing such brave acts. He wants to touch the arms of the soldiers who allow him to go ahead. Patta wonders what has happened to him. pratap checks the arms of one of the soldiers. He thinks that the whole strength of this soldier is in his arms only. The rest of the body is as good as nothing. He checks the arms of other soldiers too. Ajabde looks on from a distance. Pratap comes face to face with Patta. You thought you will come here, tell them to go and they will really leave? No, we will have to give a strong message to them. one of the soldiers keeps his sword around Pratap’s neck. His expression changes quickly. He beats all the soldiers singlehandedly and without any sword. Ajabde watches him keenly. She recalls the time when Pratap had fought with Akbar in a very similar manner. She is in tears by the time Pratap beats the last soldier. Patta smiles while Ajabde looks at Pratap.

Precap: The same old guy (Parvat Das) says we want an intelligent, experienced and fearless Senapati for our army to lead us. Hansa is sure Ekling will send such a guy their way for sure. He will free Bijolia from this problem. On the other hand, Pratap continues to fight with the Afhgaan soldiers.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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