Maharana Pratap 23rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 23rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tulsidas ji tells Pratap that it is all written on his face. You have to fight for your motherland and it is not at all easy. You will have to face a very big calamity on your path. I can see a very destructive defeat.
All the Rajput women do Jauhar (Jauhar (also spelled jowhar) is the burning to death of the queens and female royals of Rajput kingdoms when facing defeat at the hands of an enemy). P ratap wonders which destruction, which impending disaster and which defeat is he talking about. Tulsidas ji replies that he will understand it when it will happen but for now you have to go to Chittor asap. Your father needs you. You wanted deeksha. This is my deeksha that you return to Chittor asap. Pratap thinks of his family. I understood that a person’s karma is predestined right from the time of their birht. I have understood that it is written in my destiny that I will sacrifice my life for my motherland. I will be always grateful to you for showing me the right path. Tulsidas ji smiles. May Ram ji always bless you. Your motherland is waiting for you, go now. Pratap says Jai Shree Ram as he folds his hands before Tulsidas ji.

Akbar laughs uncontrollably as he is feeling all ticklish as Rukaiyya walks on his back (to ease back pain). They discuss about Peer Baba. She says we will have to walk bare foot till there. All your wishes and desires will come true there. Akbar thinks of Salima.

Bairam Khan is sharpening his sword when Salima comes there. He asks her if Shehanshah is back from Ajmer. She retorts angrily in negative. I have come here to talk to you. He says what you have to do with me now. You have already played with my feelings. She straight away asks him if he will marry her. He is shocked. Marriage? Are you playing games with me again? She denies. It isn’t any game plan but a well thought out decision. But I have a condition before you say yes – you will have to marry me asap.

Pratap notices few Mughal soldiers in Kashi. He finds the soldiers troubling people and ransacking their shops for all the money they can get. Two soldiers discuss about Mehfooz Khan’s closeness with Akbar. Pratap overhears them. He wonders what the Mughals are doing in Kashi!

Akbar and Rukaiyya are on their way to Peer Baba’s place. They both pray at the dargah. Peer Baba comes there.

Pratap comes to meet Guru Raghvendra. He is curious that Mughals have reached Kashi too. Acharya realizes that Pratap has started seeing Mughals. This means you are back on the track of fighting for your motherland. A warrior is back again! Mughal soldiers were here at that time as well when you had come to Kashi but you dint see them then as your aim was to become a sanyasi. You were firm on it. But if you can see Mughal soldiers now then I am relieved to find that this mother has got its brave son back again! Pratap cannot understand how Mughals came here after all. Acharya explains that it hasn’t been long since Mughals have come here. Akbar advanced towards Kashi after gaining victory over other nearby states. Kashi’s king ordered his soldiers to close the main entrance of Kashi so they can keep Akbar out only but Akbar ordered his soldiers to break open the door. They were successful and then killed all the citizens who they could kill. Kashi had never witnessed a massive killing like this every before. Your mother JB was here as well at that time. She too was a witness to it. But she was successful in getting out of here safely. Pratap talks about destructing Mughals completely.

Akbar greets Peer Baba. I am very happy to meet you. Baba smiles. We are nothing. God is everything, everywhere. Everything happens as per his wish / his grace. Akbar recalls Tulsidas ji’s similar words when he was standing in his courtroom. Peer Baba continues, nothing is yours. It is all given to you by Him. Become a little kind and then see how you progress. You will win in every situation. May Allah bless you with victory! Ameen!

Bairam Khan agrees to marry Salima. We will marry tomorrow itself.

Pratap says the beginning of wiping out Mughals will begin from this pious land only. He turns to go when Acharya stops him. Did you forget what Tulsidas ji had told you? He can see the future. He surely saw something that’s why he suggested you to return to Chittor. You should leave right away. If entire Rajputana joins hands together then India will be free of this problem completely. They hear a woman calling for help. Please leave me, I am pregnant. Mughal soldiers enjoy troubling her. They even push her. She picks up a stick, warning them not to step forward or she will hit them. A soldier comes from the front side. He is sitting atop his horse and heading towards the lady with his sword in his hand. Pratap imagines Akbar in his place and gets angry. He successfully saves the woman from that man. He stands in between the soldiers and woman. He then beats the rest of the soldiers badly. Chakrapani looks on from a distance with pride. The soldiers ask Pratap who he is. Pratap replies that he is their destruction.

Precap: Pratap single handedly fights with the Mughal soldiers. They wonder about who he is after all. Chakrapani gives Pratap’s intro to them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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