Maharana Pratap 22nd September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 22nd September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ajabde finds it weird. We have so much to say to each other otherwise but now that everyone has left us alone I cannot understand what to say. We have our whole life in front of us. There is so much to do and think about. He knows from where to start. Shall I? She agrees. He goes and knocks at the window which leaves her confused. Chakrapani opens it and greets Ajabde calling her bhaujai sa (bhabhi). Pratap comes back holding a havan kund in his hand. He lights fire and she is getting confused by every passing second.

Pratap turns to Ajabde. You gave me some promises while wedding. I want you to promise me all that for real keeping it in your mind that I am not just your husband. I have dedicated my entire life to my land, my people and my raj dharma. You should accordingly promise me. she understands his meaning and puts the gathbandhan stole around his neck.

DB keeps her hand over a lamp with Jagmal witnessing it. I too take vows and will put my whole life into it. She swears to make Jagmal Mewar’s king in future. This is the sole mission of my life.

Pratap offers his hand and Ajabde keeps her hand in his. He starts the first phera. Promise me that you will consider our country, our people above everything else and I will not allow any compromises in it.

DB vows to bind Pratap in dharma in duties. I will put him such a situation that he wont be able to do anything.

Second promise, neither you will ever come in between me and my duties, nor will you ever let anyone interfere in that too. She promises to make his duties her dharma. He looks at her proudly.

DB wants to end Pratap’s support. I will make him alone, a stranger. I will make sure it happens.

Final promise, for me, my country is on top with my Rani Ma following it on the second spot. You will take the third place. You will never question my belief in any of it. She promises to respect it forever. They share an eye lock. He remembers his Rani Ma’s words. I have God’s and our ancestor’s blessings with me which is why I got a life partner like you. Ajabde too wants a promise from him. All your decisions (in life) should never be taken on a personal level. You must think about the society on the whole. He smiles. Taking her hand in his, he promises her with all his heart. It will always be based on we the people, for the people motto. They both smile.

DB takes Jagmal as her witness. I will kill Pratap. I will make him lose. He can become the biggest warrior but I know that his life depends on his people, his loved ones. I will snatch everything from him, including his Rani Ma and his Ajabde. I will hurt him badly that he will be forced to leave his dharma. I will make him a joke one day. I only want that if there is some mention of someone after Rana Uday Singh in history then it should be you Kunwar Jagmal.

Pratap knocks on the window again and Chakrapani takes the havan kund from him. he turns and finds Ajabde in tears. He starts laughing hysterically. We have just spent some time after our wedding and you have started crying. What will happen to me if Rani Ma sees you like this? He wipes her tears. Why were you crying? She shares how she was feeling while exchanging promises with him. You are so principled. It is such a big thing for me. He makes her repeat it and she is more than happy to do so. He points out that she is very intelligent. Hey Ekling ji, it is such a big thing for me actually that you actually praised me. but you have made me do so much for it. she starts smiling and he wishes that she always continues to smile like this only.

Phool tells Ajabde to stop smiling right away. it is time for your vidaai. Ajabde gets emotional.

JB remarks that VB is looking really beautiful and she blushes looking at herself in the mirror. A daasi comes to tell them that the wedding is complete. Vidaai preps are going on there at this very moment. JB gets happy and gives her a gold ring as the gift. VB wants to help jija in making preps for the newlyweds welcome. JB nods. They will come for the vinayak puja first. We should go and check the preps.

Ajabde wants to touch Rawat ji’s feet but he tells her not to as a girl never touches her uncle’s feet. She talks about he has given her so much love in such a short span. This is just a way to show my gratitude. Rawat ji gets emotional. He tells Pratap to make his wife understand. I am not used to all these emotional talks or tears. Pratap tells Ajabde to meet her parents. Ajabde looks at Rawat ji with tears and he blesses her through gestures. Hansa gives loads many instructions to Ajabde in haste. Ajabde tells her to stop. The wedding has finally happened. You can relax now. hansa is surely going to miss her. you will become Mewar’s Rani and might come back to live with us for a while but you will be here as Pratap’s amanat. My daughter is get vida today. ajabde hugs her mom.

JB and VB are surprised to see that the preps are on in full swing. DB comes there with a few daasi’s. She instructs them to do some work and answers JB’s query about the preps. DB finds VB overdressed for the occasion. Pratap is bringing his wife and here you are decked up as if you are the new bride here. Can I know the reason behind it? JB answers in reply. VB is equally happy for Pratap’s wedding just like you. She blesses VB against any evil eyes but in her mind she herself is busy curing them and Ajabde.

Precap: Ajabde and Pratap are welcomed in Mewar’s palace.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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