Maharana Pratap 22nd October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 22nd October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ajabde tells him not to joke but Pratap stays put. My name is Pratap. Chakrapani intervenes in the situation. If a normal stable keeper’s name will be Pratap then world will take it as a joke only. Don’t think of it as anything else but destiny’s game. Ajabde turns to look at Patta when Chakrapani whispers in Pratap’s ears. Your habit of saying truth will get us in trouble one day. Ajabde wants to know what they are talking. Chakrapani lies that I was advising him that no one should call him as Pratap or there will be problem but it is nothing like that here. There is no such person here who can go and report to Kunwar Pratap. You can call him Pratap then. Patta nods. AJabde suggests them to leave Bijolia asap. You helped my brother and Bijolia’s messenger so I can control my doubts for a while. But I still cannot understand why you chose to become a traitor to Chittor just to save Bijolia! She tells Patta to show them out respectfully. Patta is in a fix. Ajabde looks at Pratap once again and then leaves from there.

Chakrapani says, this intelligent girl has shown etiquettes and humanity towards us. We should leave from here. Pratap goes after Ajabde. He stops her. its true that I had to bear a lot to come here and had to make a few people angry (Uday Singh) as well regarding my decision. I had to overlook the suggestions of people whom I love and respect a lot but I still think that I took the right decision. I am a patriot whose foremost duty is to safeguard his land and its people. I trusted Bijolia just like I trust my family. I agree they are patriot just like me. if they have decided to go against Chittor then there must be some reason. I have come here to find that particular problem. Ajabde knows her wont be able to understand their real problems till the time he has blind love for his king. Chakrapani dreads Pratap’s reaction. The king was just and duty bound in the past but not anymore. He has become such king who doesn’t have anything to do with the people of his state. Pratap gets angry. Think before you talk about him. patta tries to intervene but Ajabde stops him. she too stares back at Pratap with equal intensity (and anger).

Jagmal is playing with a scorpion. DB wants to call Pratap back from Bijolia asap. If he meets Ajabde then he will get to know that we haven’t sent any help to Bijolia over all these years. Jagmal suggests her to get Pratap killed in Bijolia itself. Put the blame on Ajabde. Both the problems will be solved. I will become Mewar’s Yuvraj while you will become Mewar’s Patrani. God knows why you make simple things complicated. She doesn’t want Pratap to become an immortal by dying. His respect will be doubled in history. You will only live in his shadows. Is that what you want? He wants Chittor’s people to bow to him and be scared of him. she says don’t give me any random ideas then. We don’t have to kill Pratap but his mindset. The love and respect from all the people is what we have to finish. If we achieve this then Pratap will be as good as dead. Jagmal wants to do something to Pratap because of which he will have to stick to his bed.

Ajabde praises Pratap’s patriotism being a normal stable keeper. He talks about how patriotism isn’t concerned with just some rank. A king or a normal person can be equally patriotic. She is thinking about the days when she too was a part of Mewar and an ardent admirer of its king’s actions, just behaviour. I had a lot of respect for him back then. But sadly it is all in the past now. I cannot see any hint of it in the present. She wants him to show the real problem but Patta tells her to let them go back. You anyways don’t trust them. but Bai ji Lal trusts all your decisions. Ajabde agrees that she doesn’t trust them. but I have full faith that he has come here to know the truth which he must. Pratap thanks him. ajabde excuses herself for a while. Pratap cannot help but think about what Ajabde had said.

DB is happy with Jagmal’s idea. The whole blame will come on Ajabde. Dhaman Singh is in the same room. Jagmal orders him to fulfil this task. Dhaman Singh nods. DB tells him to be careful while using the exact soldiers. We need a big army to tackle Pratap. Dhaman Singh agrees to carry out the mission.

Ajabde calls out for Patta. She is again dressed up in men’s attire. Patta comes out followed by Pratap and Chakrapani. Pratap signals his horse by clapping. They are surprised to see the horse obeying immediately. She asks him if he knows this horse. He shakes his head. this is Mewar’s horse. It can recognize me from anywhere. She tells him to follow her diligently. Don’t think of roam around anywhere else. She calls him a stable keeper to which he reminds her of his name. She decides to call him stable keeper only. He doesn’t mind. I want to know why everyone is so angry with my father. Chakrapani speaks to him to concentrate on his knowledge.

CK wants to show the work on a particular dupatta to Maharani. She stops outside to hear their convo. DB is praising her son. jagmal doesn’t like it when she praises Pratap. DB agrees. CK feels bad.

Pratap fills water from a stream. He is curious about Bai ji Lal. Because of Mamrak ji’s untimely death his son was made the samant of Bijolia then who is this Bai ji Lal? Patta calls her their Guru, their strength and even the backbone of Bijolia. Just because she is with us we feel that one day our dreams will certainly come alive. Pratap can sense the love in Patta’s voice. What if she misguides you because of some personal goal? What if she announces Bijolia a free state just by the wish to rule you all? Ajabde stops Patta from reacting. He (Pratap) doesn’t know the number of messages (sent by them) which have been neglected by US. His point of view is not important for Bai ji Lal. His view point will change when he will get to know about the real situation. He gets all the more confused. She tells the stable keeper (Pratap) to wait and watch.

Ajabde brings him to the border of Bijolia where Afghanis have captured a large chunk of Bijolia’s land to station their men. Pratap is shocked. How could they do it? ajabde accepts her incapability in stopping them. we faced them whenever they attacked us, our homes or our cattles bravely and with whatever limited army we had. We were successful and unsuccessful a lot many times. She shows him a burnt township. That was the land of farmers which was burnt down by them. you can still see the dead bodies of our cattles there. I am showing all this to you so that you can understand what’s the price of our failures. We have a solution. It is in giving them a fitting reply for which we need lot many resources. This is why we wanted assistance from Chittor but they dint do anything. You talk about patriotism. It is in our blood too since generations. Chittor wasn’t like this before. She talks about how US and Pratap had once defeated Shams Khan from trying to win over their land. Today Badshaah Khan, son of the same Shams Khan, has returned once again with the same evil intentions. Rana US is actually giving him a chance to steal Bijolia openly by not helping us? Pratap is shocked. When did you last sent this message to Chittor? She says I have been doing that since the last six months but haven’t received even a single reply. We have no option but to fight with those Afghaans now.

Precap: US gets angry on Rawat ji. Everyone is after Bijolia. You are talking about Bijolia as if it is some enemy of Chittor. Patta wants to show his valour by fighting with the Afghaans singlehandedly but he gets caught this time.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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