Maharana Pratap 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap realises that he will have to work harder on Patta (than he has to on Chetak). Patta asks about Chetak. Pratap says, he is upset with me since he has returned from Bijolia. But I am sure he will become alright before we start our mission. I am sure he too likes to stay busy like me. Patta wonders if Chetak is missing someone since his return from Bijolia. Pratap thinks of how he had to force Chetak to leave from Bijolia. He is about to say something to Patta when Chakrapani comes there. I am ready to accompany you to Sasaram. Pratap declines taking him to Sasaram. Chakrapani wants to know the reason. Pratap tells him to go to Bijolia, do your Gauna with Saubhagyawati and return here with her only. I have already sent a message to Bijolia. Chakrapani agrees.

Ajabde is looking at her jewels. She recalls every past memory attached with them (including the toe ring). Saubhagyawati comes to tell Ajabde about her Gauna. Get ready, look beautiful as I am sure Pratap will come with his friend, and will bring along your Gauna’s message too. Ajabde gets shy.

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DB tells a daasi to bring the mixture that she has created for Rana ji’s paan. It feels like he dint eat that paan before leaving for Bijolia, that the Amal (the intoxicating substance that she has been adding in his paan) dint have any effect on him. if that happens then all my efforts will go in vain. Daasi leaves. DB cannot understand what’s in Bijolia that her effect on Rana ji and Pratap melts away whenever they go there. Bijolia should be erased from Mewar’s map and from our memories too. Pratap has kept Ajabde’s memories in his room whereas I had thought that she is dead for him. But no, I wont let Ajabde come back in this palace. I swear I wont let that happen, I swear over my dreams, my knit desires, the people who I had to push out of my way. I wont let Ajabde come back in this palace at any cost. She notices CK and VB going somewhere together and gets tensed / hyper. Something unusual is going on between these two.

CK and VB are looking for Maan. DB calls out for Chand. VB drops that form / letter in fear. She asks CK why she is looking for Maan. I can see that you both are stuck at something since long, or are doing a work assigned by me. Leave CK, she is spending more time with Maan these days. She turns to VB. Tell me what is the matter? VB straight away gives her that form / letter that she had found in Pratap’s room. It forecasts the date and time of Ajabde’s return here in this palace. It is written in here that Ajabde will come back here this week only. DB takes it from her and reads it angrily. What were you going to do with this useless info? VB was thinking of talking to Maan so that she can talk to Rana ji observing his mood, so Pratap can go to Bijolia to bring Ajabde. It is my mistake. I shouldn’t have thought of all this. I should have torn it or I should burn it so that no one gets to know anything. DB pushes her hand away. how many times I have explained it to you but you dint understand. She holds VB’s hairs. I think I will have to explain it to you in my way. Come with me to Rana ji. VB and CK plead to DB to leave VB but DB brings VB outside the palace and leaves her finally. She gathers all the people. I will tell everything to them now. entire Bijolia gathers there. DB calls out for Pratap and Rana ji as well.

Pratap asks DB what’s happening. DB tells her the real reason behind JB leaving the palace. She makes VB confess the truth. Jija left this palace as she was upset with me. Please forgive me Pratap, I got selfish. Pratap is shocked while VB begs him to forgive her. He goes inside. VB begs DB but in vain. DB is about to blacken VB’s face when VB realises that she has been dreaming.

DB asks CK sweetly again. CK begins fumbling. DB steps forward and steps on that form / letter. What is it? she picks it up just when the daasi brings that special mixture paan. DB tells her to keep it in her room. DB gives that letter / form back to VB and tells them to continue their work. They leave.

Maan is feeding grass to Chetak. She wants him to allow her to mount on him and take her on the round of this palace, just like he takes Dada bhai. CK and VB come there. They give her that prapatra. Maan gets excited reading it. CK and Maan talk about how they both understood it that Dada bhai still loves Ajabde bhabhi. But who will talk to Rana ji so that he allows Dada bhai to bring back Ajabde bhabhi in the palace? VB and CK assign this task to her. Maan agrees happily.

US, Jagmal and Pratap are having food. Maan requests her father to try Gulabjamun, CK has made it. US gets emotional hearing that. She adds that just like CK learnt cooking, one day we girls will leave this house after marrying someone. This is destiny. she continues talking round and round. US gets it that she wants something from him. tell me what is it. CK takes a promise from him before hand that he will agree to whatever they will ask for. DB and Jagmal are confused. US affirms. CK says we (CK and Maan) want him to allow Dada bhai to bring Ajabde bhabhi back in this palace. Everyone is taken aback. US gets angry. CK hugs Pratap as she gets hearing the loud voice of her father. DB tells him not to support CK in such matters. Rana ji should scold Maan a little too as she is getting spoilt. Maan doesn’t think that CK was wrong. Pratap tells her to be quiet but Maan continues. You are fulfilling your responsibilities but while doing that, you have buried your feelings inside yourself. Pratap tells her to stop but in vain. Maan tells her father how Dada bhai wont say it out loud but he misses bhabhi all the time. US is surprised. DB tells Maan to be quiet. She pulls CK away from Pratap. I can see how you both are embarrassing your father and Dada bhai. Go from here. The girls leave. DB tells Rana ji to concentrate on food. The men resume eating but US is in deep thoughts. He thinks of his recent meeting with Ajabde in Bijolia and how he had blesses her. DB tells him not to worry about the girls, I will discipline them. They don’t realise what they say, let it be. US asks Pratap if he really thinks Ajabde is the reason as to why his Rani Ma left this palace. Jagmal speaks in between but US signals him to be quiet. DB too points out the same to him, don’t talk in between when your father is talking to his elder son. Pratap says, Ajabde has always worshipped Ma and she is still upholding her taught values in her daily life. I don’t think that Ma left this palace because of Ajabde. DB is stunned to hear this.


Update Credit to: Pooja

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