Maharana Pratap 22nd August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 22nd August 2013 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 22nd August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with guru raghvendra teaching the students how to use a javelin while war. Guru dev tells all the students to first maintain and balance their position while throwing a javelin (bhala). Then one of gurudev’s student tells them how to throw the javelin and all the students are told to throw a javelin one by one Back in the palace rani dheerbai is not feeling well. Rajvedji gives her a medicine as she has bad dreams at night. Then maharani jaivantabai comes there and tells her that she will be fine when she reads the Ramayana.

Back at the jungle , After everyone throws it, pratap and shakti singh come and are told to throw the javelin. Pratap and shakti singh throw it, they are again given a chance to throw the javelin. There at ahmed’s house a pigeon enters

with a letter. The letter is from shamskhan, Ahmed takes the letter to read it, when he reads it he gets to know that basar khan has come there to kill pratap, he gets shocked and he prays to allah for forgiveness for keeping a man like basar in his house. Back in the jungle , Gurudev tell s the students the secret how to throw a bhala. Then both pratap and shakti throw it, pratap throws the bhala keeping the secret of throwing it in his mind. Pratap’s bhala goes the farthest , and to find it he goes at the mountain where his bhala is stuck. He sees it and tries to take the bhala from there. Back at the palace , jaivantabai reads some scenes of the Ramayana about bharat and ram’s differences between their mothers.

Back at the jungle, when pratap is removing it, Basar khan comes from behind, When pratap removes the bhala, basar tries to push him but while pushing him , he falls down in the valley and pratap tries to pull him up. When pratap is trying to pull basar, all the students and gurudev come there and they help basar come up. There at the palace maharani continues reading the Ramayana. When she finishes reading it, She tells her that she will soon be fine and she tells her that she will read it everyday. Then in maharani jaivanta’s kaksha girja dasi asks maharani that why is she helping dheerbai if she is trying to kill pratap. Then jaivantabai answers that if she will read the ramayana’a brotherhood, then dheerbai will forget of doing any plan against pratap to kill him and her son will also gain good habits and sanskar. Back at the jungle , when gururdev is asking pratap that what had happened there, then chief chundavat comes there with his soldiers.

Then he gets down from his horse and asks pratap that did he know that his life is in danger. Pratap says yes after a lot of time, then chundavat asks him that what else does he know. Pratap tells him about the leeches that were stuck to his horse. He also tells them that the insects are from north india and not from mewad. On listening to this gurudev’s old student comes and tells them that only Ibrahim khan is from uttar bharat. Everyone doubts basar and basar is questioned that why did he do this? Basar tells them that he has not done it and he tells them that ahmed is the main culprit. When basar says this, chundavat gets angry and he shouts at basar and says that he cant blame ahmed for his own mistake. Then basar takes them to ahmed’s house to show them that he is the convict. When they knock at ahmed’s house, they find that a pigeon comes out. Then they are sure that basar is saying the truth, When they break open the house, They find Ahmed dead on the floor with leeches on his neck.

Precap: Shamskhan has come in disguise in mewad to help kill pratap. He tells basar that he has taken a lot of time to kill pratap. Shamskhan tries to kill pratap with a dagger but basar stops him and tells him that pratap will be killed in the night when they are staying in the jungle.

Update Credit to: Vishwal

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