Maharana Pratap 22nd April 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 22nd April 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 22nd April 2014 Written Update

Episode starts with marriage events then sobhagyawati says, where is phool and ajab? Pratap says, i will call her. Phool finds ajab and says, i dont know why i am seeing pratap everywhere. Pratap says to her, you cant find ajab, you go, sobhagyawati is waiting for you and i am calling ajab. Phool goes towards sobhagyawati. Pratap didnt find ajab then he says that now i know where is ajab? Ajab says to laxmi that choose my one finger which will help me to choose my choice. Pratap pick one finger. Ajab thinks about her mother wordings.
Pratap says, did i pick wrong finger but this is not my fault, its all due to your cow “laxmi”. Phool reaches there and says to ajab, i am finding you, i want to say something to you. Phool ask from ajab, what happens. Ajab says, its for some special person. Phool also same dialogue about special person. Ajab ask from phool but phool says, i cant say anything about him. Phool and ajab both says, after you. then they both simultaneously says, kunwar pratap. Pratap reaches there and ajab and phool says, kunwar pratap is near to us.
Gohar reaches to room and explain her plan then surtan singh says, i will not help you because i was injured due to you and now i will not trust you. Gohar traps surtan singh. Jalim singh prepares room for gohar’s dance.
Gohar says to surtan singh, if you will not succeded then i will play my another plan. Pratap is very different from jalal. Here ring finding ceremony is happening.. Pratap cheers up chakrapani and ajab and phool cheers sobhagyawati. Phool says, why are you supporting sobhagyawati? sobhagyawati finds ring. Then pratap finds the ring. Ajab says, but bride and groom are chakrapani and sobhagyawati. Phool says, i dont want take win as donation and from my side ajab will play. Pratap and ajab plays ring finding ceremony. Pratap says, i feel happy to loose from good competitor. Ajab ask about her fortune from chakrapani. Chakrapani says, you will fight from yourself and your relative but you should fight with herself. Chakrapani also tell about phool’s fortune. Pratap also make fun of phool then chakrapani says to pratap, you will also loose from someone very soon.
Jalal prepares himself for war. maha manga says to him that stay here and i get a notice from gohar then he will planning to kill pratap. Jalal says, i will not wait to beat pratap. Chakrapani says, i know you will beat by anyone in field but you will lost from a girl.

Precap:- Hansa mosi call everyone about ceremony and hansa mosi hears a dassi voice and she see shadow of surtan singh.

Update Credit to: tushar

  1. Hu will b prataps wifr frm da 2.. I hope its phool coz ajab doesnt suit him

  2. Both Ajab and Phool will be the wives of Pratap,,,.cool,,.

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