Maharana Pratap 21st October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 21st October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap tells Chakrapani to send some money to the leader of Bijolia to make amends for this fire. Chakrapani nods.

Patta announces about the Diwali Mela amongst the people of Bijolia. Chakrapani wants to catch him but Pratap tells him to wait a little. Patta tells everyone to focus on the preps for Diwali Mela. This is what Bai ji lal wants. Pratap and Chakrapani get thinking. Patta notices Pratap standing amongst the group. He signals his soldier and whispers something in his ears. The soldier nods. Patta disperses them all.

Pratap wants to find out who this Bai ji lal is. Looks like the person is important! He has a hold on Bijolia’s people too. Chakrapani wants to say something but before that he takes Pratap’s dagger. Pratap says I don’t need a dagger to kill you. Go on. Chakrapani wonders aloud if Bai ji lal is none other than Ajabde. Pratap suggests him to check himself from some Vaid. Don’t you remember how scared she always was that she dint have any guts to talk to anyone at any point of time. Do you really think such girl can be this strong? Chakrapani admits his mistake. Patta notices them again. he doesn’t recall their names so he calls out for them as their friend. Pratap warns Chakrapani not to do anything foolish.

Patta appreciates Pratap for entering in Bijolia after so much security. Pratap replies I wont be like this if I stop when people want me to stop. Patta is again impressed. There is something about you. He invites them for lunch at his house. I have to repay your debt as well. Chakrapani declines whereas Pratap accepts his invitation. Chakrapani doesn’t want to take any chance so he wants to invite his friend as well. Patta is surprised that they have made friends already.

The soldier informs Ajabde about Pratap and Chakrapani. She says I was right Dhanika (Ajabde’s female accomplice to Chittor). That guy has come here with some motive. We must find out what’s going on in his mind. Dhanika thinks that it might be wrong to come in front of him (Pratap) in her real identity. He might be some spy who has been sent by Chittor. Ajabde replies that he will not get to know my true identity ever. She wants to send a message to Patta right away.

Patta, Pratap and Chakrapani enjoy the food at Patta’s place. Chakrapani is happy to be friends with him again finally. Patta apologizes for whatever has happened with them because of him. pratap says we understand Bai ji lal’s concern for you after you told me about Bijolia’s plight. Patta wonders how he knows about Bai ji Lal to which Pratap reminds him that he just spoke about Bai ji Lal outside. Patta nods. Chakrapani’s friends are outside. He whispers to Pratap not to be scared of Patta. My well wishers will handle him. pratap sends him outside. Pratap is curious about Bai ji Lal. Patta realises that his jija was right. His curious mind isn’t that of an ordinary person. He says she is the one who gives me orders. But how did you come here when you weren’t even greeted so nicely? Pratap can sense that Patta has started doubting him a little. It isn’t a think to wonder about. I was fired for helping you. I had no other option but to come here. Patta wishes that his jija comes here asap or he will start trusting him yet again. I can see truth in his words. Pratap finds him all lost. Patta sends him in the backyard to wash his hands using water from the well.

Chakrapani is attending to his well wishers. He continues to give them solutions as per their problems. Ajabde notices the crowd. I cannot go in front of them wearing these clothes. They will ask me so many questions. I will enter from the back side. ajabde looks at the wall that she has to climb through to enter Patta’s home. Pratap comes out to wash his hands. Ajabde uses a stool to climb up. She notices Pratap and her hand slips. She loses balance and falls but Pratap catches her in time. They both share an eye lock after which she looks away first. He keeps her down and she turns towards the other side feeling awkward. She thanks him after composing herself. He wonders why she had to climb over the wall when the main door was open. She is about to tell him the truth but stops. Its my wish. I can come and go from wherever I want to. What’s it to you? He is waiting for her to say thank you. She says I have done it already. Anyways I know how to save myself. Patta is surprised to see her there. She is scared what if Patta has told him (Pratap) who she really is. Patta is confused at her attire. She insists him to go inside to bring water for her. her messenger comes there just then. He greets her as Bai ji Lal but then corrects himself that he got late due to some work of Bai Ji Lal. He takes Patta with him. patta is confused as to why is she asking for water when it is here only. He has to leave as the messenger and Ajabde insist. pratap looks on suspiciously.

Pratap remarks that this Bai ji Lal has hypnotized everyone here. Who is this Bai ji Lal? Ajabde reminds him that he is still a stranger for them. don’t act as if you are someone close to us. I wont tell you anything. He goes to clean his hands finally. The dagger around your waist is upturned. Fix it or you might get hurt. Ajabde retorts this is how I like it. do you mind? He smiles. She turns around and fixes it while he cleans his hands. He cannot help but notice her thus. She too finds him looking at her. they both look at each other for a long time.

Messenger explains jija’s plan to Patta. She still doubts him (Pratap) to be Chittor’s spy. She still wants to keep her identity a secret which is why I brought you here. Patta vows to set everything right.

Ajabde remarks to Pratap that he acts like a brave warrior but doesn’t even know how to clean hands. Maybe you forgot how to do it while cleaning horses. Patta brings water for his jija. He begins to introduce them. pratap shows them his already wounded hand. He had been hurt while trying to save himself from Ajabde’s attacks. Ajabde recalls the incident. How did you know that it was me? he replies that by hiding your face you cannot hide your basic characteristics. Plus which girl in Bijolia rides a horse, keeps a dagger and climbs over a wall? I have never seen such a girl. she retorts if you have got to know this much then also understand that we, Bijolia people, can even clean the wounds that they have given. She asks for his hand. He flinches in pain as she pours water over it. she does it carefully afterwards. They both look at each other all this while. Patta coughs so as to distract them. ajabde wants to come straight to the point but Patta wants to introduce them first. He has forgotten it. he says Gyaan Singh but Pratap tells his real name to them which leaves them shocked.

Precap: DB wants to call Pratap back from Bijolia asap. If he meets Ajabde then he will get to know that we haven’t sent any help to Bijolia over all these years. Jagmal suggests her to get Pratap killed in Bijolia itself. Put the blame on Ajabde. Pratap asks Ajabde when she has sent messages to Chittor. She says I have been doing that since the last six months but haven’t received even a single reply.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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