Maharana Pratap 21st May 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 21st May 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with pratap follows ajab and ajab shows attitude. Pratap says, if you dont care about me then why will you sent food for me yesterday night. Ajab says, no. Pratap says, if you really didnt sent food for me then tell me while seeing in my eyes. I know you cant say wrong. Pratap says, what is the reason behind it? Sajja reaches there and says, why you didnt say that you like ajab. Pratap says, there is nothing like this. Then she ask from ajab. Ajab also says same. Sajja says to herself, i dont know why will jeeja believe that they love with each other. JB confronts sajja and says, have you read their face whenever they gave answer.
Then uday singh ask from sajja, what is your decision? Sajja says, do marriage of pratap with some other girl. Sajja then give example of sweet. Then sajja says, lets do the marriage of pratap with ajab. JB hugs sajja and sees uday singh already gone. Uday singh ji thinks about JB wordings and moves towards DB’s room. Dassi comes out from DB’s room and inform to uday singh ji that DB is getting angry for pratap’s marriage. Uday singh thinks about his decision. Then he goes out from her room. Uday singh then go towards pratap room’s. Pratap then says, lets talk inside because rajkumari’s starring me all the time. Uday singh then says, do you like rice curry or sweets. Pratap says, rice curry. Uday singh gets angry. Uday singh then reaches to meet rawal ji and inform that jalal is capturing our states from nearby states. Uday singh gets tensed about this matter.
Jalal ask from faqat mal, which typ of death you want. Faqat mal says, i want to died like a brave soldier. Then faqat mal or jalal done the summit. Uday singh says, we will beat jalal if mewar or marwar will get together. Db says to dassi that uday singh ji will definitely come into my room. Uday singh ji then goes towards DB room and says, you are my only hope. Pratap pray to God and thinks about ajab’s wording. JB reaches there and ask, what happen, what are you doing here? Pratap says, i dont know, why you and father gets fighting all the time for my marriage. Then how will i concentrate on war.
Uday singh ji opens the door then all the lights gets off. Sajja inform to JB that her mirror broken down. Uday singh ji meet with DB. JB finds uday singh ji. Uday singh ji says, i decide your punishment because you did wrong. But now if we will want then everything will be correct. You have to do the only thing just stand with me. Db says, why will i trust you. If you will throw me again into dark. Uday singh says, i promise you that i will not throw you. DB says, i want this oath from JB.
Jb reaches to towards DB’s room and see that Uday singh ji coming out from room. Uday singh says, you will bring DB out. Jb denies about this decision. Pratap also gets the news about DB. This news spread in fort and everybody request to JB. Pratap says, please bring out DB. JB says, if you will know the reason then you also will not allow to bring out. Pratap says, i am not interested to know the reason.
Dassi inform to every rajkumari that DB is coming out. Phool and ajab discus about it and then phool says, we will ask from someone. Phool ask from pratap then pratap says, ask from ajab, she knows everything. JB cries and says to her dassi, how will i tell everybody that Db is not good for this fort. Dassi says, now you have to bring out DB . Pratap then goes towards DB’s room and thinks about DB’s wording. He tries to open the door then JB stops him.

Precap:- DB says, ajab is good for pratap, she is just like jeeja but i want to tell you that ajab is not rajput.

Update Credit to: tushar

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