Maharana Pratap 20th October 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 20th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Acharya reads a letter in which it is written that Jagmal will stand with Maan Singh when they will talk of peace. They will talk about my friendship proposal to you. Everyone is shocked to hear it that Jagmal has joined hands with Akbar. Pratap says I should have understood it that Jagmal will go directly to him only. I could have killed him now that he will be the peace messenger now. The courtiers don’t trust Akbar. He was talking about war and now he wants to talk about peace. What will he gain by this? Acharya says he will have lots of plus points. A lot of other Rajput states will think positively of him if we join hands him. They might join hands with him. He will be able to expand his empire. Doda ji cannot understand how the hatred turned into love so soon. Chakrapani calms them all down. All of you have spoken but we should wait for Rana ji’s decision on the matter. Pratap announces that because of their ideals and values, they will meet them once. We all know that Mughal yet we will meet him without being judgemental. He always has hidden intentions whenever he meets anyone. We all will have to take care of the fact and be alert.

Jagmal is unable to understand anything that Akbar is saying. Akbar only wants him to go to Mewar with the royal group that is going. Bring any message from your mother and tell Multan Khan. Jagmal asks him if he should not tell Maan Singh who is leading it. Akbar signals him to walk closer. I trust you more. Jagmal nods. Shakti comes to take Jagmal with him. Akbar is happy that Shakti thought over his proposal. Shakti says why I should go against this peace process when my problems with Dada bhai are purely personal. Multan Khan is sure Akbar has a very big plan behind all this.

Everyone greets DB as Rajmata. She instead is curious as to why Jagmal is coming with Akbar’s troop. A man holds her hand and gives her a chit as she hands him food. She goes aside to read it. So Akbar has a plan behind this peace proposal. I will help you Shehanshah! She sends a reply to Akbar.

Phool and Ajabde are in Kanha ji’s room. Ajabde makes Phool light the diya and do puja. Phool does it. Ajabde also makes her do the aarti first. She turns to go but Phool stops her. it isn’t as easy to get love from Rana ji as this puja is. Nothing can happen as per your wish in Rana ji’s heart. He only has place for you in his heart. Don’t try to make place for me where there is none. Ajabde agrees to get her her place even if she has to get out. Phool reasons that love is something that you feel from inside. I will get my love from Rana ji when he feels that way from me. I don’t want anything else. They share a hug.

Akbar has arranged an army of Narbhakshi like Faizal Khan. Faizal Khan always works alone but he cannot overlook Akbar’s orders. What is your plan? Akbar agrees to tell him soon.

Akbar tells Ballol Khan to be ready for plan B in case Maan Singh fails. Ballol Khan asks him what they will do to Jagmal if they succeed in becoming friends with Pratap. Akbar says we will kill him. He is anyways not our blood.

HK does not want Pratap to meet Maan Singh. Acharya and others also support HK. Pratap calms them down. I will not meet that Mughal if you think this is going against our political reasons. Acharya ji will lead the troop. I still feel that that Mughal would want to meet someone from the royal family. Acharya has already thought over who will take part in it.

Amar has got something special for Natak. We both will go on war. Ajabde wants him to wait a little. You both need to grow up. Amar says mothers are so soft hearted. Don’t get me married ever if all the women are like this. Pratap adds that everyone needs to know the power of a woman. I need to take him to meet that Mughal. He will lead the troop. Ajabde is pensive but the father son duo reassures her. She gives her son a hug before he leaves with his father.

Maan Singh is surprised to see Amar coming there with Acharya. Acharya, Amar Singh and Dora ji have come to meet Maan Singh. Maan Singh does not want to talk to a kid and commander. Shehanshah has chosen us carefully. He has considered this proposal with utmost importance. You shouldn’t have accepted our proposal if you had to mock us. Let us go back. Shakti stops Maan Singh from going back. Everyone is surprised to see Shakti on Maan Singh’s side especially Amar. Shakti sends a message for Pratap. Ask him to join this meeting for peace. Acharya says we don’t mind it but we wont let any Mughal step inside our palace. Shakti agrees to go alone then. Maan Singh is a Rajput only. Maan Singh proposes to meet Pratap along with Shakti and Jagmal. Acharya yet again warns him that no Mughal should step inside their palace. Maan Singh accepts the condition.

Pratap comes to DB’s room. She shows him the stuff that she will be distributing amongst the soldiers. He wants to talk to her about something important so all the daasi’s leave. He says I left Jagmal with a warning so he never steps in Mewar again yet he is coming here as a peace messenger from that Mughal’s side. DB acts. Pratap says I will break all the rules this time if he does something wrong. I wont spare his life. She says she does not mind it. He is already dead for me. You are my only son. A soldier comes to invite him. All the Samant’s want to meet you. Shakti has come in that troop too. DB smirks.

Pratap is angry to know that Shakti joined hands with that Mughal. He is my enemy now. We share no relation. He is the enemy of not just me but this motherland as well. A courtier says maybe Akbar sent this group specifically to show us that two prince from our family only has joined his side. Another guy says Akbar is indirectly challenging us to be on his side or the future will be dark. Chundavat ji advises Pratap not to meet that group now. Acharya reasons that this news has only hurt us mentally. It will only make Akbar happy. Pratap seconds him. I will see what Shakti has decided.

Jagmal is tensed to know that he will step inside that palace again. Dada bhai wont leave me. No one has escaped Pratap’s sword more than me. You both should go. I don’t want o risk my life. Shakti tells Maan Singh that it is futile to make Jagmal agree.

Shakti and Maan Singh step inside the royal courtroom. Pratap thinks of how he brought Shakti home after so long while Shakti thinks of how his own brother supported Chandrasen and not him. They greet each other. Acharya asks about the third representative who was also going to come with them. A Mughal steps in. All the courtiers draw their swords. Acharya reminds Maan Singh of their condition. The third person says you are going to talk to Mughals and then you raise this condition. This will appear fake then. He asks Maan Singh what his problem is. Pratap offers to tell him. I have often told Maan Singh that Mughals can give him any importance place but he will never trust him. You can even die for that Mughal but he will only think of you as rajput. Shakti advises him not to think about what happens in the Mughal court. Let us focus on the point for which we all have assembled here. It isn’t a big thing for a Mughal to join us. Pratap says it isn’t a small thing. Shakti stands next to the Multan Khan (MK). It isn’t a new thing of Mughals entering our palace. Bairam Khan and Peer Mohammad have come in the past. Let us try once with an open mind. Keep all the past misunderstandings at bay so there is no hindrance in this peace process. Pratap applauds him for changing sides. I can see the power of that Mughal for the first time. How much did you get from that Akbar in return of becoming a traitor? Shakti shouts Dada bhai angrily.

Maan Singh wants everyone not to divert from the point. Shakti folds his hands before Pratap. My father also wanted peace. You will understand my point if you think from a cool mind. I have come to propose peace for entire Mewar. Pratap asks them to come on point. Doda ji reads the letter from Akbar. He invites Pratap to Agra so they can talk face to face about being friends. The courtiers are against it. Akbar wants to kill him stealthily. Chandrasen announces the same. Akbar can come here and talk as much as he wants to. He must take some trouble. MK asks them if they expect Akbar to come in this small palace. This angers everyone. MK apologizes but suggests them to keep a tab on their emotions. Bhim Singh too draws his sword angrily. Pratap tells them all to calm down. Please take your seats. They oblige. Pratap applauds Maan Singh for his dedication. But Mughals and Rajputs can never be friends. They are unable to spend a few minutes together peacefully. It cannot change. Maan Singh asks for one chance. I want to talk to you alone. Please listen to me as a Rajput only. All the courtiers oppose it. He cannot be trusted. He is from that Mughals’ side. They say something and do something else altogether. Pratap accepts Maan Singh’s proposal. Destiny is giving them a chance to write something about peace. We should try to give it one chance. Traditions are not just that we gain from our ancestors but are also something that we leave for our next generations too.

Ajabde looks out of the window. Phool joins her. Ajabde says everything is going so smoothly but till when. Phool is positive about the peace meeting. Ajabde can sense something wrong. Hope we don’t lose our everything. I don’t know why I am feeling so. Everything looks so good. A great, happy family; my best friend; my loving husband and son; the citizens! Will I lose everything? Phool assures her that nothing like that will happen. We will all be happy together.

Maan Singh talks to Pratap in private. We both know that any tiny issue becomes a big problem between you and Shehanshah owing to both of your past. Pratap says we will talk thoroughly on every issue and make our own conditions. Maan Singh nods. I will point out the pros and cons for both the parties. Pratap calls him intermediator. Maan Singh agrees. We Rajputs take out our swords on every small thing. I think neither of the party should take any weapon with them. Pratap smiles at him. I can see truth in your words this time. I applaud your dedication to this peace talks. Maybe Heer Bai is the reason behind it but it is good. I am ready for it. we will have a lunch tomorrow near Pichola Lake. I have never and will never compromise with my ideals. Maan Singh excuses himself.

Precap: Acharya gets a message. Akbar is with Heer Bai. She asks him what gift he is sending to Pratap. Akbar replies that his gift will change everything in Mewar. Acharya reads the letter in front of everyone in the courtroom. An attack can happen on Pratap during that peace meeting.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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