Maharana Pratap 20th October 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 20th October 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chakrapani and Pratap reach Bijolia border. They find the security on high alert. Chakrapani is sure that fighter girl would have done it. Pratap wants to enter Bijolia anyhow. Chakrapani doesn’t want to die in their in-laws state. Pratap looks at him pointedly. Its been long that you haven’t put your knowledge to use. Chakrapani looks at his face intently. Your mind and heart are at war. There is indecisiveness. You want to reach to the bottom of the problem in Bijolia. Pratap says you are saying what you already know. Chakrapani talks about a dream that pratap had seen yester night. You were caught in sadness and pain and were trying to come out of it but no one helped you. Pratap thinks of his dream. I am proud of your capabilities. This means you will take me inside Bijolia.

Hansa talks to Ajabde about Pratap. Face them bravely who have hurt you and have cheated you for no reason. Don’t think about the past. Move on. If Rana US ji can send spies to Bijolia to quieten us then you too should forget about your personal pain and Mewar’s ties with Bijolia. Let us try to join hands with some other land then. Patta and Ajabde’s friend support Hansa. We wont tolerate injustice anymore.

Guards stop Pratap and Chakrapani. They ask for their identification cards. Pratap suggests them to think of them as their well wisher. We have come here to look into your problems and help you. Guards think him to be mad. Pratap asks pandit ji (Chakrapani) to tell them about their problems. Chakrapani guesses something correctly.

Ajabde agrees to fight with Mewar so that they can make Bijolia a free land. I have taken this decision solely for Bijolia. I am Bijolia’s daughter and I wont think bad about Bijolia ever. I have some conditions though.

All the guards sit down to pour their heart out o Chakrapani. He suggests solutions to many of them. pratap wants to take a break. They invite him as their guests. Chakrapani says my friend will go with me. they ask for his identification papers. Chakrapani calls him fool. Your spear will turn into leaves. The guard smiles. No one can even bend it as it has been made using special alloys. Pratap takes the challenge. He looks at the spear closely.

Ajabbe, Hansa, Balwant, Patta, Ajabde’s friend and another old uncle gather to discuss Ajabde’s conditions. Ajabde’s first condition – we will neither take help from some other state nor include them in their struggle. How can we come upon this decision that any other state will behave far more nicely with us than Mewar! True independence is in our being self dependent. We will have to aim for that first. Second condition – we wont say anything to Bijolia’s people. If we tell them about our decision then the neighbouring states might try to pull us and make us a part of their state. We wont let it happen at any cost. They all swear over the fire to keep all this to themselves.

Pratap bends the spear with his own bare hands. The guards look at him in shock. They welcome him along with Chakrapani. Pratap steps forward. He thinks of Patta’s and Ajabde’s words about Bijolia’s issues.

Ajabde’s plan is simple. To be self dependent we will have to be strong enough. We will organize Diwali Mela just like it was in Daata’s time. The money from the Mela can help us in changing our economic conditions for good. We will buy horses and weapons for our army using the same money. We will become strong after which no one will be able to think of making us their part. We will then free Bijolia from Mewar and make it a free state. They all are in favour of Ajabde’s plans. She tells Patta to go and make preps for Diwali Mela. He leaves followed by everyone else too. Ajabde apologizes to Pratap. I had no option. You and your family dint leave any option for us.

Pratap walks inside Bijolia and looks around at every place as the memories of the past come flashing before his eyes. He reaches the stable where he and Ajabde had slept over when it had started to rain too much. He smiles a little but then the moment passes by. He tells Chakrapani that everything is the same but it feels like everything has changed somehow.

Patta tries to pull his horse but he stays put. He talks to the horse. Jija has told me to make preps for the Diwali Mela. I wont be able to do anything if you stay put here. Ajabde calls out for Patta. The horse’s reins are in my hands. She had observed it that he dint swear along with others. Patta turns the other way but she makes him turn to look at her. you have told someone about Bijolia’s revolt, right? Patta thinks of Pratap. He nods sadly. I said a little to someone. It might have caused a doubt in my stable owner friend. But after your caution I too am thinking. I don’t find him to be some normal stable owner. How did you know? She says I get to know everything beforehand. From what you tell me I have realised that he knows a lot more than what you have told him.

Pratap wants to light fire to the stable. This way the old memories will be burnt and something new will take shape here. Chakrapani guesses it rightly that he is talking about his past moments. Pratap says I have already burnt them long back.

Patta is sure Pratap wont come here after her reply. Ajabde isn’t as sure as him. I don’t think that he would give up so easily. He can still enter Bijolia. If he gets to know about our revolt then it can reach Mewar. In that case all our planning will go in vain. She takes promise from him. you wont take any foolish step when you will see that guy here in Bijolia. You will come and inform me asap.

Pratap thinks of Ajabde and throws burning torch towards the stable. The stable is all up in flames. On the other hand, Patta promises his jija for what she has asked. Pratap walks away from the burning stable satisfied.

Precap: Ajabde falls in Pratap’s arms (from some balcony upstairs). Patta begins to give his intro but Pratap himself speaks up. My name is Pratap. Ajabde and Patta look at him in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Gosh I miss the young pratap and ajabde 🙁

  2. me too… the kids were amazing! Ssharad and Rachna are just not doing it for me… at all.

  3. I miss Faisal, Roshni , Jannat love u all.
    Why did job leave bcos of her ajabde n pratap r apart…….

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