Maharana Pratap 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pratap too thinks that every soldier and citizen of Mewar will be motivated if US is alive. We can fight the toughest war under you. We have very less army as comparison to our enemy. The situation is going against us. We have no other option but to keep you and the royal family safe. US closes his eyes painfully. Rawat ji adds that Pratap too cannot stay back here. You too will have to go. You are also included in the royal family. You too inspire us equally and your life is very precious to us. Pratap disagrees. I can fight much more freely if father and my family is safe. Rawat ji repeats his words. The situation has worsened actually as the number of enemy’s army is increasing every day. Even if we lose then we will be at peace to think that you and Rana ji are alive. You both will still be able to free Mewar from Akbar. We will die peacefully knowing that Mewar’s future is alive. Pratap wants to take care of the main doors of the fort. Pratap ji takes charge. We will die but won’t surrender. The courtesans repeat after him. Rawat ji talks about how capable every single person standing in the court is! You don’t have to worry till all of us are here. We have no other option left before us now. You, Pratap and the royal family will have to go to a safer place! US thanks them all for thinking so much for him and his family. I still want to stay here. Don’t force us please. A soldier comes to inform them about how Akbar’s army is surrounding their fort from all the sides.

DB wants to lead the Jauhar. I don’t know why you (ladies) are snatching away my right from me. I am the Maharani of Mewar after all. I should be leading Jauhar in case any such need arises. I feel that Rana ji is equally troubled after hearing about this proposal. A dassi comes to share the same disturbing news with them.

US and everyone come up the main gates of the fort. US orders his soldiers to close the third gate too. The soldiers oblige.

Akbar gets to know about the same. I am expecting more army. I will force US to close the fourth door as well and then we will strike.

US is in deep thoughts. Rawat ji points out that only one door is open now. Things will get worse if we have to order our soldiers to close it too! You will have to go to a safer place with your family. All the courtesans request him one by one. It is important for Chittor that you are alive. US gives in for the sake of Chittor and its people. He walks out of the court without saying anything but yes! Rawat ji is relieved. You (Pratap) will have to go away tonight itself. Make all the preps asap.

DB is sad to know that US has agreed to leave the palace. She too will have to go with him. On the other hand, Jagmal is happy to be saved. I don’t care about the palace or its people. Let them die I don’t care. I will run away asap. He notices Amar Singh standing by the door. He tries to stop Amar Singh but he runs away.

Amar Singh doesn’t want to go away from the palace. Ajabde explains to him that this is Rana ji’s order. We all will have to go. Amar Singh asks DB about it. You always used to say that this is our home. Who leaves their own house? Why are these people staying back then? It means that this house isn’t ours. Why did you lie to me? why do we have to elave our house? Who will take care of our citizens then? Will we leave them here to die? Jagmal Kaka is saying this only. DB says Jagmal has no sense. We are going away to protect your grandfather. Akbar will get hold of the entire CHittor if anything happens to Rana ji. If he is alive then he can come back and win Chittor again. he will free our citizens. No one will trust us if we don’t do it. Amar Singh understands the situation. I am sad to leave our palace though! DB too is hurt but she cannot avoid it even if she wishes to!

At night, looks at his court sadly. He thinks of their happier times. Pratap is looking over at Akbar’s army from his room’s window. Daasi takes away all their packed bags. Ajabde tells Pratap about the same. Maan is going to her in-laws place.

CK hugs her sister. Both the sisters tell each other to take care. Maan tells Jagmal to be an obedient son and a obedient brother. Jagmal tells her to worry about herself. I am here to take care of everyone. DB hugs her daughter next. A girl lights the diyas at her house before leaving it. it is a promise that she will come back there. I promise we will meet here again. US blesses Maan. Maan hugs Pratap. She tells him to take care of himself and everyone. He agrees to come in the naming ceremony of his nephew. Make sure he is brave like our father. She smiles. Maan lovingly touches Amar Singh’s cheeks. Pratap makes her sit in her palanquin. It is a very emotional moment for the entire family.

Pratap and US seek blessings of their Kuldevi. Pratap prays the safety and respectful freedom for every citizen of Chittor. US thinks that it is now in God’s hands only.

Precap: The fourth door has also been closed. Akbar wants to wait. Pratap too knows that it will be a game of patience and enmity between them now. I too want to see who makes the first move now! Akbar thinks of surrounding Chittor’s palace from all the sides. Pratap vows that Akbar will have to return from here empty handed.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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