Maharana Pratap 20th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 20th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jagmal enters the palace and hides the gun in his dress. DB is still looking for Jagmal. Jagmal is in his room, trying to aim the gun and thinking deep.

Ajabde is waiting for Pratap but pretends to sleep when she hears Pratap entering the room. Pratap knows she is awake. Wow, you slept even before your husband came? This is your husband’s importance in your life? He sits down on the sofa to sharpen his knife. She keeps looking in his direction stealthily. He gets up and walks closer to her. He waves the knife before her but she has her eyes closed. There was Kumbhakaran once and now there is my wife! I will sleep thinking the same. He turns to go but Ajabde gets up finally and questions him about the same.

DB finally finds Jagmal in his room. She is concerned about him. I know whatever happened during dinner must have hurt you. I too wasn’t expecting it I swear. I dint know about this decision. Jagmal asks her if she thought her husband will declare her son (Jagmal) Yuvraj. She notices the gun in his hand and is shocked. Jagmal shows the gun to DB. If nothing else then it will atleast give soothe me mentally. She tells him to keep it aside as he might get hurt but Jagmal talks about the hurt she has given to him. You love your husband more than your son. You knew it that Rana US will never declare me as his heir till Pratap is here yet you left him alive? You have been adding this amal in his (US’s) paan little my little whereas I can eat the whole thing in one go. She stops him. You should actually sent Rana US to God! But you dint do it. today I have realised that you love him more than your son. She asks him if he has gone mad. He nods. You have made me thus. I was fed up of hearing everyone praising Pratap but you still dint do anything. You are a slow minded, ordinary woman, someone who follows her husband’s words diligently. She shouts at him to stop but in vain. I have decided to kill the entire family with this gun. When there will be no one alive then I only will become Mewar’s Rana as we cannot leave the throne empty. She agrees with him on the fact that she will help him in killing everyone one by one by planning. He declines. all your plans anyways fail so this time I will do it. you too wont be able to stop me this time.

Ajabde scolds Pratap (sweetly) for calling her Kumbhakaran. I was waiting for you to come to our room and you gave up so easily. You even called me Kumbhakaran? He says I tried a lot but she counter questions him about the same. you spend so much time in your political discussions and in training your soldiers but you have no patience for me! He smiles. I have understood your point. Now that I am here I wont go anywhere, all my time and attention is only for you. She is not ready to fall for his sweet words. Time will tell! She walks towards the balcony and acts as if she can see Mughals outside. Pratap gets in action mode seeing which she breaks into a smile. Your promises proved out to be futile. He says do you want me to send you back to Bijolia. She asks him if he yet again wants to collect gifts for her. he is surprised and feels shy. So you have checked my whole room? She denies. not the whole room but of your heart from where you don’t let any emotions flow out. How can someone hide so much love in their heart? He replies that she has committed the crime of peeking in his heart and room. Now you will have to accept the punishment. He pulls her a little closer and they both share an eye lock.

DB says I have always supported you in every fight, every situation, in every plan! I will support you in this plan too. He shakes his head. Rani Ma, you are of no use. You have instead stopped me from doing the right thing so I have decided that I will start with you. She is stunned and backs off. He mutters that he will kill everyone. You have cheated with me, my dreams, my expectations. She tells him to shoot her if this is what he feels. Jagmal hears the echo of people chanting praises of Pratap. He holds his head while DB challenges him to kill her. To her shock he actually shoots at her. Pratap and Ajabde hear the noise too and are on alert. Pratap can understand that it was a gunshot. Hope father is alright. He tells her to stay in the room but she too wants to come along. They both go out to see.

The bullet has hurt DB on her chest. You shot your Rani Ma for real? She falls on the floor in a pool of blood. Ajabde and Pratap are walking in the corridor to find out from where the noise came.

Jagmal has blood smeared on his face. DB fumbles that he actually shot the bullet. He nods. If you don’t die asap then I will shoot again. She cries saying I will get up once again. He is anxiously waiting for her to die and is aiming the gun at her forehead. Maan comes to Jagmal’s room to talk about the noise when she notices the scene inside the room. She stops in her tracks in shock. DB shouts at Jagmal not to do anything to Maan but he is in no mood to listen. Maan panics DB tells Maan to run but Maan is in a fix. How can I leave you in this condition? Jagmal tells Maan to wait as it is her turn now. Don’t listen to Rani Ma. He shoots at her but she runs away and the bullet hits the door. Ajabde and Pratap hear the noise too.

Jagmal tries to go out after Maan but DB holds his feet. He tells her to leave him as he has to kill everyone. She doesn’t let go of his feet but he finally manages to free it. Jagmal calls out for Maan in the corridor. He finds Maan running on the other side of the corridor and starts following her.

Ajabde and Pratap too start running to reach US’s room asap. Ajabde’s jewels fall on the floor while she runs.

Maan and Jagmal come face to face finally. He aims at her again. where are you running? It is your time to bid adieu to this world now. Don’t complicate the situation for your Dada bhai. Accept this fate. Today everyone is going to die. You are not alone. She again starts running in the opposite direction with him following her. she falls in the process but gets up and locks herself in a room. He knocks at the door asking her to open it. please understand your Dada bhai. I will give you an easy (instant) death, unlike Rani Ma. He continues to bang at the door while she runs inside the room and hides behind a sofa. He continues to shout for her!

Jagmal hears some footsteps and gets curious. Who is it? I guess I will have another prey before you to take care of you. you shouldn’t worry though as I will be back soon. Maan cries in the room.

Jagmal is happy to see Ajabde and Pratap in the corridor. He starts following them. Pratap sends Ajabde to check on Maan and CK. He himself is super worried thinking who would have been hurt by the gun. He can hear the shouts of all his loved ones. I wonder who would have got shot!

Jagmal finds Pratap walking in the corridor. He aims at Pratap (who has his back towards Jagmal). He notices Ajabde running in the opposite side of the corridor. He points the gun at her direction once but then again points it at Pratap. Pratap feels something and stops in his tracks.

Precap: Patta ransacks the godown on the same guy who had sold gun to Jagmal and finds more guns there. Patta beats him. who was the last person to whom you had sold this gun to? Jagmal hides the gun in the backyard. He hears someone approaching and is shocked to see that person!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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