Maharana Pratap 1st September 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 1st September 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Akbar keeps looking at Bairam Khan while the executioner raises his sword to kill Bairam Khan. He recalls Rukaiyya Bi’s and his mother’s words and how Bairam khan has saved him umpteen times. He orders them to stop. I have thought over everyone’s suggestion and announce that Bairam Khan can think of himself to be free from today onwards. But it is your punishment that you wont even come near that army group with which I will attack on Pratap. Everyone praise Akbar. Jalal’s mother praises Rukaiyya Bi for doing the impossible. This has happened for the first time. Mahamanga isn’t too happy at the turn of events.

Uma Devi is getting her stuff packed. DB dismisses the daasi’s and turns to her sister. You cannot leave me now after showing me big dreams. Uma Devi tells her to accept her failure. We cannot do anything now. I cannot see all this. It will be good if you come to terms with reality. All our dreams are broken. DB declines to accept her failure. I have been going through the same for years now. JB and her son got everything that I was supposed to get. Now that I am dreaming about my future and of seeing my son on the throne then Ajabde has come to destroy my dreams. You tell me if I should just sit down and watch everything go to JB? What about my happiness / dreams? You are my only hope. Tell me that you wont leave me and will stand by me always. Uma Devi tells her not to lose her cool. You don’t have to worry about AJabde. She is a mere samant’s daughter. You only have to control Pratap. DB recalls Ajabde’s reply a while back and is now sure that her sister is underestimating Ajabde. She has won over Pratap, JB and even Rana ji. Uma Devi too recalls when Ajabde had dared to go against US. We will have to stop this wedding somehow. For Mamrak ji and US self respect is everything. I will have to do something for you for which I am thinking of something. DB is relieved that she is not going anywhere now. If you have thought of something then something good will happen. Uma Devi reassures her on the same. They hear Hansa Bai’s voice. She is unable to find Ajabde’s kundli.

Maldev tells Phool to be with Uma Devi throughout the engagement function. she is really hurt over your broken alliance. It is really surprising as to why she is still here. Phool wants to know what can stop him here. He has borne much more insult than he can bear. They hear announcement of Pratap’s arrival. Pratap comes to talk to Maldev to request him to stay back for the engagement. You are like my father so I am requesting you to bless me atleast. I will be happy if you stay back. Maldev calmly tells him about his dreams regarding Phool-Pratap’s wedding. I will not be able to see you marrying someone else. Pratap can understand his feelings well. He requests very sweetly once again and Maldev smiles.

Hansa Bai apologizes to the priest as she has been unable to find Ajabde’s kundli. They are told that another kundli can be made using the date of birth, birth place and time. He sends his disciple home to bring a panchang. DB and Uma Devi are there as well. DB is curious that it will take one day to make the kundli. She is sure that all 36 gunas will match. Hansa Bai is pleased to see that they have taken things positively.

Rukaiyya Bi is humming to herself. Jalal’s mother feels happy to see someone happy, humming in the palace. Rukaiyya Bi thanks her for all the arrangements that she has made here for her comfort. She thanks her while her MIL thanks her back for saving Bairam Khan. Rukaiyya Bi gives all the credit to God. Jalal’s mother is happy that Rukaiyya has reached Jalal in a way. It is almost impossible to change his decision. Even I have not been able to do so till date. I must applaud you that you dint let him control you / waiver you. Plus you showed him the right way. She gives credit to her for reminding him about his Abbu. Jalal’s mother is proud of her and thanks her with all her heart.

Pratap paces outside wondering why Phool has called her here. He is surprised to see Ajabde there. You told me that we cannot meet before our engagement. Ajabde refuses to tell him why she is here and they continue to bicker sweetly. Phool watches them from far and feels that they both are fighting as if they have been married for fifty years already.

DB tells her sister to plan something asap as they only have one day. Uma Devi cannot understand who stole Ajabde’s kundli. Is something going on here that we know nothing about? DB scolds her son Jagmal for stealing things. I am trying to make you a king and you are becoming a prince day by day. Uma Devi comments that she doesn’t know that there are many ways to become a king, including stealing. He has stolen Ajabde’s kundli. We have got her everything – past, present and future. DB looks proudly at her son.

Ajabde and Pratap continue asking each other about why they are here. Phool gives up and tells them that she has called them both here. She wonders how these two fighter will marry. Ajabde acts all upset with him as he dint tell her anything when she was asking him. Phool runs after Ajabde in an attempt to stop her. stop or I will marry Pratap in your place. Ajabde stops in her tracks. Phool apologizes to her. I dint want to say it don’t know how it slipped out. Ajabde tells her to marry Pratap if she still wishes for it. no one will oppose you. You will continue to be my best friend. I know how much you like him. phool praises her and hugs her. pratap cannot get a better life partner than you.

DB and Uma Devi go through the kundli. They are sure all the 36 gunas match according to this kundli but they will keep it with them. We will get a new kundli. Uma Devi suggests including Chakrapani in the plan but DB tells her against it. my only aim is to get Phool married to Pratap. I will get her under my control and then everything will be sorted for my Jagmal. They need a priest. Uma Devi recalls how the priest’s disciple was interested in making kundli for Ajabde.

Phool tells daasi’s to bring special things that she herself has brought for Ajabde. Pratap brings gajra for Ajabde and gives it to Phool. Rani ma has sent them. Phool appreciates them but they wont go with the dress and hairstyle. He tells her to let it be then. I don’t want to disturb your decorations. Phool puts them on instead and Pratap helps her in the process. She feels sad but doesn’t show it. She thanks him for saving her from Akbar that day. Pratap recalls it and gets angry. She apologizes for making him angry but Pratap tells her not to be. I will be like this till I kill him.

Akbar is getting his army ready so that he can attack Rajputana. He is ready to wait till Mehmood Shah’s army joins him. Mehmood Shah hates Pratap as much as I hate him. Plus his army is competent enough to fight Pratap’s army. They know the area in and around Rajputana very well.

Priest’s disciple is scared to make a new false kundli. DB and Uma Devi lure him for money and he gives in. They also hit his soft nerves and compare him with Chakrapani and how the main priest discriminates between them both. Uma Devi gives him gold coins and the real kundli. He promises to make the perfect false kundli that his Guru will say no for the wedding.

A soldier reads Akbar’s message for Sultan Mehmood Shah while he practises walking with his false leg. Mehmood Shah recalls what Pratap had done to him and removes his artificial leg. He declines taking anyone’s help. What does Akbar know about someone’s pain? He has made a joke of it. Our pains are nowhere equal. Akbar has only lost some respect whereas I have lost so much. He is ready to control his rage against Akbar to avenge with Pratap. The truth is that no one remains alive after saying no to Akbar. His courtesans agree with him. mehmood Shah wears his artificial leg. Tell Akbar that I am ready to fight with Pratap yet again.

Pratap joins everyone. JB gives his kundli to priest who is all smiles and proud to see it. Ajabde too joins them. She shares an eye lock with Pratap which almost all the ladies present there observe. Pratap and Ajabde lower their eyes as they feel shy.

Priest praises Pratap’s kundli. I have always felt proud to have seen his kundli. He will be very famous and will be remembered for decades. But I must see his wife’s kundli too as then only will we be able to find the perfect mahurat. He waits for his disciple who comes there just then. He knowingly drops water on Ajabde’s kundli. Everyone is taken aback while the Guru scolds him for the same. He apologizes to everyone for the same promising to make another kundli asap. DB blames the destiny. it is creating hurdles in every step of this alliance. Firstly people have been unable to find the kundli and not water has splattered over it. She asks Ajabde if she doesn’t feel like something inauspicious is associated with her. Ajabde gets thinking. JB tells DB not to sow superstitions in kids minds. DB agrees. Uma Devi tells Phool to take Ajabde to her room till the new kundli is made. Phool obliges and leaves with Ajabde.

Phool tells Ajabde not to think over what DB said. She always talks stuff that hurts. Pratap respects her so much yet she always says bitter things. Ajabde tells her not to speak like this. She is Pratap’s Ma and we should respect her. she is also upset to see me in your place with Pratap like many other people. They all are not ready to accept me as they have already pictured you with him. A simple samant’s daughter is no match in front of a big state’s princess. Phool warns her not to utter another word regarding it. Your match is perfect. I don’t care about what others think. We actually must not care about it. She wants to plan stuff for her engagement. Ajabde notices her kundli and is overwhelmed. They both head outside to give it to their pandit ji.

Guru ji is busy making kundli while everyone waits anxiously. Uma Devi whispers something in DB’s ears. Just then Phool and Ajabde bring the kundli that they got from their room. Uma Devi and DB smile. They all sit down happily while the Guru ji matches their kundli. His expression change to disbelief as he looks at it. ajabde mutters to Phool that she dint seek kanha ji’s blessings. Guru ji tells everyone that this wedding cannot happen. Everyone is shocked. Maldev asks for an explanation. They are told about some dosha which has no solution. It can risk Pratap’s life. Maldev is happy to know it. Pratap and Ajabde look at each other.

Pratap talks to his Rani Ma about the dosha. How can it be in someone’s kundli who is otherwise flawless? She tells him to let Guru ji think through. I am sure there will be a way out for sure. They are called by Guru ji. There is only one solution. Uma Devi shows her eagerness for the alliance. Guru ji tells them that Pratap will have to marry someone else first. Everyone is in for a shock. Guru ji explains that Ajabde cannot become his first wife.

Precap: Ajabde tells Phool to marry Pratap. Phool says that she will only agree for it for their sake. A girl walks in veil towards Pratap and sits down in the mandap in front of Pratap. DB wants to see the face of his bride and lifts the veil.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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