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Both sides of armies are busy fighting with each other. Nasir kills many soldiers of Mewar which worries Pratap. Akbar remarks to him that maybe his sword isn’t as miraculous as it was before. Pratap replies that the magic is not in his sword but in his love for his land. When it mixes in my blood then many great warriors lose their lives. You are no less. His soldiers boost him not to think about them. Handle this Mughal. Pratap points out the same to Akbar. My love for my land wont weaken me now. pratap starts fighting in full swing.

JB prays to Kanha. I have to do penitence for the injustice / adharma that I have done by snatching someone else’s right. It cannot be done if I stay here. Seems like it is time for me to go away from here! She notices her notepad and pen.

The war continues in Bijolia. A soldier informs Mamrak that there are no more Afghan soldiers anywhere around. Mamrak ji had himself seen the lit torches on his border. Mehmood Shah smiles at this. mamrak ji goes to check himself. He finds torches dug deep in the ground. He realises that it was all a sham. He calls out for Mehmood Shah angrily. You have cheated us. Mehmood Shah doesn’t mind it. I had to follow Akbar’s plan after all. Mamrak Shah is shocked to know that Akbar is heading towards CHittor. You called the entire army from Chittor to fight our few soldiers here. The rest of our army is going to enjoy your daughter’s wedding. Poor Pratap will be all alone in Chittor. He had wanted me to kill him but unfortunately, he is not here. Akbar will enjoy making your daughter a widow. Plus this time Akbar has a really big army of soldiers with him this time. It is impossible for Pratap to survive. Mamrak ji cuts his other leg with his sword angrily while Mehmood Shah screams out in pain. Much to his shock, Mamrak ji kills him finally.

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JB sits to write a letter to AJabde. I am leaving this family, this state and this palace for forever. I have full faith that you will take care of them well. You should take care of Pratap. You have to stand as a shield between him and any troubles / challenges that come his way. You have made me believe it in the past as well that you are capable enough for it which is why I am not feeling anything bad while making this tough decision. She looks at the Kanha idol as she finishes writing it. She changes into normal looking clothes.

Akbar and Pratap continue with their fight. Pratap warns Akbar that this time the consequences will be bad for him this time. Hope you have bid goodbye to all your loved ones. Akbar remarks that he has come here to make his wife, Ajabde, a widow only. Pratap gets angry at him for taking Ajabde’s name and hurts him. nasir kills many soldiers. A Mughal soldier comes to meet Akbar holding a white flag. I regret to inform you that your mother is breathing her last. As her last wish she wants to see you once for the last time. Akbar is in disbelief. Akbar recalls the times he has spent with his Ammi. Pratap tells him to go back. I remember what you once told me. just like it is important for us to pay back to our father it is important in your tradition to pay back your mother for everything. Go before I change my heart. Akbar remembers everything as well. A rajput’s sword never goes back without shedding blood. Your sword is still dry. Pratap cuts his own hand in reply which shocks Akbar and Nasir. It is done now but don’t think that I stopped this war for the old time’s sake. I have burnt those memories long time back. I have stopped them for a mother. Nothing is above a mother. Akbar agrees but he promises that Pratap will regret it for his life. Just like you I too have wished for your death every single second of my life. I will surely come back. Pratap promises to wait. Akbar leaves with his army.

VB’s words continue to haunt JB. She walks out of the palace holding a small Kanha idol in her hands. DB watches it from upstairs. JB is deeply hurt by VB’s words / curse / wish. She turns to look at the palace once again. she closes her eyes in pain and walks out of the palace. DB is certainly happy about it.

Ajabde paces in her room worriedly. She recalls how DB had sent her here instead of letting her go talk to Rani Ma. She recalls how Pratap had asked her to tell Rani Ma so that she can inform US. Ajabde is still feeling like telling everything to Rani Ma. Pratap too had said the same thing. I myself will have to go tell Rani Ma everything.

US is looking for JB. He gets to know that she was seen to be heading towards the puja room. He goes there. You should start your day with your husband too. He looks around but cannot see her anywhere. He finds her letter though. He is shocked to read it (as the letter has been changed). Ajabde you have made me realise today that neither this palace nor Pratap. You can take my place so I am leaving from here. Ajabde comes there looking for Rani Ma but is relieved to see him there. I don’t know if Choti ma has told you or not as she too got to know about it a while back only. He is clueless. She tells him that Mughals have attacked on Chittor. Pratap has gone to fight with them. he is shocked. Forgive me I tried to tell you a lot but in the hurry I couldn’t do anything except Pratap’s tilak. US gets angry at Ajabde. You have come here recently and you have upturned everything here. What do you think of yourself? Who gave you this right to send Pratap out of this palace? You are so daring that you are telling me that you have also done Pratap’s tilak? You have crossed all your limits. She is in tears and he walks out from there angrily.

He calls out for the soldier. He asks about Rawat ji but gets to know that he has gone to his native place. US wants to assemble all the soldiers who are present in the palace. DB meets him on his way. Ajabde rushes to DB’s side. he gets angry at Ajabde. I dint hear you and made this normal girl Mewar’s future. DB tries to calm him down but in vain. He shows her JB’s letter. She (Ajabde) has not only forced JB to go out of this palace but she has also sent Pratap to fight with Akbar without telling me. she has even done his tilak. Ajabde tries to explain but he doesn’t want to hear anything. Once I come back I will analyse every issue in detail. Ajabde tries to make DB talk in her favour but DB herself acts all scared. She gives the letter to Ajabde. Ajabde is shocked to read it. DB smiles. Flashback shows how DB had replaced the letters when JB was walking out of the palace. Ajabde fails to understand the logic behind the letter. Why did Rani Ma write this? what did I do? DB relates how JB is treated like a devi in this palace. Hope you should not say something that can prove out to be dangerous for you. Ajabde still wonders about her mistake. DB goes to check on Rana ji. She tries to stop DB but she goes to see Rana ji before he leaves for war. Epi ends on Ajabde’s tearful face.

Precap: DB fills US’s mind against Ajabde. You made that ordinary girl Pratap’s wife. She sent our loving son on the wrong path. Jija has left home because of her only. Pratap is happy as he heads back home. I am so happy to think that Ajabde must be waiting for her at home. Ajabde blames DB but DB tells her not to blame her for it. US hears it and gets angry.

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