Maharana Pratap 1st May 2014 Written Episode Update

Maharana Pratap 1st May 2014 Written Episode, Maharana Pratap 1st May 2014 Written Update

episode starts with pratap confronts gohar jaan. Then pratap goes to battle practising field. He tries to do practise but he feels pain then also he practise. Pratap feels pain then ajab and soldier calls him. Pratap see ajab and says to soldier that whenever we will injured we think more.
Pratap calls ajab. Ajab goes in the field and says, dont give thanks to me. I only do this because i thought you are mine. Pratap says, ok now i will dont say thank you to you.
Pratap teaches ajab of sword. Ajab says, you have to leave to bijolia as soon as possible. Pratap says, i dont think, i know you are tensed about me and my security. ajab says, no, i am worried about my parents.
Pratap says, i thought you trust me. Ajab says, i trust you but if you will injured then what happen. Pratap says, if we will not frightened about death then we will easily survive. Pratap says, first of all i want to find out that person who attacks on me. Trust me i will find out. Ajab says, my father didnt sleep for you. I know you are brave but my father is not like this. So kindly please leave my father tension. Pratap says, i will take care of myself. ajab says, you had been attacked by some external person. If something happen to you then my father will also killed himself. Please try to understand. Pratap says, ok, i will go out from bijolia right now. Ajab says, stay here atleast you will
become healthy. Pratap goes and sees ajab. Mohammad gauri says to minister, go and see pratap. He will come out from bijolia. Whenever pratap goes away from bijolia then destroy it. Pratap thinks about ajab. Pratap friends came at pratap room. Benidas says, we have to find that person who attacked you. Pratap says, now i am going from bijolia. Uday singh reads letter of mamrat ji. Purohit ji says, pratap has taken all the evil
onto himself. Uday singh says, i want to meet mamrat ji to find pratap’s attacking person. JB says, i am pratap’s mother, so please read his destiny.
Ajab pray to god, i really said bad to pratap, i hurted him alot, but i dont want to hurt him but what should i do. Phool came to ajab’s room and hug her.
Ajab says, this is my responsibility. Phool says, ya but everyone feels that it is responsibility. Ajab ask, why you came here? Phool says, i want to say you something. Pratap says to mamrat ji, i am going from bijolia. Mamrat ji says, there is something happen to him. I will find out, does somebody said wrong to him?
Soldier ask from jalal, shall we stay and find out the map. Bahram khan says, we will go straight and it will take one day to reach bijolia. Jalal says, you know very well about rajputana. Phool says, i want to say something about pratap. Ajab says, i have done my duty to cure him. then dassi came and tells him that pratap is going. Phool gets surprised then moves away from ajab’s room.
Phool tries to say something to pratap. Pratap says, so you want to say sorry to me. Phool says, i am sorry, i have done wrong with you. Phool says to herself, how will i say this ? Pratap says, i am going to meet ajab. Phool says, now i have to write letter to pratap. Uday singh and rawal meets and says, pratap will get married soon. Pratap says to ajab, i am going. I want to say something, as i pratap goes to say, ajab turned away. dont get upset withh your decision. Here ajab run to see pratap and phool run to give letter to pratap. Mamrat ji says, why will ajab is not present at this time. Hansa mosi gets surprised. Gohar see that pratap is going. what will i say to maha manga and jalal. Phool ask about pratap and soldier says that he is gone.

Precap:- Ajab says, i really hurted him. Mamrat ji heard all this and bring ajab at her room and tell everybody.

Update Credit to: tushar

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