Maharana Pratap 1st December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Maharana Pratap 1st December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Badshah Khan telling Pratap that he has taken his most valuable thing, his father. He says now he will take him his four valuable things, his sword, his wife, his horse, and his pride. He asks if he takes first three from him, then fourth thing will come itself. He asks him to give his sword and asks Mansoor not to be kind to Ajabde. Mansoor hurts Ajabde. Pratap throws his sword. Badshah Khan says great, note this time, I have made Pratap helpless to give up his sword. Pratap asks him to let Ajabde go, else he will have a worse state than his dad. Badshah Khan says whats the hurry, till I win over you, I will not let you go. He asks him to give his horse, as he already has Ajabde with him. He asks him to see Ajabde, whose blood is dropping.

Ajabde asks Pratap not to get down the horse, as he can’t leave his Rajdharm for his personal feelings. She says he is Mewar’s pride, and he can’t do this. Pratap gets down Chetak. Badshah Khan says Ajabde told us that Pratap does not have feelings for her, but its not looking certain. The soldiers catch Chetak. Badshah Khan asks why should he get between the personal matter between Pratap and Ajabde. He asks Mansoor to move off the sword from Ajabde, as Pratap is listening to him. He says now I will break a pride of a horse for the first time, as you are very loyal to Pratap which is a big loss to us. He says I will show you its very simple to ride you, I will ruin your story, as everyone praises you that you choose your rider. Chetak neighs. Badshah Khan says this is of no use today. He takes the hunter in his hands. Pratap looks on.

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Badshah Khan says I will beat you by this hunter if you don’t agree to become my ride. Pratap stops Badshah Khan and says he wants to thank Chetak in his ears as he will be yours after this. Badshah Khan says fine, I don’t have any objection. Pratap talks to Chetak by whispering in his ears. Pratap asks Chetak to go. Chetak goes to Badshah Khan by following Pratap’s orders. Badshah Khan gets on Chetak and rides him laughing. He says he has taken the valuable things from Pratap, he is riding the horse who was Pratap’s loyal horse, and he will show how to ride a horse. Chetak takes Badshah Khan and runs out of control into the jungle, while he asks his soldiers to save him. He asks Chetak to stop.

Pratap says Badshah Khan is a fool to think he can control Chetak. He tells Mansoor to see what happens next. Badshah Khan shouts for help. Mansoor looks on. Chetak throws Badshah Khan on a tree branch and moves it. Badshah Khan shouts. Chetak moves back. Badshah Khan sits on him aand Chetak moves making him fall on the ground. Badshah Khan says Pratap could not harm me, what will you do. Chetak throws sand in his eyes. Badshah Khan kneels on the ground and moves away. Chetak goes to jump on him and stops. Badshah Khan stands up and sees his soldiers seeing his black face. He says now he has to ride this horse. He tries controlling Chetak and gets on him. Chetak starts running again.

Pratap starts beating the soldiers. Prachand tu…….. akhand bhi……………..plays………….. He frees Ajabde and asks her not to take the sword. She asks why did he come to save her. Pratap fights with Mansoor and a good sword fighting scene again. He kills the soldiers. Ajabde looks on. Pratap says he came to save her, as he is the reason for her to be here, Badshah Khan did this to reach him, so it was his duty to save her, he would have come for someone else in her place. He asks her to come and calls her Bai ji lal. Chetak makes rounds with Badshah Khan. He pleads Chetak to spare his life and calls Pratap to save him.

Ajabde asks Pratap why did he come to save her, if he thinks she is against Mewar. He says Bai ji lal is saving Bijolia people, and he can see this justice motive, they both know this and should not argue now. More Afghan soldiers come running. Pratap moves Ajabde back. She says Bai ji lal will help her in this duty. He says no need for this, as your safety is most important for me. He fights with them alone. Mansoor brings more soldiers and stabs him. Pratap loses his sword. Pratap sees the stones and removes the cloth from his head. He takes the stones in it and makes it a weapon to beat them. Ajabde looks on. He beats everyone and shows his bravery and wits.

Mansoor attacks again and gets beaten up. Badshah Khan asks his soldiers to help him. Chetak takes him to the wet sand and throws him in. Badshah Khan calls for help. Pratap and Ajabde see him. Mansoor asks the soldiers to save Badshah Khan. Pratap says your many soldiers are dead, even Badshah Khan is going to die, take your last breath, you are going to die. Ajabde stops him. Pratap says this is not the time, nothing has changed between them. She says many more Afghan soldiers are coming here. Mansoor smiles and says Pratap’s time is over, he has shown enough bravery. Pratap says his time is over, the hands which has kidnapped a Rajput woman, his hands won’t be able to do this again. He breaks Mansoor’s hands recalling how Mansoor has hurt Ajabde. He then cuts Mansoor’s hands by the sword. Ajabde turns her face. She is stunned seeing Pratap’s anger.

Badshah Khan angrily shouts he won’t leave Pratap. Ajabde and Pratap fight with soldiers. She gets wounded by an arrow. Pratap removes it and says nothing will happen to her. She says we have no other way to leave from here.

Update Credit to: Amena

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